The Antelope Valley Libertarian Party makes the following endorsements:

Proposition 30 - Oppose
Proposition 31 - Oppose
Proposition 32 - Support
Proposition 33 - Support
Proposition 34 - Support
Proposition 35 - Oppose
Proposition 36 - Support
Proposition 37 - Support
Proposition 38 - Oppose
Proposition 39 - Oppose
Proposition 40 - No Position


Proposition 14 has done a real number on the Libertarian Party in California.  As of now, there is no information on Libertarian Party candidates who made it through the top two primary.

Gary Johnson / Jim Grey

State Senate
Whereas Steve Knight endorsed Anthony Adams after Anthony Adams voted to raise taxes in February 2009, and Whereas Steve Knight voted to put Proposition 1A through 1E on the ballot in May of 2009, we oppose the re-election of Steve Knight and endorse his defeat in the November election.

Lake Los Angeles Rural Town Council
Jason Gonella

For more information on libertarian candidates and ballot endorsements visit the website of the Libertarian Party of California