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We represent the following companies in India as their
sole distributors:

Climbing Gear:

ROCK EMPIRE  (Climbing Hardware Manufacturer from Czech Republic) - www.rockempire.cz

Climbing & Work Harnesses, Ascenders, Descenders, Plain/Screw/Twist-locking Alloy & Steel Carabiners, Friends Sets, Chock Sets, Chalk Bag, Chalk Ball, Chalk Powder, Daisy Chains, Quickdraw Slings, Dyneema Open Slings, Slacklines, Sleeping Bags, Tubular Tape,  Belt QBIce Axe, Whistle etc.

LANEX-TENDON (Top of the line Manufacturer of Dynamic Ropes, Static Ropes and Cords from Czech Republic)www.mytendon.com  

Dynamic Ropes - Ambition 9.8 / 10 / 10.5 mm, Speleo Ropes, Static Ropes - 9 / 10 / 10.5 / 11 mm Ropes, Accessory Cords from 3 mm to 8 mm, Climbing Harness-Mercury.
ANTHRON (Climbing Hardware Manufacturer from Slovenia) -  www.anthron.si
Double Stop Descender Plus, Double Stop Descender, Belay Device - LORY, Chest Ascender.

EVOLV (Rock Climbing & Approach Shoes Manufacturer from U.S.A.) -  www.evolvesports.com


MAKAK (Manufacturer of Artificial Climbing Holds and Training Boards from Czech Republic) - www.makak.cz   

Big Sets of 200/100/50/20 Holds, Children Holds, Training Boards and Various Smaller Sets.
VERTICAL (Climbing Hardware Manufacturer from Russia) 
Single Pulley Big & Small, Tandem Pulleys (Cable/Rope use), Twin Pulleys, Self Jamming Pulley, Ascenders, Descenders, Harnesses, Belay Devices, Fall Arresters, Swivel, Friends, Chocks Set, Souvenier Fig '8', Accessory Carabiners, Wire Ladders etc.
TECHROCK-FIXE-FADERS (50 year old Climbing Equipment Manufacturer from Spain)
Steel & SS Wall Hangers, Steel & SS Bolts, Steel & SS Wall Anchor Systems, Descenders, Ascenders, Quickdraw Sets, Plain/Wire Carabiners, Key Screw Carabiners etc.

Trekking Gear:

BOLL (Backpacks Manufacturer from Czech Republic) - www.boll.cz

Medium to Big Capacity Backpacks.

TRIMM (Backpacks Manufacturer from Czech Republic) - www.trimm.cz

Mid to Big Capacity Backpacks, Sleeping Bags, Waterproof Bags, Outdoor Water Repellent Trousers, Water Bladder-2 Lts, etc.

JR GEAR   NEW  (Self inflatable products and Waterproof Dry Sacks Manufacturer from Hong Kong) - www.jrgear.com

Self Inflatable Mattress, Self Inflatable Pillows, 2.5 - 50 Lts Waterproof Dry Sacks, 30 Lts Waterproof Kompression Bag, Ultra Compact 22.5 Lts Dry Sack in Pocket, 40 - 75 Lts Waterproof Backpacks,  100 Lts Waterproof Heavy Duty Duffle Bags, Passport & Neck Dry Pouches etc.

MUND (Socks Manufacturer from Spain) - www.mundsocks.com

Everest, K2, Skiing Antibacterial, Pamir, Elbrus, Polar Circle, Cross Mountain, Timanfaya, Andes, Ultra Raid, Invisible Rizo, Set of 3 pairs.

WIND XTREME (Multifunctional Head Wear Manufacturer from Spain) - www.zonawind.com

Coolwind, Wind, Mintwind, Coolcap, Peakwind, Polarwind, Arcticwind, Gloves.

TARGET DRY (Waterproof Breathable Jackets from Northern Ireland) - www.targetdry.co.uk

MAC IN A SAC - Classic2 Waterproof Breathable Jacket, MAC IN A SAC - Waterproof Breathable Over Trouser.

HEAD (Trekking Shoes from Germany) 

Model Nos : 713 HIGH TR, 811 HIGH TR - Men, 711 HIGH TR - Men/Lady, 610 LOW TR - Men, 911 SN.

Our other products include: Trekking Dome Tent, Led Headlamps, Anti-Shock Trekking Poles, Fleece Pullovers, Thermal Base Layers, Insulated Gloves, Liner Gloves, Quick Drying T-Shirts, Water Purifiers, Self Heating Warmers, Ice Grips etc.

Products which we manufacture :

Backpacks, Sleeping Bags, Waist Pouches, Insulated Jackets, Rappelling Mittens, Belay Plate.




 Trekking Accessories