That Three Stars Media-related operations change names regularly is hardly news.

We had VeriResume.com, a heavily criticized ISC company who was dedicated to verifying job applicants, and TSM has EmploymentSelect.com fulfilling a similar purpose. Career Network goes under many different names and have also changed their main domain a number of times. And I think it's safe to say that Three Stars Media is indeed the successor of Internet Solutions Corporation in many respects.

Another ISC company, USA Voice (aka World Voice), was the focus of the Washington Post article detailing a phishing scheme. They were mainly recruiting people who wanted to be reporters, mining personal information in the process. Looking at their website at worldvoicereport.com it's still possible to see that they ask for the same information as any Career Network site (cell provider, education opportunities) when trying to sign up as a job applicant.

And now we have "Buzzgrub" to look forward to, which I previously mentioned here, soon to be launched at buzzgrub.com according to this recent press release.

Another person concerned with Difrawi's activities posted regarding a blog apparently used for testing on Web of Trust. One interesting statement was made in this blog:

"Please write and post your sample blog. Visit the URL below with the login information provided below. The subject of your sample blog should be based on the following scenario. You've been working with BuzzGrub for one full year. Please write a detailed blog outlining your experience as a reporter with us. Be creative! Tell your readers what you've learned and earned over the past year and what's included in your plans with us for the future!

The particular post has now been deleted but can for the moment be viewed through Google cache. It sounds like TSM are asking their employees to post fake experiences to make Buzzgrub seem more established and legitimate. This would probably be something that any Three Stars Media employee is quite comfortable with already.

Though I have to admit I smell a rat here. Would they really be so stupid to post this in the open, even by mistake? But once Buzzgrub is launched, thanks to some of the other things posted it should be possible to make a good guess on whether this blog was set up by a Three Stars Media employee, or at least someone with insight into their web design department. Stay tuned.

[Update] Here is an interesting post that provides an inside view of WorldVoice:
This story claims to detail another example of Three Stars Media marketing practices:
And here's some details on their change in name from USA Voice to WorldVoice:

Career Network Practices

Once you apply to a job on a Career Network website, you may receive messages about other possible job openings, such as this one which someone sent me:

"We are looking for a Copy Writer. He or she will write, proofread, and edit copy brochures/print and other forms of document, and may assist in estimating production costs, overseeing work done by external suppliers, and preparation of the marketing programs. This position offers competitive pay and includes full benefits, which we will discuss at the time of your interview.

***, to avoid being flooded with applications and responses, I have only extended this opportunity to a select number of qualified individuals. Your online resume caught my attention, and I would like to start the interview process as soon as I possibly can. I am looking forward to hearing from you today, if at all possible. By clicking the hyperlink below, you can view more information about the position, benefits offered, our company, and send in your application as an available candidate.

I would like to learn more about the Copy Writer opening.

I hope to hear back from you later today!

"Your online resume caught my attention"? The resume in question was for someone with barely any working experience and only a high school education. At age 20.

"Select number of qualified individuals" my butt, more likely they send such messages to anyone who signed up for a similar job. Doing a search on some of the text finds other people who have received the same message regarding other job positions and who were not too impressed either:

They ask you to submit another application with all your personal details, once again going through various marketing offers, in order to apply for this new job.

This would appear to be another somewhat deceptive practice on behalf of Career Network. Whether the job exists or not I have no idea, the employers in every case I've seen this were "confidential". Which means you have no idea who you are sending your personal details to, it could even be some other shady staffing company.

By the way, Career Network has recently changed its main website, again, to career-network.com

Difrawi Setting Up Three Stars Media

I was reading through some of the documents for the ISC court cases. One statement made by Difrawi caught my attention:

"As a result of the false, misleading and defamatory publications made by Defendant on his website www.scamfraudalert.com, and in order to protect its business interests, ISC was forced to abandon and no longer use ISC owned websites referenced on www.scamfraudalert.com and ISC expended substantial sums establishing and creating new internet sites to operate its business"

Though there is no mention in the court documents of which new websites they set up, could this refer to anything but Three Stars Media or Career Network? Unlikely, in my opinion.

Would a legitimate company with nothing to hide shut down operations completely in face of perceived defamation and restart its business under a different name? Hardly.

Is it the first time they've done this? No, I don't think so either.

Some other very relevant comments on record regarding some of Difrawi's former companies:

"The company applied for BBB membership in November but was rejected in December because the company couldn't substantiate its advertised job listings, said Brenda Jimenez, a spokeswoman for the bureau" - Stephen Goldstein, "Be wary of up-front money for services, local BBB warns," Washington Times, January 11, 1991, Pg. C3.
[Full article can be found here]

Said by one of Difrawi's former associates:

"Q. And did those positions exist?
A. We did not physically have the jobs in-house available for somebody. I'm sure in America somewhere those jobs existed, but we did not have them.
Q. All right. So were these ads made up?"
A. These ads were simply made up because they drew high-volume calls.
[Legal records available here]

They are in some places trying to look somewhat legitimate. For example we have the Power Applications sites where they offer employers to post real jobs, giving them a plausible source of "real" job postings. My guess is that these are little more than schemes to hide behind when people accuse them of posting fake job ads. And I haven't seen any reason to believe that TSM-related companies are asking for up-front fees as opposed to some of Difrawi's previous operations, maybe they decided that was too risky.

But check out the previously mentioned listings for Action Marketing Team on Yahoo! HotJobs for example. At the time of writing, there are about 50 jobs, many of them identical. These identical jobs are reposted in different cities all over the US, Philadelphia, Chicago, San Antonio, Austin etc... often the same cities for each job. Could it be anything but fake?

Please feel free to provide some opinions or insight into this through the comments here.

The Excuses They Use...

It seems the PR director of Three Stars Media objected to having his name in public on something I posted on ComplaintsBoard.com regarding their copyright notice sent to my blog provider. Complaints Board decided to remove the complaint because of that.

Very well, I have restated my complaint regarding Three Stars Media without mentioning your name. I hope that's more acceptable to you. I even removed your name from my blog post. To be fair, you are not exactly one of the public figures over there. Despite being director of Public Relations. In fact, all I can find through a Google search is your LinkedIn profile! You don't need to worry about me, I can fully appreciate you not wanting your name published in connection with this company. I can hardly blame you for working there either, the job market isn't exactly what it used to be.

May I suggest using a fake name when dealing with this company in the future? It's working well for me so far, and I doubt many of your colleagues would have a problem with it.

One might wonder why the copyright notice wasn't in the name of their legal counsel, Keith Kress, who obviously doesn't mind being on record for the company? I didn't wonder about that for a second, not with a complaint like that. It would probably have earned him a warning from the local bar association for acting legally incompetent, so I'm sure he had nothing to do with it.

Power Applications

Power Applications has been previously mentioned here as a part of Three Stars Media and their Career Network. Lets take a closer look at what separates them from the rest...

Power Applications works by offering companies that are looking for employees free websites to place job listings, and the employer also gets a share of the advertising revenue. I have no reason to believe that the companies who advertise jobs through these sites are in any way suspect, though perhaps they would be a bit more hesitant if they knew who they were dealing with. As opposed to other Career Network sites these postings are probably not completely bogus or impossible to actually get a job through.

In exchange for the free site, Power Applications/Career Network/Three Stars Media gets the personal info of job applicants to forward to their marketing partners. The same ads appear for job applicants on these sites as on other Career Network websites.

I have to admit this is actually a step up from some of their other operations, such as simply copying job postings from anywhere and placing them on their own sites so they can get people to sign up for their advertising offers. Through the agreement with the employer Power Applications also takes the right to copy the job postings the employer creates and use them pretty much as they like.

Of course this system could be easily abused in the same way that ISC has been accused of operating, with mostly fake job listings designed to gather personal information. Interestingly, Power Applications actually recommends the employer to reinvest any earnings from the ads on the free website into doing more advertising for their jobs. This doesn't make much sense to me - if one receives large advertising earnings from their site, the company should already have all the applicants it needs. It sounds more like they are asking you to hunt for more applicants to apply for the marketing offers rather than to be considered as prospective employees. Old habits die hard, I suppose.

Another Three Stars Media Threat

This legal threat was also received by a blogger a while ago:

Keith E. Kress
Attorney at Law
2295 South Hiawassee Road
Suite 407 Orlando,
Florida 32835
P: 321.293.3236
F: 321.293.3203
February 25, 2009
Via Email xxx xxx
Re: Blog Post xxxx

Dear Mr. xxx:
My name is Keith Kress and I serve as General Counsel for Three Stars Media, Inc. I recently came across your blog post at xxx in which you advise individuals, specifically Cold Fusion programmers, not to go to work for Three Stars Media as a result of some individuals being laid off within a week of hire. Because you do not work for Three Stars Media you obviously have no knowledge regarding our business practices and your opinions are based solely on hearsay. As a result, I would appreciate if you would remove your defamatory post about Three Stars Media from your blog site as we interpret it to be libelous and damaging to our reputation. Should you refuse to remove the post within 24 hours Three Stars Media will take all legal action necessary to protect its interest and reputation. Please respond and verify that you will remove the post within 24 hours.


Keith E. Kress
Attorney at Law
(321) 293-3236

It was in response to the following post:

I know some ColdFusion developers maintain a do-not-hire list, but I do not know if anyone maintains a do-not-go-to-work-for-list. There is a company in Orlando called 'Three Stars Media' that has been hiring ColdFusion developers.

Do not, I mean DO NOT go to work for this company. I know of a couple of developers who were hired there and were laid off the same week. The company appears to be very poorly managed. One developer described the management as running around like a chicken with its head cut off.

It has been deleted now, as the blogger complied with the request, but it's still available through Google cache in various places.

Franchise Creature

Many ISC and Three Stars Media-related companies have names suspiciously close to already established companies. I've already mentioned Qwest Marketing and Media Logic for example. Franchise Creature on the other hand is a story of the company that got a bit too close.

They used to be known as Franchise Monster, with a website at franchisemonster.net. They used a small green cartoon monster as part of their logo, similar to the one monster.com used to have. In fact it was so similar that the company behind monster.com (Monster Worldwide, Inc.) sent a complaint to Alex Finch (the registered agent for Franchise Monster, Inc. and ISC's former legal counsel) which wasn't responded to very quickly, if at all. They then filed a lawsuit claiming trademark infringement, among other charges.

Finch was a bit slow at responding to those charges as well, however it ended in a voluntary dismissal by Monster. The domain franchisemonster.net is now owned by Monster and Franchise Monster changed it's name to Franchise Creature. However they are still registered as Franchise Monster Corp. in Florida. Just as with Power Applications the registered contacts for this company were changed from Finch to Keith Kress and from Kelly Welch to Kelly Welch Romero.

For whatever reason, they have another franchising company in Franchise Mall, Inc. (franchisemallusa.com).

ISC Lawsuits

Several of the cases that Difrawi and co. has filed against his critics are available for review on the Citizen Media Law Project. They do not seem to be particularly successful, they tend to get dismissed, and the attempts are described as "frivolous" by defendants. In the case against Tabatha Marshall, attorneys were willing to defend her rights to free speech at no cost to her because they considered the case groundless.

Of course, the defendants are usually private individuals with limited funds, and presumably this is what they are counting on, they are mainly SLAPP-cases (and one of them was indeed struck down by a California anti-SLAPP statute). They have after all not attempted to sue any of the established news organisations that have published extensive information on Difrawi's activities.

Keith Kress, the legal counsel for ISC and TSM, told me this is because they believed the comments on the internet were usually worse than the information reported in the media. I can't say I agree with this personally, though you can judge for yourselves from the links throughout this blog and perhaps a Google search for "internet solutions corp scam". Also, I would imagine that anything said in the established media would have the potential of being much more damaging than the writings of semi-anonymous bloggers and forum users.

Two of the lawsuits are still ongoing, as far as I know. In one of those, four ISC employees claim that certain emails were sent to them by the defendant. Another connection between ISC/TSM here is that at least three of those ISC employees, Terri Lynn Bears-Nix (aka a few different combinations of those names), Kelly Welch Romero (ditto) and Michael (Mike) Bavarro also have (or at least had) executive positions in Three Stars Media.

[UPDATE] Here was a blog post on one of these cases that states why their legal actions were inappropriate in a more informed way than I could.

Three Stars Marketing Tactics

TSM must have an impressive presence on the Yahoo Answers website, at least when it comes to user accounts, though not necessarily actual people. There are many questions about them, all of them with many glowing recommendations as answers. One person reports posting a simple question asking "Is "Three Stars Media" a good company to work for?". After one answer was posted, which was negative towards TSM, the question, not just the answer, was deleted due to a large number of reports saying it violated the guidelines. However, with an appeal the question quickly reappeared, as Yahoo realized there was obviously no guidelines violation in the question itself.

I wonder, what legitimate company spends this much time and money posting and trying to get criticism deleted on Yahoo Answers? And it is far from the only target for their internet marketing efforts. It's easy to find many other sites with glowing endorsement posted by people who claim to be Three Stars Media employees. This for example seems slightly overdone.

They also had an operation going on SiteAdvisor. 50 identical messages were spammed there in response to a number of negative reports. The sole one remaining is now here. Checking up on this poster's record is telling. She started out reporting many websites with the same rating as it already had and without adding any comments. Possibly she thought this would increase her reputation on the site? Then she has posted positive ratings and messages in defense of several ISC/Difrawi sites.

On aboutus.org, as already mentioned, there was a Three Stars Media employee maintaining their sites who also worked to get criticism deleted. Though at least this was within the guidelines for once, AboutUs isn't really a place to critizice companies.

A poster on fraudwatchers.org alleges that "The only reported employment that ISC does is to recruit people to post on forums, bulletin boards, Yahoo Answers, SiteAdvisor and Wikipedia to either counter claims made by complainants or to spam or disrupt operations". While I doubt it's the only thing Three Stars Media has to offer, it does seem to be a significant part.

What is the most disturbing about all this is the lengths they go to in order to get any material that is critical of them deleted, this is one example. Actually, not just negative comments, but rather anything that wasn't glowingly positive and posted by them. I would strongly recommend anyone who doesn't want a frivolous SLAPP lawsuit to remain anonymous when criticizing any Three Stars Media-related company.

Action Marketing Privacy Concerns

On careernetwork.us.com they state the following:

"We aggregate jobs from public boards, and once we get approval from the employer, we repost those jobs on Career Network and invite applicants to apply for positions according to their area of interest"

So they claim to copy job listings from public boards and ask the employer for approval to post it on their own site. Does this seem like a strange business model to anyone?

However, not all Career Network sites phrase it quite the same. Take actioncareersonline.com for example:

"Career Network is also an aggregator of jobs posted on public boards. When Career Network reposts a job from a public domain or other job board Career Network informs employer of the job being reposted and forwards applicants to the employer"

Here they do not even ask for permission from the employer before copying the job to their site.

In either case, how would Action Marketing know if the job has been filled or not? Do they at least delete the job postings after a while or do they still keep 5 year old postings on the site? How useful could these job postings be to a job seeker, on a scale? At best, it seems to me they would be going through a useless third party.

Action Marketing, with their sister site at actionmarketingteam.com, has many job postings on Yahoo's job search site. Do a Google search on any of the text in those postings and you will find mostly identical postings under different company names. It's quite likely, by their own admission, that many of these were posted without permission and are mostly a waste of time for any job seeker as they can find the same jobs if they had applied with the original job ad instead. And this is without providing their personal details to a company with no privacy policy to speak of.

The privacy policy of Action Marketing Team isn't exactly comforting. They say nothing about how private information is used besides email, which they can do whatever they want with: "By voluntarily submitting your email address to Action Marketing, you consent to receiving emails from Action Marketing and its affiliates". This normally means you will receive spam.

It gets worse on actioncareersonline.com:

User Information (Privacy Statement)
When you contact the Company, you may be asked to provide the Company with certain information including, without limitation, a valid e-mail address (your "Information"). Please review the privacy policies found on the Websites to understand how the Company uses your information.

That was all I could find. This of course means, without limitation, nothing.

When you apply for a job, you may be forwarded through some marketing offers on fcsearchsite.com. This site has no privacy policy.

There is no knowing what they will do with your information. I would advise anyone to stay far away from these sites. And most of this applies to any Career Network site.

Career Network

Career Network, as previously mentioned, is a Three Stars Media company. The company is registered in Florida as Career Network, Inc. to Keith E Kress and Kelly W Romero. A search on Google will find many complaints against them, and the BBB also has received several complaints that were not even responded to, giving them a solid F rating.

One of the main Career Network websites seems to be at http://www.careernetwork.us.com.They have a large list of Career Network sites. They claim these are "individually owned and operated" and designed to better provide jobs to people in a certain area or business. I suspect this is nonsense and little more than an attempt at having plausible deniability. First of all, after having done a search for jobs on a few of those sites I'm getting the exact same offers over and over again. They all seem exactly identical in functionality, so how exactly do they cater specifically to their target groups?

Simply by having a domain name that makes the specific site easier to find through a relevant Google search?

What does this "local community ownership" imply in practice? Domain registrations do not seem to have any local connections. Some have the usual Network Solutions anonymized registrations, many are also registered to an individual in Orlando.

And there are no contact details beyond an email address on any of them. None of the sites lead back to careernetwork.us.com, which does not have any contact details either but at least mentions they are run by Three Stars Media and leads back to one of their websites, threestarsteam.com.

There is also careernetworksite.net where some contact details can be found in the form of a PO box. This part of the company has a separate and also unflattering BBB report.

The real question to ask is of course, are these job listings real? Is the company behind them even aware they've been posted here and is it possible they can actually lead to a job? That's what's usually the problem with Difrawi operations after all.

A few other sites should be mentioned as being part of the Career Network as well, Action Marketing, the Media Logic sites and Power Applications for example, where slightly different rules apply.

A few domains with the name Buzz Grub were recently registered to the Career Network. They have a blog where their complaints about "loosening standards" in the blogosphere and this article criticizing WFTV are interesting choices of topics considering the previously mentioned Scarlet Foundation and some of WFTVs past investigations against ISC.

SiteAdvisor has a very large list of domains allegedly run by Career Network/Three Stars Media

[Update] Career-Network has since around March 19 switched its main website from careernetwork.us.com to career-network.com, the site still has similat content.

Qwest Marketing & Bright Media

A number of complaints have been made against something called Qwest Marketing on complaintsboard.com, another Three Stars Media corporation. One complaint alleges that:
"The go by several names. Three stars media being one of them. The even have a youtube page and in the video that is suppose to be about Three Stars medai you see the big Qwest sign"

A quick Google search will find plenty of complaints against their activities:
The complaints all seem to be along the same lines. I can only ask people to read these complaints and judge for themselves as to the truth therein. Qwest Marketing also goes under the name of Metrowest Appointments, according to the complaints and the BBB.

Their BBB record is quite unflattering. They have an F rating and a single complaint they did not even bother responding to. Their address is at "2295 S. Hiawassee Rd., Ste 407" is the same as Three Stars Media. The only contact listed is a free email address, metrowestappointments@gmail.com

Qwest Marketing is a cleverly chosen name. People may easily get it confused with the somewhat more respectable telecom provider Qwest at qwest.com, however it is unlikely they are related. This could probably be another case of copyright infringement.

I was not able to find any active company registered in Florida by the name "Qwest Marketing". One complaint alleges that they have a website at www.qwestmg.com. This site gives no information on corporate status, offers no contact details beyond an email address, and has a Network Solutions anonymized domain registration, which fits with many other TSM-related websites. They mention another domain at qwestsite.com. They claim to have been in business since 2005 headquartered in Orlando, but their domain registration says 8 Apr 2008.

There is a curiously similar company known as Bright Media with a website at brightmediaweb.com. Once again, we have the Network Solutions anonymized domain registration, no contact details beyond email, the same claim that they started in 2005 when the domain registration says 2008, and the other texts describing the company on the site are pretty much identical to questmg.com.

There really is a registered company by the name Bright Media, Inc. in Florida, at the same address as Three Stars Media and with the same contact persons (Keith E Kress & Kelly Welch Romero).

Legal Attack

My blog provider received the following from Three Stars Media:

Date: Thu, 5 Mar 2009 15:28:43 -0500
From: Cxxx<cxxx@medialogicteam.com>

 I am the public relations director for Three Stars Media, a U.S. based company. Currently, there’s a blog site recently added to your service that violates our copyright by including the company’s name in its title and web address:


I’d appreciate it if you would remove this blog from your servers to prevent any further infringement upon our legal copyrighted name, Three Stars Media.

Thank you.
Cxxx xxxxx
Public Relations Director
Media Logic, Inc.
A Three Stars Media Company

It is of course complete nonsense, it is not trademark infringement to simply use a company's name in order to criticise it. Anyone with any mental capability can see that sites like paypalsucks.com wouldn't have lasted a week if there was much truth in that.

They are calling themselves "Media Logic, Inc" here. I could find only one company registered as "Media Logic, Inc" in New York, and that registration dates to July 17, 2007. This is unlikely to be a Three Stars Media registration as they only started up in 2008. There is indeed another company in New York that claims this name with a website at www.mlinc.com, so ironically enough this may actually be a case of trademark infringement on behalf of TSM.

The complaint came from medialogicteam.com, two associated domains are medialogicjobs.com and medialogicin.com, a few of many Media Logic sites with anonymous Network Solutions domain registrations and who are also part of Career Network.

More Connections Between Three Stars Media and ISC

While the BBB lists the suite numbers above as being the same for ISC and TSM, Mr. Keith Kress explained this by saying the BBB records were inaccurate and the real suite number was 407. I do not know where the BBB received that information from, so it's hard for me to say how accurate it is. The Florida corporate registration for THREE STARS MEDIA, INC. does indeed list the suite number 407.

From one of the documents available there, it's also possible to find that they had a change in location from a third suite 1000. This suite number is also the registered address for another corporation THE SCARLET FOUNDATION, INC., which has as it's contacts Keith E. Kress and Ayman Difrawi. This is another connection between ISC/Difrawi and TSM. According to the registration record it used to be known as the Internet Decency Foundation.

The Scarlet Foundation is apparently a non-profit created by TSM. They write the following on aboutus.org: "The Scarlet Foundation is a non-profit organization started by Three Stars". This was written by someone who claims to be an employee of TSM whom we will return to. The foundation has a blog here. Their main concern seem to be libelous comments posted on blogs.

Looking at the employee's contributions to aboutus.org is interesting. She claims her job is to maintain her company's pages on that site. Here she complains about a user posting information about ISC and Defrawi in TSM articles, and manages to get this information removed:

"I am an intern who has been editing/contributing to several of my company's article pages. User:snagalot has been deleting all my content and replacing it with unconstructive content. So far he has destroyed Career-network.com, Three Stars Media.com and Employment Select.com"

They are mostly job-hunting sites like those previously run by ISC, most have similar or identical web design. They have no contact details on those websites beyond an email address, no indication that there is a company behind it at all. Many have anonymized domain registrations. This seems quite curious to me for a legitimate operation.

Doing a Google search on one of the more important websites there such as career-network.com (TSM press release) will find unhappy users accusing it of mining personal information, which is once again similar to the accusations against ISC. Career Network can be tied back to ISC through for example hiringnetworkonline.com which nowadays redirects to career-network.com and has the same email in its domain registration as vjobs.us, a site belonging to VeriResume, an operation that according to court records belongs to ISC. These details were revealed in a post by a user of aboutus.org here.

Another of those curiously anonymous websites is powerapplications.com, and there is also a corporation registered in Florida by the name POWER APPLICATIONS, INC. A document there shows that the agent for the company was changed July 14 from Alex Finch (ISCs former lawyer) to Keith Kress. It's registered address is 5401 S KIRKMAN RD SUITE 310 which is listed by the BBB as an alternate address for ISC.

So, is it the same company or not? If anyone knows of any more connections or if any facts I've posted are incorrect, please add a comment here.

Three Stars Media - New Name, Same Scheme?

A man named Ayman Defrawi used to run a company named Internet Solutions Corporation. In fact, it went under many, many different names, and so did Mr. Defrawi. It has been reported in the media as a company to stay far away from on several occasions, such as on WFTV and in the Washington Post. ISC and their many child companies posted job offers for the sole purpose of collecting personal details on job seekers. They have been thoroughly denounced on blogs and internet forums, at least in those places where ISC's lawyers could not reach.

They now seem to be moving their operations to a new set of companies, lets start with checking up on Three Stars Media.

The BBB has things to say on both ISC and TSM. Often the same things. At the time of writing, they both have very low ratings, F and D respectively. Their addresses are "2295 S. Hiawassee Rd., Ste. 311 (with 310 as an alternate location), Orlando"   and "2295 S. Hiawassee Rd., Ste. 310, Orlando" respectively. Keith Kress, ISC's legal counsel who has been filing lawsuits against their critics, is listed as the primary and secondary contact for both companies. Another contact listed for Three Stars Media is Terri Bears who is also closely related to some of Defrawy's previous activities.

Three Stars Media BBB Report
Internet Solutions Corporation BBB Report

There can be no doubt that these entities are related. Exactly how closely is something I intend to investigate.