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Birds of Cambodia, The
An Annotated Checklist
by Goes, Frederic
2014,  516pp,  ISBN: Unknown


Do you know of any bird books that focus on just Laos?


Annotated Checklist of the Birds of Penang

by Kumar, Kanda

2006,  48pp,  ISBN: 9789839681383












Birds of Fraser's Hill

An Illustrated Guide and Checklist

by Strange, Morten

2006,  120pp,  ISBN: 9810499302

softcover, 111 good color photos of 95 (37%) of the birds found in the park, brief text covers description of the bird along with short notes on habitat and behavior; 2 maps and 10 birding sites discussed; checklist of all 257 species



Birds of FRIM

by Teresa Ong

2003,  49pp,  ISBN: Unknown












Birds of Malaysia

by Delacour, Jean

1947,  382pp,  ISBN: Unknown

hardcover; includes present day Malaysia plus Borneo, Sumatra, Java, and Palawan islands; all 780 species known at the time are described and accompanied with good b&w drawings of 79 species; most of the text on each bird focuses on descriptions with good notes on male and female plumages as well as the subspecies; distribution give for the species and subspecies; identification key provided for each key grouping of birds; no range maps



Birds of Perak: Peninsular Malaysia and Where to See Them

by MNS Perak Bird Group

2006,  150pp,  ISBN: 9834311605

softcover, fair to decent color photos of 124 (25%) of all birds found in the northwest state of Perak; 5 main habitat types detailed with 19 birding locations; 21 maps with habitat photos; checklist for all 19 sites; excellent 60-minute video CD of 254 species



Birds of Taman Negara

An Illustrated Guide and Checklist

by Strange, Morten and Dennis Yong

2006,  120pp,  ISBN: 9810544413

softcover, 107 good color photos of 98 (26%) of the birds found in the park, brief text covers description of the bird along with short notes on habitat and behavior; 2 maps and 5 birding sites discussed; checklist of all 380 species



Birds of the Malay Peninsula, Singapore, and Penang

by Glenister, A.G.

1971,  291pp,  ISBN: Unknown

softcover, later reprint; 152 (26%) of the peninsula's species are shown in 8 color plates, 3 b&w plates, 16 b&w photographs, and 62 b&w line drawings; all species in the region are described with a short paragraph plus additional notes on the bird's status, habitat, and distribution



Birds of the Malay Peninsula, The

a general account of the birds inhabiting the region from the Isthmus of Kra to Singapore with the adjacent islands

by Robinson, Herbert C. and Frederick N. Chasen.

1927,  1,858pp,  ISBN: Unknown



Birds: A Photographic Guide to the Birds of Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore

by Strange, Morten and Allen Jeyarajasingam

1999,  258pp,  ISBN: 9810032900

flex-cover, 290 species in color photos, brieft text, no range maps



Birdwatcher's Guide to Malaysia, A

by Bransbury, John

?pp,  ISBN: 0646145592












Common Birds of the Malay Peninsula

by Tweedie, M.W.F.

1970,  pp,  ISBN: 0582694507

hardcover; introductory guide with 20 fair quality color plates of 81 (13%) of the region's more common species; b&w line drawings show another 7 species; a half-page of text for each bird gives a general description along with information on behavior, feeding, nesting, and other natural history notes



Field Guide to the Birds of West Malaysia and Singapore, A

by Jeyarajasingam, Allen and Alan Pearson

1999,  1st edition, 630pp,  ISBN: 0198549628

softcover, 72 color plates of all 640+ of the region's birds, brief identification text adjacent to the plate, most birds with multiple illustrations; 1/2 page of additional text covers description, voice, range, status, and habitat; no range



Field Guide to the Birds of West Malaysia and Singapore, A

by Jeyarajasingam, Allen and Alan Pearson

2012,  2nd edition, 630pp,  ISBN: 9780199639434

1st edition above was reviewed



Introduction to Bird Watching in Malaya

by Symes, Gwyn

1968,  176pp,  ISBN: Unknown












Introduction to Malayan Birds, An

by Madoc, G.C.

1956,  234pp,  ISBN: Unknown

hardcover; introductory guide to about 300 (40%) of Malaysia's more common species; 100+ are given a full description with additional notes on voice and habits; remainder of the birds are mentioned in a general narrative format; contains 1 color photograph and 16 full page b&w photographs of birds plus 60 rough b&w sketches of more species; no range maps



Khazanah Burung Bukit Fraser

(Treasury of Birds in Fraser's Hill)

by Chong, Mike H.N. and Sutari Supari

2010,  234pp,  ISBN: 9789675123306











Malaysian Birds

by Davison, G.H.W.

2000,  ?pp,  ISBN: 9679990648












Naturalist's Guide to the Birds of Malaysia and Singapore

Including Sabah and Sarawak

by Davison, G.W.H. and Yeap Chin Aik

2010,  176pp,  ISBN: 9781906780210

softcover; a small photographic guide that contains 298 decent to good color photos of 280 (40%) of the more frequently seen birds of the area covered; all but 18 species have only a single photo which shows the breeding male for most; text for each bird includes a brief description to point out the primary identification points; material also covers distribution, habits, and typical habitat; no range maps



Photographic Guide to Birds of Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore, A

by Davison, G.W.H. and Chew Yen Fook

1995,  144pp,  ISBN: 0883590360

softcover; contains 277 small to medium sized but good color photographs of 252 (40%) of the species in the peninsula; most plumages shown are of the male; short paragraph for each species consists mostly of notes describing the bird plus additional comments on habitat and range



Winged Wonders in Malaysia

by Kuala Lumpur: Malaysian Nature Society

2004,  160pp,  ISBN: 9789834178703













Birds of Burma, The

by Harington, Herbert Hastings

2009,  134pp,  ISBN: 111072537X

softcover; reprint of the original 1909 publication; text divided into two parts, part one gives basic descriptions and notes on 170 (20%) of the more common birds found in the country; part two provides a complete checklist with the bird's presence denoted in each of 10 regions of Burma; no illustrations or maps and no other text


  1st ed, 1940        2nd ed, 1953      3rd ed, 1986       4th ed, 2001

Birds of Burma, The

by Smythies, Bertram Evelyn

1953,  2nd edition, 668pp,  ISBN: Unknown

hardcover, 2nd edition; 31 nice color plates illustrated 290 (30%) of the country's birds; a single illustration of each bird shows only the adult male plumage with only a couple of exceptions; all species of Burma are addressed with 1-2 paragraphs with lengthy information on identification and descriptions along with notes on habits, nest, status, and distribution; complete checklist denotes status of the bird in each of 13 subregions; fold-out map of Burma affixed to inside of back cover



Birds of Myanmar

by Lwin, Kyaw Nyunt, Khin Ma Ma Thwin, and  Aung Thant

2005,  165pp,  ISBN: 9749575687

1st edition, softcover, 64 color plates, 350 species, no range maps




Avifauna of Singapore, The

by Seng, Lim Kim

2009,  611pp,  ISBN: 9789810826710

softcover, 15 color photos, small b&w drawings of 110 species; addresses all 439 birds recorded from Singapore; overview of range, taxonomy, sight records, and migration timing for each bird; not a field guide but a data reference



Birds of Singapore

by Hails, Christopher and Frank Jarvis

1987,  168pp,  ISBN: 9812045676

hardcover, 131 species in color, no range maps



Birds of Singapore

by Li, Yong Ding; Lim Kim Chuah and Lee Tiah Khee

2013,  176pp,  ISBN: 9781906780890












Birds of Singapore Island

by Bucknill, John A. S. and Frederick Nutter Chasen

1927,  247pp,  ISBN: Unknown












Birds: An Illustrated Field Guide to the Birds of Singapore

by Seng, Lim Kim and Dana Gardner

1997,  226pp,  ISBN: 9789813066007

softcover; 40 decent color plates illustrate 343 of the 350 species covered in the book; text discusses all the species expected to be found in Singapore and provides paragraph of 6-11 lines that cover description of gender and age plumages, brief identification tips, voice, habitat, status, range, and other short notes; descriptions across from each bird in the plates consist of just 5-15 words



Field Guide to the Birds of Singapore, A

by Seng, Lim Kim and Jimmy Chew

2010,  20pp,  ISBN: 9789810859725












Guide to the Common Birds of Singapore, A

by Clive Briffett

1998,  160pp,  ISBN: Unknown













Bird Guide of Thailand

by Lekagul, Boonsong and Edward W. Cronin Jr.

1974,  2nd edition, 224pp,  ISBN: Unknown

hardcover, 2nd edition; contains 112 color plates illustrating all 849 species in the country; female plumages shown for most species along with some juvenile; artistic quality is decent but not great; 4-10 lines of text given for each bird which covers mostly descriptions along with very brief notes on habitat, voice, and status; bird names provided in Thai; small general generalized range map given for each bird



Birds of Thailand

by Eve, Roland and Anne-Marie Guigue

2006,  178pp,  ISBN: 981232948X

hardcover; fair to good color drawings of 123 (14% of the country's) birds; male and female plumages shown where applicable; text gives a general introductory overview of each bird's description, life history, and life habits; book is geared towards the begin birder or the nature enthusiast



Birds of Thailand

by Robson, Craig

2002,  272pp,  ISBN: 0691007012

softcover, 128 color plates of 950+ species, range maps



Birds of Thailand

by Thailand Geographic Magazine

2004,  389pp,  ISBN: 9749146158












Guide to the Birds of Thailand, A

by Lekagul, Boonsong and Philip D. Round

1991,  1st edition, 457pp,  ISBN: 9748567362

hardcover, 135 color plates of 900+ species, range maps




Guide to the Birds of Thailand, A

by Lekagul, Boonsong; Mongkol Wongkalisn and Kamol Komolphalin

2012, 2nd edition, 464pp, ISBN: 9789747539486











Photographic Guide to Birds of Thailand, A

หนังสือ ภาพถ่ายนกในเมืองไทย

by Chansarekorn, Prasit

2001,  224pp,  ISBN: 9747037106











Photographic Guide to Birds of Thailand, A


by Prasit, Jan (ประสิทธิ์ จันเสรีกร)

480pp,  ISBN: Unknown










Photographic Guide to Birds of Thailand, A

by Webster, Michael and Chew Yen Fook

1997,  144pp,  ISBN: 0883590417

softcover; contains 264 small to medium sized but good color photographs of 252 (28%) of the species in Thailand; few species have the female plumage shown; a brief paragraph for each species gives a short generalized description of the bird along with a few other notes on its habitat or on behavior



Photographic Guide to the Birds of Thailand, A

Including Southeast Asia and the Philippines

by Strange, Morten

2014,  400pp,  ISBN: 9780804844529











Thailand Bird Guide


by รุ่งโรจน์ จุกมงคล

2010,  496pp,  ISBN: 9789744843142










Thailand Bird Guide

by รุ่งโรจน์ จุกมงคล

2009,  ?pp,  ISBN: 9744842199











Thailand Birds

by Unknown

?pp,  ISBN: Unknown












โดย รุ่งโรจน์ จุกมงคล

(Glorious Sacred Bird)

by Unknown

1999,  197pp,  ISBN: Unknown











(Birds in Thailand)

by จารุจินต์ นกีตะภัฏ,กานต์ เลขะกุล

2007,  464pp,  ISBN: 9789746191814










: เล่ม

(Birds in Thailand: Book 1)

by โอภาส ขอบเขตต์  (Obhas Khobkhet)

1998,  ?pp,  ISBN: Unknown










: เล่ม

(Birds in Thailand: Book 2)

by โอภาส ขอบเขตต์  (Obhas Khobkhet)

1999,  ?pp,  ISBN: Unknown










: เล่ม

(Birds in Thailand: Book 3)

by โอภาส ขอบเขตต์  (Obhas Khobkhet)

2000,  ?pp,  ISBN: Unknown










: เล่ม

(Birds in Thailand: Book 4)

by โอภาส ขอบเขตต์  (Obhas Khobkhet)

2001,  ?pp,  ISBN: Unknown










: เล่ม

(Birds in Thailand: Book 5)

by โอภาส ขอบเขตต์  (Obhas Khobkhet)

2001,  ?pp,  ISBN: Unknown











(Enjoy Bird Watching)

by Tara Prapakorn projection

2009,  224pp,  ISBN: 9789748444710











หนังสือชุดคู่มือดูนกเล่ม 1 ฉบับพกพา

Volume 1

by รุ่งโรจน์ จุกมงคล

208pp,  ISBN: 9744840021










หนังสือชุดคู่มือดูนกเล่ม 2 ฉบับพกพา

Volume 2

by รุ่งโรจน์ จุกมงคล

208pp,  ISBN: 9744841702











Birds of Doi Inthanon

by Supparatvikorn, Suthee and Akadech Repaichit

2006,  142pp,  ISBN: 974934409X

hardcover, good color photos of 104 (25%) of the 411 species found in this national park in northwest Thailand; 8 chapters reflect different habitat zones and related species; a brief paragraph covers general description and behavior; English and Thai



Birds of Kaeng Krachan National Park


by Nabhitabhata, Jarujin

244pp,  ISBN: 9789747626681











Birds of Khaoyai National Park

รักนก รักษ์เขาใหญ่

by Paijit

2007,  141pp,  ISBN: 9789747446432










Birds of Laem Phak Bia


by Round, Philip D.,  Wichian Kongthong, Smith Sutibut, and Wicha

2009,  288pp,  ISBN: 9789740936350











Birds of Northern Thailand: Bulletin 186

An account of the birds of Chiang Rai Province and those parts of the provinces of Mae Hong Son, Chiang Mai, Lamphun, Lampang, Phrae, and Nan lying north of latitiude 17 47' N

by Deignan, H.G.

1945,  pp,  ISBN: Unknown

paperback; all birds known from northern Thailand are discussed in one page of text; material focuses on references, status and abundance, distribution in the region, records of sightings, and descriptions of the bird's plumages; 24 b&w photographs of habitats; 4 hand drawn maps show geographic features of Thailand; one b&w plate of a White-headed Ashy Bulbul is the only illustration



Birds of the Bangkok Area, The

by Philip Round and Dana Gardner

2008,  226pp,  ISBN: 9789744801098












Photographic Guide to the Raptors of Thailand, A


by Kasorndorkbua, Chaiyan, Chaiwat Chinuparawat and Chukiat Nualsri

2008,  328pp,  ISBN: 9789743077746











Raptors and Owls of Thailand


by Wongkalasin, Mongkol

?pp,  ISBN: Unknown











Resident Forest Birds in Thailand: Their Status and Conservation

by Round, Philip D.

1988,  211pp,  ISBN: 0946888132













Bird Watching Guide in the Jungle Sakaerat

by Sura Chit

2005,  144pp,  ISBN: 9789742297602










นกและสัตว์ป่าเมืองไทย สายใยแห่งธรรมชาติ

(Birds and Animals in Thailand: Bonds of Nature)

by Snidvongs, Kasem

240pp,  ISBN: 9789742356514











(Birds of Sakaerat)

by Unknown

2003,  114pp,  ISBN: 9789748067490












(Waders and Seabirds of Thailand)

by มงคล วงศ์กาฬสินธุ์

2004,  103pp,  ISBN: 9789749262498











Birds of Phu Quoc Island

by Hung, Le Manh

132pp,  ISBN: Unknown












Birds of South Annam and Cochin China

by Kloss, Cecil Boden

1919,  ?pp,  ISBN: Unknown












Birds of South Vietnam

by Wildash, Philip

1968,  234pp,  ISBN: Unknown

hardcover; 25 color plates of lower quality illustrate 215 (37%) of the species found in (then) South Vietnam plus b&w simple line drawings of another 21 species; most birds shown with just the male plumage; all species of the country have one paragraph of text that gives general descriptions of the male and female plumages along with notes on habits, habitat, and distribution; no



Birds of Tam Dao

Vietnam's Natural Treasure

by Salah, Mekki

2008,  143pp,  ISBN: Unknown

hardcover; 178 color photographs of medium to good quality show 106 (33%) of the park's 300 species plus many of plants and habitat; minimal text on each bird gives the name in English, Vietnamese, and scientific along with a few words on the bird's habitat, range, and status; extra notes and paragraphs on some of the birds or on Vietnam's nature are scattered throughout the pages



Birds of U Minh Thuong National Park

by Hoa, Nguyen Phuc Bao and Dao Van Hoang

160pp,  ISBN: Unknown







Birds of Vietnam

by Hung, Le Manh

2012,  585pp,  ISBN: Unknown












Chim Viet Nam
Birds of Vietnam

by Nguyen Cu, Le Trong Trai and Karen Phillipps

2000,  250pp,  ISBN: 094688840X

1st edition, softcover, 88 color plates; 500+ species; no range maps; Vietnamese only



Danh Lục Chim Việt Nam

Checklist of the Birds of Vietnam

by Quż, Võ and Nguyễn Cử

1999,  ?pp,  ISBN: Unknown












Birds of South-East Asia

A Photographic Guide to the Birds of Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, the

Philippines and Indonesia

by Strange, Morten

1998,  112pp,  ISBN: 1853688797

softcover; good color photographs of 254 species sampled from Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines and Indonesia; 12 photos of habitat nests; brief text for each bird addresses abundance, endemism, habitat, or other natural history notes; short notes on country statistics for counts of birds present, threatened, or endemic along with some resources



Birds of the Thai-Malay Peninsula, The

Volume Two: Passerines

by Wells,  David R., Philip D. Round, and Uthai Treesucon

2007,  855pp,  ISBN: 9780713665345

hardcover; large, thick, and heavy book; 55 very good color plates with large illustrations of nearly all of the 300 passerines found on the peninsula; plates show male and female plumages along with some subspecies; 2-3 pages on each bird gives a solid description of identification plus thorough notes on status, habitat, feeding, behavior, voice, and molt; large peninsula range map provided for each bird; book is not an identification guide but a large reference



Birds of the Thai-Malay Peninsula, The

Volume One: Non-passerines

by Wells, David R., Philip D. Round, and Uthai Treesucon

1999,  648pp,  ISBN: 0127429611

hardcover; 69 large color plates illustrate 380 non-passerine species; text is more of a reference format to review each bird's natural history and descriptions; large range maps for each bird



Field Guide to the Birds of South-East Asia, A

by King, Ben F. and Edward C. Dickinson

1975,  480pp,  ISBN: 0395191130



Field Guide to the Waterbirds of Asia, A

by Bhushan, Fry, Hibi, Mundkur, Prawiradilaga, Sonobe, Usui

1993,  224pp,  ISBN: 4770017405

softcover, 82 color plates, 327 species, no range maps



Guide to the Birds of Southeast Asia, A

Thailand Peninsular Malaysia, Singapore, Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia

by Robson, Craig

2000,  504pp,  ISBN: 0691050120

hardcover; 104 good color plates illustrate all 1,250+ species from mainland Southeast Asia; male, female, and juvenile plumages are depicted; few birds other than raptors, swifts, and seabirds are shown in flight; brief text adjacent to plate gives concise identification notes; main text on each bird is a paragraph of identification that describe multiple plumages; often good descriptions give of the voice plus other notes distribution and habitat; no range maps



Les Oiseaux de l'Indochine Francaise (4 Vol)

by Delacour, Jean and P. Jabouille

1931,  1259pp,  ISBN: Unknown












Photographic Guide to Birds of Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, A

by Davidson, Peter

2009,  144pp,  ISBN: 9781847731418

softcover; 260 good color photographs of 252 (31%) of the region's' species; many endemics shown plus a newly described warbler; text is a short summary of only the briefest of descriptions plus note on natural history, range, habitat, and behavior



Photographic Guide to the Birds of Southeast Asia, A

Including the Philippines and Borneo

by Strange, Morten

2002,  398pp,  ISBN: 9625934030

softcover; 700 small to medium-sized color photographs of 668 (55%) of the region's species; only a couple dozen birds have more than one photo; short paragraph describes each bird along with other notes on behavior and voice; range maps