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    The Republic of Avienne has not always been the nation it is today.

Avia Born

    Over 782 years ago, the land that would become Avienne was a mismatched group of tribes scattered across the continent, and no tribe held any advantage. The tribes and city-states squabbled constantly, conquering only to be reconquered. There was no clear leader in the land, and no clear place to call important. The important cities of the era, Chaeuvere and Reapolo, were the most powerful and controlled the largest plots of land. Yet they were tyrants, the rulers of those cities, and imposed a terrible law stating that any foreign-born and poor citizen would be taken up and beheaded. In an attempt to escape this, a group of 500 citizens left in the night and headed towards the coast. The army of Reapolo and Chaeuvere pursued them frantically, chasing them south 180 miles to a perfect harbor. The army was north of the 500, and so the citizens built a fort to facilitate for the defense of their position. They took wood from the local timber forests, and took rope from their carts to build Fort Aviae. From steel they made their swords, and from brass their shields. Upon the shields they put images of the gods, Avies and Kerbat, and they held strong against the armies of others. For three days they were tormented by the Chaeuverians and Reapoloans until on the 3rd day, the 500 attacked the enemy camp. They burned and destroyed it, and took many of the soldiers. With the threat of the enemies destroyed, the citizens began construction of a city to be named after the gods whom had protected them. The City of Avia was born.


    Two months after construction in Avia began, the city fell in peril. They had gone on just fine during the two months without a clear leader, but now war threatened to destroy the city. The citizens met every night to debate who to select as king, and how to run the government. They met every night for 2 weeks, until scouts found the soldiers of the City-State of Pevelium (pe-veel-ium) just 42 miles south of Avia's farmland. Quickly, the council selected Carolinus Maximian Amonus as the first king of Avia. He organized gathered an army of 230 untrained men and trained them for two days while the blacksmiths made weaponry. The newly equipped men, while untrained, were determined to protect their new city from tyranny. Amonus marched his small force to a hill above the Pevelian camp. He had his men take a formation called the "pentiphlex."

Battle of  Vauere

    The battle began when the Pevelian army, numbering 3,000 kerbals, began marching up the hill. The Pevelians threw their spears, but fell short. As soon as it was clear that Pevelium would not be able to hit them from a range, Amonus ordered the Armati to charge forward. Two armati would detach from the main group and go around, allowing the Invograe units to pass through and launch their javelins. The javelins found their mark and hit 18 Pevelians. While this was happening, the armati were forming their line on the hill, and the Alpha Majori began marching forward. The Pevelians charged forward at the Avian units. The Armati held their shields and spears to form what is essentially a wall of spears. Upon impact, hundreds of Pevelians died as the spears killed them. The Alpha Majori broke in half and marched around the armati line, routing the remainder of the Pevelian force. Even with only 230, as opposed to 3,000, the Avian army prevailed. The battle lasted all but an hour, and resulted in 170 deaths on the side of Avia, and 2,578 on the side of Pevelium. The Pevelian king was captured and executed, and the whole of Pevelium was annexed, forming the Kingdom of Avienne.
    The kingdom flourished for the next 3 centuries, until 374 years ago when another threat emerged. Over the 3 centuries, Avienne had expanded from Avia and Pevelium (now Alomensenia) to include the land from the Novapensa River to the Chalenne Mountains. Several different tribes had been conquered, and 5 different kings had served. Now the Kingdom of Briscany and Monchorova, a former ally of Avienne, broke relations and raised an army of 15,000 to attack the Kingdom of Avienne. The present king, Vicinario Core Amonus, mustered up a force of 16,000, and marched them to Plaine Pacifique (Peaceful Plain) fully prepared to make that name a lie in the name of protecting the nation. When the two armies met near the town of Corithi, bloodshed ensued. The Briscannians used the battle formation, "circulum," forming tight circles with spears outstretched. The Avian army used the pentiflex formation, and charged quickly at the enemy wheels. Vicinario took care to warn the kerbals not to fall in between two wheels. The kerbs stayed outside of the wheels, but could not break them. Two hours later, 12,000 were dead on both sides, and neither side held the advantage. Vicinario, intent on ending the battle, ordered the Alphae Majori to break and go around to route the Briscannians. He also ordered a unit of cavalry to charge from behind. The battle ended quickly after that, but not without taking another 15,000 lives. Only 3,000 kerbals escaped with their lives, 2,500 for Avienne. The 500 Briscannians were captured and impressed into service.
    Fresh off of the battle, Vicinario ordered  his men to march on Briscanny. They marched across the plains, encountering the coastal city and all of its splendor. Vicinario sent a message to the King of Briscanny and Monchorova:

    I have your city surrounded, and your fields and supplies burned. You have no option but to surrender. Do it peacefully now, or face the wrath of the army later. Do not waste your time leaving the harbor, for we have you blockaded. Do not waste your time attacking, for we outnumber you in every way. Do not waste OUR time, by resisting. You have no hope, no means of exit. Surrender.

The king did not reply, and so the siege continued for 5 months. At the 5th month, the people of Briscanny were starving, and the Avian Army had received 14,000 reinforcements. Frustrated by the King's nonchalance towards the position of Briscanny, Vicinario ordered his men to storm the city. Six hours and 10,000 lives later, the city (and subsequently the entire Kingdom of Briscanny and Monchorova) belonged to the Kingdom of Avienne. Vicinario returned triumphantly to Avia. Three years later, Vicinario dies, and his son Marco Octavi Amonus ascended to the throne.

From Kingdom to Empire

    Marco Octavi Amonus served as king for 10 years without much to call famous. Without the events to come he might not even have been remembered. Yet what did happen made his name historic. At the time, the Kingdom of Avienne stretched from the River Jebedeel in Jeansleux to the Chalenne Mountains, and south to the Novana Mountains. The Kingdom of Arcel, and its ruler King Zaiphen Yegolo, were acting quite aggressively to the Kingdom. Arcelian troops were often seen raiding the countryside of southern Avienne, constantly taking the property of Avians. After many raids, King Amonus could stand it no longer. He brought the Avian Army, numbering 58,000 kerbs, to Beneview Pass, the passage-way to Arcel. He issued a declaration of war, and marched his men to the city. The fighting was disastrous, to say the least. The historian Morphi put it this way:
    The man new not how to distinguish a dog from a spear. He blundered every battle, and could be blamed at all times for the battles that ended in disaster, always. In not one battle did he win without losing a considerable amount of men, and in not one battle did he lose without fleeing on the last minute. He was shameful, disgusting, and perhaps the worst king to have ever inhabited Ave Palazi [The Palace of Avienne].
The people of Avienne were not happy with the king whom had sacrificed the lives of 56,000 kerbals to take one city with his incompetence. With that in mind, the people rebelled against the king. Amonus returned quickly with his army to put down the rebellion. Waiting for him in Avia was a citizen's army of 15,000 kerbals. The fighting between the inexperienced civilians and the veteran soldiers lasted for 4 days, during which a civilian general, Jacque Veniere Bourlon, was crowned EMPEROR of the newly formed Imperium Avienne. The people in the cities of Avia, Chalenne, Briscanny, Monchorova, Morais, Arcel, and others renounced Amonus as the king, and proclaimed Bourlon to be the new emperor, and first emperor of the Bourlon dynasty.

The Empire

    With the crowning of Bourlon, the Empire of Avienne was born (Imperium Avies, as it was called at the time). Bourlon, whom had received military training, wasted no time in attacking his rival. Mustering up a force of 18,000 men, he quickly attacked Morais, where Amonus was stationing his men. Using the pentiplhex formation (Amonus had begun using the hexiphlex, using 6 armati instead of 5, and stretching the soldiers too thin), Bourlon quickly decimated Amonus' army. Marco Octavi Amonus was captured and executed, thus removing any rivals to Bourlon's reign.
    The Empire could now live peacefully. It did so for the next 100 years. Bourlon was beloved by the people and proclaimed a just ruler. He led 5 separate campaigns in during his reign. Bourlon captured all of modern Avienne (including Perennia). He marched on the Haafila Peninsula, and the tribes living there were taken in easily. He took portions of Endelia, Anada, and even expanded the Empire to Brushtrushanada Island. During his reign the Empire lived peacefully on the inside, trading flourished and new technologies (including the musket) were developed. The Golden Age of Avienne, which had begun years earlier, continued.
    Jacque Veniere Bourlon ruled the large Empire efficiently for the next 37 years, until his death. From then on his son, Parese Fontife Bourlon took to the throne. He mostly continued his fathers policy and helped trade flourish. During this time, spectacular monuments were built. The rule of Parese lasted 67 years, and his son would be the last of the short-lived Bourlon Dynasty.
    March 25th, 19 B.R. (before revolution), a boy is born to Emperor Parese 8 years before his death. The child, living in the lap of luxury, becomes a spoiled child. He spent on frivolousness alone 21 million Aels a month, bankrupting the treasury. When his father died, his mother, Maria Benefotora Bourlon, took the throne until the boy turned 15. In the year 4 B.R., Vincero Nerovo Bourlon ascended to the throne of the Empire.

Revolution, Rise of the Republic