Duty Parents Rota

Our children's welfare and safety are very important to all the teachers and the parents. To ensure all children are supervised at all times when they are at school, we have introduced the duty parent scheme. At the end of the previous term and the beginning of a new term, a parents duty list sheet will be put on the wall at the school. We need 4 parents for each day, parents can choose their preferred the dates by filling the dates earlier, after the 2nd week we will locate the names into the empty slots randomly.

Please note: this is NOT a voluntary scheme, ALL parents except the teachers must carry out the duty for each child attending school.

If you have to change your duty date, please contact Ms Qiu at least a week in advance, otherwise you have to make your own arrangement with other parents, please DO NOT just email or call the school on the day or simply did not turn up, our children's safty is paramount, and should not be compromised under any circumstances.