Antelope Valley Libertarian Party
P. O. Box 2536
Lancaster, CA 93539-2536

Welcome to the home page of the Antelope Valley Libertarian Party. We're glad you could stop by. We invite you to participate in our events or to simply talk with us on our email list or send an email to here. Or join us on Facebook.

What is a libertarian? It is someone who believes that individuals freely making their own choices is better than the centralized distand government making those choices for them. We are the party of true freedom. We want you to be free. YOU know what is best for you.

We think that most of what the government does, it does badly. It costs too much, is inefficient, and could be done better privately.

We trust you to take care of yourself. We don't think you need to be told how to run your life.

To find out more, watch "The Libertarian Alternative" on Adelphia's public access TV, channel 36, Saturday afternoons at 4:00. We often provide Adelphia with new tapes from Mark Selzer's thought-provoking discussion-and-interview series. Click here for the current schedule, which includes appearances by candidates Michael Badnarik and Judge Jim Gray.

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The Anti-Patriot Act Resolution
Bring this petition to your own city council.

Antelope Valley Libertarian Party

Come to our monthly dinner meetings, at 7:00 pm on the third Friday of each month,
at the Greenhouse Cafe in the A. V. Mall, 1233 West Avenue P, Palmdale

If you keep voting the way you always voted
You'll keep getting what you've always gotten!