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Oak Flats

Oak Flats Campground

N33.307500   W111.050830   Elevation 3,913
3 miles east of Superior
30 miles east of Mesa
Pinal County, Arizona, USA
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Oak Flats


OAK FLATS CAMPGROUND  (N33.307500   W111.050830   Elevation 3,913)



Oak Flats is located 44 miles east of Mesa.


1a) More specifically, it is located 3.7 miles east of Superior from the intersection of Highway 60 and Highway 172 (aka, Ray Rd.).


1b) From Globe/Claypool, it is located 16.2 miles west of the intersection of Highway 60 and Highway 88.


2) The turn-off to Oak Flats is at N33.313031°   W111.049197°, Elevation 4,000 ft.  There is a well-marked sign for this area.  Turn south onto the gravel road and drive about 0.4 miles, ignoring the first turn to the left.  Take the second turn to the left to the campground.  Parking and camping, as of 2008, is free.



Unless there have been heavy rains, the small stretch of dirt road that turns off from Hwy 60 is suitable for all passenger cars.  However, the dirt roads that lead off from the main camping area can be a bit rough, bumpy, and contain stretches that will scrape your low clearance car.



During the spring and fall, this place gets moderate usage by campers. During the winter, you’ll definitely need warm clothing in the mornings and during windy afternoons.  Frost is common and light snow is occasional here in the winter.



All months but late June through August are good.  The summer is just too hot with little bird activity.  Winter can be good for Lewis’s Woodpecker (1-2 birds sometimes), Crissal Thrashers and visiting sparrows.  Spring and fall are good for migrants.  Gray Vireos begin to sing here in April and May.  Although these vireos can sometimes be heard within earshot of the campground, you may need to wander further south and west on the various roads to encounter them.  This site is also a reliable place close to the Phoenix area for Juniper Titmouse.


Oak Flats does not produce a big list of species nor many rarities; however, it does offer the Phoenix birders a relatively close place for a slightly different array of birds with hopes of finding a vagrant or two.




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Oak Flats


24 November 1997 - 01 September 2015 


Oak Flats Campground