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Tea Party Protest History

Dear Editor
The first of the modern Tea Party protests took place in 2007. It was a combined event, both a protest against the excessive spending of George W. Bush and a campaign event of presidential candidate Ron Paul. Throughout 2008 more of these combined events occurred.

Progressive and liberal critics of the Tea Party movement like to ask where the protesters were before February 2009.  If the protesters didn’t protest under Bush then it means they are partisan or possibly racist, and really aren’t concerned about spending.  If they admit there were protests all through 2008 they can’t make that accusation anymore.
Republicans don’t like the history either.  They are trying to absorb the Tea Party movement with false promises of “enemy of my enemy” and “lesser of two evils” and don’t want the protesters to remember their anti-Republican roots.  Remembering Republican fiscal irresponsibility will cause them to lose the audience they want to capture.
Locally the co-opting of the movement has been a success, and the local movement is little more than an arm of the AVGOP, giving support to advocates of high taxes such as Steve Knight who voted to put 1A on the ballot and endorsed Anthony Adams.  History is inconvenient and therefore forgotten, both locally and nationally.
Jason Gonella
Chair, AVLP
Lake Los Angeles, CA