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This Club has been in existence as an informal group with the same name since 2010, when the first meeting was held. It was formalized into a structured photographic club with the name 'Pretoria AV Club'. .In November 2013 it was renamed 'AV Makers South Africa' to better signify the geographic spread of members The purpose of the Club is to promote the making of digital Audio Visual shows among its members and the wider public by means of lectures, demonstrations, shows, competitions and other appropriate means. It is expected that members will be active in the production of digital Audio Visuals.

Geographic catchment area

Meetings of the Club will usually be in Pretoria.
Members are welcome from anywhere in South Africa or abroad with an interest in Audio Visuals. Even though members living far from Pretoria may not be able to attend meetings they will still benefit from other activities like competitions and web-based discussions organized by the Club.

How do I get involved?
  • Everyone is free to browse around to see what we do
  • In order to compete in our closed club competitions, you need to join the club
    Application for membership.form is included below
  • We will send members of the club Newsletters on a regular basis

What are the benefits of membership?

  • On-time announcements about upcoming national and international festivals and salons. Help with how to enter internationally
  • Club meetings (usually in Pretoria or Johannesburg, but everyone welcome)
  • An annual club AV competition
  • Regular Newsletter with club news
  • AV training events
  • Source of help with software and equipment
  • Visiting speakers (watch this space!)
  • Meeting like-minded enthusiasts
  • Festivals like the showing of international exchange AVs and the annual Ladybrand convention

The bank details are as follows:

Capitec Account number 1409719802 Branch code 47 00 10

Please send confirmation of payment to .

The subscription for the year until next June is R100.00.

Your club is run by:


    Jeff Morris LRPS APSSA AFIAP 082 840 5459


    Eric Thorburn (Newsletter editor)

Committee members

    Bruce Hepburn

Our email address is 

AV Makers South Africa AV Makers South Africa,
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AV Makers South Africa AV Makers South Africa,
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AV Makers South Africa AV Makers South Africa,
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