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We represent the following companies in India as their
sole distributors:

Climbing Gear:

ROCK EMPIRE  (Climbing Hardware Manufacturer from Czech Republic) - www.rockempire.cz

Climbing & Work Harnesses, Ascenders, Descenders, Plain/Screw/Twist-locking Alloy & Steel Carabiners, Friends Sets, Chock Sets, Chalk Bag, Chalk Ball, Chalk Powder, Pulley, Daisy Chains, Quickdraw Slings, Dyneema Open Slings, Slacklines, Sleeping Bags, Tubular Tape,  Belt QBIce Axe, Swivel, Hangers, Chain Anchors, Whistle etc.

LANEX-TENDON (Top of the line Manufacturer of Dynamic Ropes, Static Ropes and Cords from Czech Republic)www.mytendon.com  

Dynamic Ropes - Ambition 9.8 / 10 / 10.5 mm, Speleo Ropes, Static Ropes - 9 / 10 / 10.5 / 11 mm Ropes, Accessory Cords from 3 mm to 8 mm, Climbing Harness-Mercury.
ANTHRON (Climbing Hardware Manufacturer from Slovenia) -  www.anthron.si
Double Stop Descender Plus, Double Stop Descender, Belay Device - LORY smart, Chest Ascender.

EVOLV (Rock Climbing & Approach Shoes Manufacturer from U.S.A.) -  www.evolvesports.com


MAKAK (Manufacturer of Artificial Climbing Holds and Training Boards from Czech Republic) - www.makak.cz   

Big Sets of 200/100/50/20 Holds, Children Holds, Training Boards and Various Smaller Sets.
VERTICAL (Climbing Hardware Manufacturer from Russia) 
Single Pulley Big & Small, Tandem Pulleys (Cable/Rope use), Twin Pulleys, Triple Pulley, Self Jamming Pulley, Ascenders, Descenders, Harnesses, Belay Devices, Fall Arresters, Swivel, Friends, Chocks Set, Souvenier Fig '8', Accessory Carabiners, Wire Ladders etc.
TECHROCK-FIXE-FADERS (50 year old Climbing Equipment Manufacturer from Spain)
Steel & SS Wall Hangers, Steel & SS Bolts, Steel & SS Wall Anchor Systems, Descenders, Ascenders, Quickdraw Sets, Plain/Wire Carabiners, Key Screw Carabiners etc.

Trekking Gear:

BOLL (Backpacks Manufacturer from Czech Republic) - www.boll.cz

Medium to Big Capacity Backpacks.

TRIMM (Backpacks Manufacturer from Czech Republic) - www.trimm.cz

Mid to Big Capacity Backpacks, Sleeping Bags, Waterproof Bags, Outdoor Water Repellent Trousers, Water Bladder-2 Lts, etc.

JR GEAR   NEW  (Self inflatable products and Waterproof Dry Sacks Manufacturer from Hong Kong) - www.jrgear.com

Self Inflatable Mattress, Self Inflatable Pillows, 2.5 - 50 Lts Waterproof Dry Sacks, 30 Lts Waterproof Kompression Bag, Ultra Compact 22.5 Lts Dry Sack in Pocket, 40 - 75 Lts Waterproof Backpacks,  100 Lts Waterproof Heavy Duty Duffle Bags, Passport & Neck Dry Pouches etc.

MUND (Socks Manufacturer from Spain) - www.mundsocks.com

Everest, K2, Skiing Antibacterial, Pamir, Elbrus, Polar Circle, Cross Mountain, Timanfaya, Andes, Ultra Raid, Invisible Rizo, Arm Sleeves, Flight socks, Set of 3 pairs.

WIND XTREME (Multifunctional Head Wear Manufacturer from Spain) - www.zonawind.com

Coolwind, Wind, Mintwind, Coolcap, Peakwind, Polarwind, Arcticwind, Gloves.

TARGET DRY (Waterproof Breathable Jackets from Northern Ireland) - www.targetdry.co.uk

MAC IN A SAC - Classic2 Waterproof Breathable Jacket, MAC IN A SAC - Waterproof Breathable Over Trouser.

HEAD (Trekking Shoes from Germany) 

Model Nos : 713 HIGH TR, 811 HIGH TR - Men,  911 SN.

Our other products include: Trekking Dome Tent, Led Headlamps, Anti-Shock Trekking Poles, Fleece Pullovers, Thermal Base Layers, Insulated Gloves, Liner Gloves, Quick Drying T-Shirts, Track Pants, Water Purifiers, Self Heating Warmers, Ice Grips etc.

Products which we manufacture :

Backpacks, Sleeping Bags, Waist Pouches, Insulated Jackets, Rappelling Mittens, Belay Plate.




 Trekking Accessories