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Avon Kite Flyers.

One Sky One World - Sunday 8th October 2011

Join AKF in celebrating our birthday and One Sky One World   

at Taurus Crafts, Lydney, Gloucestershire

from 11am until 5pm, weather permitting!

Why Taurus Crafts?  Well, they like us there as one of their attractions so much that they make a contribution to club funds; it's a popular event with our members judging by the turnout over the past few years; there are clean toilets, a café - and even the chance for your 'significant other' to do some early Christmas shopping.

Lunch is on an 'American Supper' basis.  We all bring something to eat, and put it on the table to share.  Just like the Christmas Party, it all seems to balance out, cakes, salads, quiches, biscuits, cocktail nibbles, whatever.  We have the use of a room, table and chairs, but no facilities for cooking or reheating so cold soup will stay cold! (Motor-homers excepted.)

More at www.oneskyoneworld.org - 

and details of our flyin should also appear on the UK linked site.

Also at www.tauruscrafts.co.uk


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