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Alberta Vireos and Wood Warblers

Families Vireonidae and Parulidae: Distribution and Breeding

by Salt, W. Ray

1973,  141pp,  ISBN: Unknown



Atlas of Breeding Birds of Alberta, The

by Semenchuk, Glen P.

1992,  391pp,  ISBN: 0969613407

hardcover; covers all 270 breeding birds found between 1987 and 1991 plus 36 non-breeding routine migrants; good color photograph and a large color map of breeding sites is provided for each bird; full page of text given to each bird covering status, distribution, habitat, nesting, and remarks on behavior, song, other natural history notes



Atlas of Breeding Birds of Alberta: A Second Look, A

by Federation of Alberta Naturalists

2007,  626pp,  ISBN: 9780969613497












Birding Jasper National Park

by Van Tighem, Kevin and Andrew A. LeMissurier

1988,  73pp,  ISBN: 9780921875017












Birds of Alberta

by Fisher, Chris and John Acron

1998,  384pp,  ISBN: 9781551051734












Birds of Alberta, The

With Their Ranges in Saskatchewan and Manitoba

by Salt, W. Ray and A.L. Wilk

1976,  498pp,  ISBN: 0888301081



Birds of Calgary

by Bovey, Robin Bruce and Ewa Pluciennik

1990,  128pp,  ISBN: 9780919433823












Birds of Edmonton

by Bovey, Robin Bruce and Ewa Pluciennik

1990,  128pp,  ISBN: 0919433804












Field Guide to Alberta Birds

by McGillivray, W. Bruce and Glen P. Semenchuk

1998,  ISBN: 0969613423

softcover; a basic identification guide and reference to the natural history of the expected 307 (74%) of the species in Alberta; one small to medium sized photo of the male provided for each species plus a small photo of the egg for the breeding birds; text covers origins of the bird's name, status, distribution, quick identification points, brief remarks on similar species, and additional natural history notes; a 3-color range map is given for each bird



Winter Birding Guide for the Edmonton Region, A

by Stelfox, Harry A. and Chris Fisher

1998,  64pp,  ISBN: 9780968436103














Birdfinding in British Columbia

by Cannings, Russell and Richard Cannings

2013,  480pp,  ISBN: 9781771000031












Birds of British Columbia

by Campbell, R. Wayne and Gregory Kennedy

2009,  384pp,  ISBN: 9781551052281












Birds of British Columbia, The: Volume 1

Nonpasserines: Introduction, Loons through Waterfowl

by Campbell, R. Wayne, Neil K. Dawe, Ian McTaggart-Cowan, John M. Cooper, Gary W. Kaiser, and Michael C.E. McNall

1990,  514pp,  ISBN: 0774806184



Birds of British Columbia, The: Volume 2

Nonpasserines: Diurnal Birds of Prey through Woodpeckers

by Campbell, R. Wayne, Neil K. Dawe, Ian McTaggart-Cowan, John M. Cooper, Gary W. Kaiser, and Michael C.E. McNall

1990,  636pp,  ISBN: 0774806192



Birds of British Columbia, The: Volume 3

Passerines: Flycatchers through Vireos

by Campbell, R. Wayne, Neil K. Dawe, Ian McTaggart-Cowan, John M. Cooper, Gary W. Kaiser, and Michael C.E. McNall

1997,  693pp,  ISBN: 0774805722



Birds of British Columbia, The: Volume 4

Passerines: Wood-Warblers through Old World Sparrows

by Campbell, R. Wayne, Neil K. Dawe, Ian McTaggart-Cowan, John M. Cooper, Gary W. Kaiser, and Michael C.E. McNall

2001,  739pp,  ISBN: 0774806214



Birds of British Columbia: A Photographic Journey

by Bartley, Glenn

2013,  156pp,  ISBN: 9781927051696












Birds of Coastal British Columbia (aka, Pacific Northwest Coast)

by Baron, Nancy and John Acorn

1997,  240pp,  ISBN: 9781551050980



Birds of Interior BC and the Rockies

by Cannings, Richard

2009,  434pp,  ISBN: 9781894974592



Birds of Southwestern British Columbia

by Cannings, Richard, Tom Aversa and Hal Opperman

2005,  414pp,  ISBN: 1894384962

softcover; 350+ good color photos of 237 of the more common species from Vancouver Island and the adjacent mainland to about 70 miles inland; many birds shown with male and female as well as non-breeding plumages; for 185 species a page of text gives a brief description of the bird along with notes on similar species, seasonal abundance, habitat, diet and voice; a sentence or two generally tells where to find the bird



Birds of Vancouver and the Lower Mainland

by Bovey, Robin, Wayne Campbell and Ewa Pluciennik

1989,  143pp,  ISBN: 0919433731



Birds of Vancouver Island: A Photographic Journey

by Bartley, Glenn

2010,  144pp,  ISBN: 9780981321219












Birds of Victoria and Vicinity

by Bovey, Robin, Wayne Campbell, Bryan Gates, and Ewa Pluciennik

1990,  144pp,  ISBN: 9780919433755












Small Birds Cling to Bare Branches

Nesting Songbirds of Haida Gwaii

by Hearne, Margo and Janetta Pirt

2003,  66pp,  ISBN: Unknown











Vancouver Island Birds

Volume I

by Yip, Mike

2005,  128pp,  ISBN: 0973816104





Birder's Guide to Churchill


by Lane, James A. and Bonnie Chartier

1983,  62pp,  ISBN: Unknown



Birder's Guide to Churchill, A


by Chartler, Bonnie

1994,  132pp,  ISBN: 1878788078











Birder's Guide to Southeastern Manitoba

by Cleveland, Norman; Scott Edie, Gordon Grieef, George Holland, et al.

1988,  91pp,  ISBN: 000823292X












Birder's Guide to Southwestern Manitoba

by Cuthbert, Calvin W., Jean I. Horton, and Mamie W. McCowan

1990,  100pp,  ISBN: 9780920436370












Birdlife of the Churchill Region: Status, History, Biology

by Jehl, Joseph R.

2004,  154pp,  ISBN: 1412031079












Birds of Manitoba, The

by Taylor, Peter, Brad Carey, et al.

2003,  504pp,  ISBN: 0969728018












Birds of the Churchill Region, Manitoba

by Jehl, Joseph R., Jr. and Blanche A. Smith

1970,  pp,  ISBN: Unknown



Birds of Manitoba, The

by Thompson, Ernest E.

1975,  188pp,  ISBN: Unknown












Finding Birds in Southern Manitoba

by Manitoba naturalists Society

ISBN: Unknown












Manitoba Birds

by Bezener, Andy and Ken De Smet

2000,  176pp,  ISBN: 9781551052557












Manitoba Grasslands Birding Trail

by Watchable Wildlife Manitoba

2011,  27pp,  ISBN: Unknown



Manitoba's Pine to Prairie International Birding Trail

by Watchable Wildlife Manitoba

2011,  44pp,  ISBN: Unknown



Wings along the Winnipeg

The Birds of the Pinawa-Lac Du Bonnet Region, Manitoba

by Taylor, Peter

1983,  216pp,  ISBN: Unknown













Birds of Great Slave Lake

Northwest Territories, Canada

by Sirois, Jacques

1994,  36pp,  ISBN: Unknown











Birds of Nahanni National Park, Northwest Territories

by Scotter, George Wilby and A. R. Smith

1985,  74pp,  ISBN: 0921104081












Birds of the Northwest Territories, Canada, The

by Sirois, Jacques and R.D. McRae

1994,  26pp,  ISBN: Unknown












Colonial Waterbirds of Great Slave Lake, Northwest Territories, The

by Sirois, Jacques; Michael A. Fournier and M. F. Kay

1995,  59pp,  ISBN: 9780662238843













Birds of Nunavut

by Wyndham, M., J.S. Wendt, and Eva Arreak

1997,  86pp,  ISBN: 1550365444

softcover; beginner's introduction to 70 (42%) of the more common species found in Nunavut; single color drawing shows the male breeding plumage for each bird; text gives a general description of the bird along with notes on habitat, nesting, food, and range; various trivia and curiosity notes provided for each bird plus some brief notes on the birds in Inuit culture; range map shown for 39 of the species



Birds of Nunavut, A Checklist

by Richards, James M., Y. Robert Tymstra, and Anthony W. White

2008,  22pp,  ISBN: Unknown

stapled booklet; provides a checklist for all birds known from Nunavut; gives the English and scientific name plus the status of each bird for three different regions of mainland, southern island, and northern islands; contains a 3-page bibliography, 8 color photos, a map of the region, and notes on additions to the checklist

With great appreciation, I thank Mike Beauregard of Nunavut for sending me this book to help fill a void in my birding library!





https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-pH2LA2fTtyI/VZtNmoA9w6I/AAAAAAABORA/lkCjbIG0HB8/s1600/c1978.jpg https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-RwhfhEg0V0I/VZtNm1SQRlI/AAAAAAABORc/fzqgyMGMgLs/s1600/c1978b.jpg https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-aZl5atCk8gw/VZtNm4kNbBI/AAAAAAABOR0/d6P8kxX8Gd8/s1600/c1978x.jpg https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-47Gag1tPbHU/VZtNnA-yNLI/AAAAAAABORM/LVYHWhSHybs/s1600/c1978xx.jpg https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-TgufkfoS6Hk/VZtNnli9rPI/AAAAAAABORQ/1dYsTN9thms/s1600/c1978xxx.jpg https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-9XVW8gIWSNc/VZtNoCP5lwI/AAAAAAABORY/ht9SIwBZe6c/s1600/c1978xxxx.jpg
Atlas of Saskatchewan Birds

by Smith, Alan R.

1996,  456pp,  ISBN: 092110412X

spiralbound;  this atlas serves as two types of research for all 409 species documented in Saskatchewan during; one is for confirmed, probably, and possible breeders and the second is for summer, spring, fall, and winter visitors/transients;  a large map for each bird inserts symbols within a grid to denote the bird's breeding and seasonal status throughout the province; a concise paragraph gives brief bits of information on the bird's natural history, habitat, or abundance; a small black-and-white sketch is provided of each bird; contains three translucent  overlays to show coverage of the areas surveyed, biotic regions, and index to survey squares



Birds of East-Central Saskatchewan

Kelvington to Kelsey Trail

by Hooper, Donald F.

1992,  160pp,  ISBN: 9780921104117











Birds of Regina

by Belcher, Margaret and Fred W. Lahrman

1980,  151pp,  ISBN: Unknown












Birds of the Lake Athabasca Region Saskatchewan

by Nero, Robert W. and Ralph D. Carson

1963,  143pp,  ISBN: Unknown



Birds of the Saskatchewan River, The

Carlton to Cumberland

by Houston, C. Stuart and Maurice G. Street

1959,  205pp,  ISBN: Unknown











Birds of the Saskatoon Area

by Leithton, Anna L., Jim Hay, C. Stuart Houston, J. Frank Roy, and Stan Shadick

2002,  345pp,  ISBN: 0921104197



Land Manager's Guide to Grassland Birds of Saskatchewan, A

by Unknown

2002,  56pp,  ISBN: Unknown












Saskatchewan Birds

by Smith, Alan

2001,  176pp,  ISBN: 9781551053042





Birds by the Dempster Highway

by Frisch, Robert and Julie Frisch

1987,  98pp,  ISBN: Unknown



Birds of Swan Lake, Yukon

by Grunberg, Helmut

1994,  137pp,  ISBN: 096982680X

With great appreciation, I thank Mike Beauregard of Nunavut for sending me this book to help fill a void in my birding library!



Birds of the Yukon Region

With Notes on Other Species

by Bishop, Louis Bennett

1900,  ISBN: Unknown











Birds of the Yukon Territory

by Sinclair, Pamela, H., Wendy A. Nixon, Cameron, D. Eckert, and  Nancy L. Hughes

2003,  628pp,  ISBN: 0774810122

hardcover, 600 color photos, 223 illustrations, 288 species, atlas maps




Arctic Birds of Canada

by Snyder, Lester Lynne and Terence Michael Shortt

1957,  310pp,  ISBN: Unknown



Bird-Finding Guide to Canada, A

by Finlay, J. Cam

2001,  472pp,  ISBN: 0771032196












Birds of Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba

(Some of the Common and Uncommon)

by Hancock, David and James Woodford

1989,  72pp,  ISBN: 9780888392220



Birds of Canada

by Bird, Daniel M.

2010,  528pp,  ISBN: 9781553631200












Birds of Canada

by Hoar, Tyler; Ken De Smet, Wayne Campbell, and Gregory Kennedy

2010,  528pp,  ISBN: 9781551055893












Birds of Canada

by Gooders, John; Maurice Pledger and Trevor Boyer

1984,  159pp,  ISBN: Unknown












Birds of Canada

by Shaw, F.

1988,  160pp,  ISBN: 9780862836399












Birds of Canada

by Taverner, P.A.

1953,  446pp,  ISBN: Unknown



Birds of Canada, The

by Godfrey, W. Earl

1986,  595pp,  ISBN: 0660107589



Birds of Canada, The

With descriptions of their habits, food, nests, eggs, times of arrival and departure

by Ross, Alexander Milton

1872,  178pp,  ISBN: Unknown











Birds of the Beaufort Sea, The

by Johnson, Stephen R. and Dale R. Herter

1989, 2nd edition,  372pp,  ISBN: Unknown

hardcover; detailed account for each of 249 species recorded from the area, 5 color maps, color photos of 23 species and 12 photos of habitat; text on each bird ranges from 1 paragraph to 3 pages; covers distribution and status, season range, breeding, migration


https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-liRZhGrxpoE/UiwiIPyKj3I/AAAAAAAArkE/DZ2mpHg22Y4/s1600/c3897.jpg https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-71HuG1HJXTY/VZwofZWpmkI/AAAAAAABOUU/1kLNVubSKW4/s1600/c3897b.jpg
Birds of the Canadian Rockies

by Scotter, George W.; Tom J. Ulrich, and Edgar T. Jones

1999,  170pp,  ISBN: 9781894004220




Birds of the Canadian Rockies

by Langshaw, Rick

1987,  64pp,  ISBN: 0919934188












Birds of Western Canada

by Bird, David M.

2013,  440pp,  ISBN: 9781553631941












Birds of Western Canada

by Taverner, Percy Algernon

1974,  380pp,  ISBN: Unknown



Canadian Bird Book, The

Illustrating in Natural Colors More Than Seven Hundred North American Birds

by Reed, Chester

1914,  472pp,  ISBN: Unknown











https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-IJFc-Maj-YY/VZtNpB6eFkI/AAAAAAABORw/MSRbfl3eyAU/s1600/c4206.jpg https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-_35Yq5zB6fg/VZtNpm-6adI/AAAAAAABOSA/fakbQop4PmQ/s1600/c4206b.jpg https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-QuPymTKCfJE/VZtNqFx0duI/AAAAAAABOSw/TgznnJtMLHE/s1600/c4206x.jpg https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-5IosKku4lus/VZtNqM2ecRI/AAAAAAABOSM/9vHuvsPI63M/s1600/c4206xx.jpg https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-HLxHlz_FEc8/VZtNqxhPOEI/AAAAAAABOSg/2vEdafEClTQ/s1600/c4206xxx.jpg
Canadian Land Birds

A Pocket Field Guide

by Taverner, Percy Algernon

1939,  279pp,  ISBN: Unknown

hardcover; a small identification guide that focuses on the more expected land birds found in Canada (pigeons, cuckoos, nighthawks, woodpeckers, kingfishers, swifts, hummingbirds, and passerines); each bird receives about a half-page of text that covers description and field marks along with notes on its natural history such as nesting and habitat; a total of 111 color illustrations, 2 color plates of 18 species each and, 28  small black-and-white drawings are included; no range maps




Canadian Water Birds: Game Birds, Birds of Prey

A Pocket Field Guide

by Taverner, Percy Algernon

1939,  291pp,  ISBN: Unknown



One Hundred Birds of Canada That You Should Know

by Unknown

1934,  ISBN: Unknown








Popular Handbook of the Birds of Canada and the United States, A

by Nuttall, Thomas

1907,  431pp,  ISBN: Unknown



https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-wV9_1rlVWIM/VaftURplXOI/AAAAAAABPlU/9wKuuyXlwVY/s800-Ic42/c3927.jpg   https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-GfGbgzrF21U/VaftUQ4BpTI/AAAAAAABPlY/TM2cLoCCxxM/s1600-Ic42/c3927x.jpg https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-CIFXhus7Z6g/VaftUS62uXI/AAAAAAABPlo/1cera2OEiw4/s1600-Ic42/c3927xx.jpg https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-vq12kwMg_Tg/VaftUxbv47I/AAAAAAABPls/WYhotpxTBro/s1600-Ic42/c3927xxx.jpg
Smithsonian Handbooks: Birds of Canada

by Alsop, Fred J. III

2002,  684pp,  ISBN: 1553630114