New version v6 available!

You work on plant or animal coloration and you use spectrometry to measure coloration.

You want to analyse spectrometric data and you are exasperated by losing time and struggling with Excel.

                                                            AVICOL is for you!

AVICOL is a user-friendly program created and developed by Doris Gomez to analyse spectometric data.

This program runs under a Windows environment (tested with Windows xp). The executable is free and can be downloaded on this website. You can use it providing that you reference it in any work using this program. For the moment, the reference is:

GOMEZ, D. 2006. AVICOL, a program to analyse spectrometric data. Last update october 2011. Free executable available at  http://sites.google.com/site/avicolprogram/  or from the author at dodogomez@yahoo.fr

The developer cannot be considered as responsible for any problem in calculations (the user should check all calculations) or for any trouble caused to data following the use of the program.

For any enquiry, you can contact me at  dodogomez@yahoo.fr