Data Structures 2015

Data Structures - Semester II , 2015

(Groups 05,06)

Lecturer: Prof. Shmuel Tomi Klein

TA: Avishay Yanay

09-March - Asymptotics

13-April - Linear Data Structures

15-April - Linear Data Structures (cont)

29-April - Graph representation, BFS, DFS, Topological Sort (ch.23 Intro To Algorithms, Cormen,Leiserson,Rivest)

06-May - Topological Sort (cont) + exercises.

13-May - Trees (drafts)

20-May - Trees cont. + AVL (drafts)

27-May - Introduction to probability (ch.6 Intro To Algorithms, Cormen,Leiserson,Rivest) (drafts)

03-Jun - Hashing (drafts)

10-Jun - canceled

17-Jun - Skip List (drafts)

24-Jun - Binary Heap


1st+2nd - Due date: Last week of April.


  1. 1st question - (*) You can assume that the total amount of element that would be inserted to the queues is at most n. You don't have to check that. (*) It is not legitimate to break the array into two equal parts as an initialization, the sizes of the queues should be dynamic. (*)
  2. 4th question - (*) The insert operation get as an input a pair (key,value) and put it into the dictionary. (*) When the key from the (key,value) pair that should be inserted already exists in the dictionary then you should decide what should happen (i.e. either return an error or override the existing entry).

3rd+4th - Due data: second week of June.

5th - Due date: 20.7

Hashing - Due date: 28.6

Programming Assignment - Due date: 21/05/15 23:00

Grades & partial solutions:

0. Your solutions are at the department's secretary

1. Note that not all the exercises have been checked.

2. For any issue please contact me (Avishay)