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Advanced or detailed identification; searching for target species; finding or identifying vagrant & accidental species; techniques for improved birding

Advanced Birding

by Kaufman, Kenn

1990,  295pp,  ISBN: 0395533767



Birding in the American West

A Handbook

by Zimmer, Kevin J.

2000,  402pp,  ISBN: 080148328X



Dichotomous Key to the Shorebirds of North America

by Mellon, Richard

1981,  24pp,  ISBN: Unknown



Field Guide to Advanced Birding

Understanding What You See and Hear

by Kaufman, Kenn

2011,  448pp,  ISBN: 9780547248325

softcover; 550+ medium-sized color photos show identification points noted in the text; 10 pairings of similar species cover 46 species; additional species addressed more broadly in the various chapters; majority of the material focuses on how a birder examines certain groups of birds to become more advanced in his observation skills



Flycatchers of Arizona

Guide to Identification by Structure and  Sound

by Hansen, Homer M.

2008,  5pp,  ISBN: 9780982019108

Oversized sheet folded twice, 26 species compared in a table of 7 identification tips, excludes 9 rarities to AZ; silhouette of genera; simple line drawing of a generic flycatcher illustrates tail, wing, and bill structures to examine; sturdy waterproof paper



Hawks at a Distance: Identification of Migrant Raptors

by Liguori, Jerry

2011,  190pp,  ISBN: 0691135592

softcover; nearly 600 small color photos show 29 of the expected 34 species of the hawk/falcon family in the US; all photos show the birds in flight and at a distance; a full-page photo is given for 19 of the raptors; 1-3 pages of text on each bird focuses on describing two things:  the bird's flight pattern/behavior and the bird's various plumages



Identification Guide to North American Birds: Part I

Columbidae to Ploceidae

by Pyle, Peter

1997,  732pp,  ISBN: 0961894024



Identification Guide to North American Birds: Part II

Anatidae to Alcidae

by Pyle, Peter

2008,  836pp,  ISBN: 9780961894047



Identification Guide to North American Passerines

by Pyle, Peter, Steve N.G. Howell, Robert P. Yunick, David F. DeSante

1987,  278pp,  ISBN: 0961894008



Identify Yourself

The 50 Most Common Birding Identification Challenges

by Thompson, Bill, III; Eirik A.T. Blom, Jeffrey A. Gordon, George

Armistead, Marshall Iliff, and Julie Zickefoose

2005,  392pp,  ISBN: 0618514694



Owls and Nightjars of Arizona

Guide to Identification by Structure and Sound

by Hansen, Homer M.

ISBN: Unknown
Never published?










Pete Dunne's Essential Field Guide Companion

A Comprehensive Resource for Identifying North American Birds

by Dunne, Pete

2006,  710pp,  ISBN: 0618236481

hardcover; thick reference to natural history and identification tips on nearly 700 species in USA/Canada; this is a text-only guide and no illustrations accompany the species; 1 page dedicated to each bird with half focuses on description, behavior, flight, and vocalizations; other material given for status, distribution, and migration; identification tactics emphasize impressions of size, shape, structure, and movements more so than specific anatomical field marks



Raptors of Arizona

Guide to Identification by Structure and  Sound

by Hansen, Homer M.

2008,  5pp,  ISBN: 9780982019122

Oversized sheet folded twice, 27 species compared in a table of 8 identification tips, excludes 4 rarities to AZ; silhouette of genera; simple line drawing of a generic hawk illustrates tail and wing structures to examine; sturdy waterproof paper



Sparrows of Arizona

Guide to Identification by Structure and  Sound

by Hansen, Homer M.

2008,  5pp,  ISBN: 9780982019115

Oversized sheet folded twice, 34 species compared in a table of 5 identification tips, excludes 7 rarities to AZ; silhouette of genera; simple line drawing of a generic sparrow illustrates tail and bill structures to examine; sturdy waterproof paper



Western Bird Watcher

An Introduction to Birding in the American West

by Zimmer, Kevin J.

1985,  278pp,  ISBN: 0139508252





Advanced Bird ID Guide: The Western Palearctic

Every plumage of all 1,000 species recorded in Britain, Europe, North Africa and the Middle East

by Van Duivendijk, Nils

2010,  308pp,  ISBN: 1847736076

softcover; describes all age, gender, and seasonal plumages of the 1,300+ known species and subspecies from Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East, including vagrants and accidentals; descriptions are presented in a concise bulleted format with key identification points  emphasized; geared towards avid birders already familiar with the naming of a bird's topography (aka, feathers and body parts); no illustrations, maps, or other text provided



Advanced Bird ID Handbook: The Western Palearctic

by Van Duivendijk, Nils

2011,  416pp,  ISBN: 9781780090221



Bird Identification

by Harris, Alan, Laurel Tucker, and Keith Vinicombe

1994,  224pp,  ISBN: 1856276414

softcover, 94 color plates show fine ID detail of 200+ species which represent 71 distinct "confusing" groups; brief ID tips next to each illustration; 1-3 pages for each group cover detailed aging, subspecies, seasonal plumages, and identification. (see revised edition in 2014)



https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-NqkbVYEvpwI/U74pADvZveI/AAAAAAABLIk/EzGjaGTbHEc/s1600/c3954.jpg https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-a0HqdNfTgyI/U74pAC1UbGI/AAAAAAABLIs/j7MlmQbK1LA/s1600/c3954x.jpg https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-Bj4ACJbYDN4/U74pAm077bI/AAAAAAABLI4/NuEdvIdKdD8/s1600/c3954xxx.jpg https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-ET5uf91E1jY/U74pBL6IrDI/AAAAAAABLJE/pmMZVMlipfg/s1600/c3954xxxxx.jpg https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-5SuYqMPta4A/U74pBYaG-kI/AAAAAAABLJM/QbowV_uTZ-o/s1600/c3954xxxxxx.jpg

Bird Identification: An In-Depth Look at Confusion Species

by Vinicombe, Keith; Alan Harris, and Laurel Tucker

2014,  ?pp,  ISBN: 9781408130353

softcover; an expansion of the the original 1994 work; focuses on the birds of the British Isles at least 269 confusing species are compared and discussed; approximately 293 species are shown with 1,250+ high-quality illustrations; plates match the similar species together with brief notes on key ID features alongside the illustrations; identification material written for each bird is often extensive, deeply detailed, and expertly thorough; vocalizations are also often very descriptive and lengthy



Birds by Character: The Field Guide to Jizz Identification

by Hume, Rob and Ian Wallace

1990,  176pp,  ISBN: 0333490541

softcover; uses a "jizz" approach to identify 350 species by structure, shape, or behavior; at least 1,800 color and black-and-white sketches that are often small show the bird in a rough but identifiable manner; limited descriptions given for each bird are brief and concise impressions of how the author's perceive the bird; most information focuses on behavior that may rule "in" a particular species but not necessarily rule "out" another; a 3-color range map is given for each bird



Birds: ID Insights

Identifying the more difficult birds of Britain and north-west Europe

by Couzens, Dominic and David Nurney

2013,  272pp,  ISBN: 9781780090580

hardcover; this is a detail-focused guide on select species meant to accompany or compliment the standard complete field guide; illustrates and describes key differences between 300+ problematic species in Britain and northwestern Europe;  rough but highly effective illustrations show the similar birds paired together and in a position to show the key identification marks;  the bulk of the book's text is found in the concise, small-font notes next to each bird's



Bundukit: Series 1 (Zimbabwe)

by Bristow, Vanessa and Kit Hustler

1991,  80pp,  ISBN: Unknown

softcover, stapled booklet, compairs 71 pairings of similar or confusing species of Zimbabwe, provides b&w sketches with only a few words of identification tips



Chamberlains LBJs

The definitive guide to Southern Africa's Little Brown Jobs

by Peacock, Faansie

2012,  352pp,  ISBN: 9780620543200











Confusing Birds

193 Look-alike Species

by Newman, Kenneth and Derek Solomon

1998,  80pp,  ISBN: 1868127516

softcover; a slight upgrade from the earlier version titled "Look-Alike Birds" of 4 years prior; 195 species are paired together in 16 color plates of average quality; another 52 pages show very rough black-and-white drawings of 87 groupings of similar species consisting of 194 species (missing the Cape Sparrow of the color plates); b&w drawings give only the most basic of feather patterns; b&w drawings are accompanied by 4-20 words to point out key identification points for each bird; no text is supplied with the color illustrations



Frontiers of Bird Identification

A British Birds Guide to Some Difficult Species

by Sharrock, J.T.R.

1981,  272pp,  ISBN: 0333237080



Greenbul Identification

A Birders Guide to Identification of West African Greenbuls and Bulbuls

by Sargeant, Dave

1993,  6pp,  ISBN: Unknown

spiral bound pamphlet, 27 species of Greenbul and Bulbuls from Gabon, focus on identification and field marks between similar species, includes a one-page key



Guide to the Identification and Ageing of Holarctic Waders

by Prater, A.J., John H. Marchant and Juhoni Vuorinen

1977,  168pp,  ISBN: Unknown

softcover, 32 b&w photos and 1 color plate, 117 species, detailed descriptions, no range maps



Identification for Ringers 1: The Genera Cettia, Locustella, Acrocephalus, and Hippolais

by Williamson, Kenneth

1963,  78pp,  ISBN: Unknown

softcover booklet; covers 27 species of the four genera found in the Palearctic; 2 pages per species covers general description, ageing, soft part coloration, measurements and wing formulae, molt, and distribution; includes a key to the species plus 8 full page b&w photographs



Identification for Ringers 2: Phylloscopus

by Williamson, Kenneth

1974,  88pp,  ISBN: Unknown

softcover booklet; covers 13 species of the Genus Sylvia found in the Palearctic (taxonomy as of 1964); 4 b&w photos of 4 species; 5 tables/charts of molt/measurements; b&w drawings show detail of tail feathers for 11 species; 1-5 pages of text on each bird gives details descriptions of plumages of the various subspecies, races, ages, and gender; additional information provided for distribution, wing formula, measurements, and molt



Identification for Ringers 3: The Genus Sylvia

Identification Guide Number Three

by Williamson, Kenneth

1964,  71pp,  ISBN: Unknown

softcover booklet; covers 13 species of the Genus Sylvia found in the Palearctic (taxonomy as of 1964); 4 b&w photos of 4 species; 5 tables/charts of molt/measurements; b&w drawings show detail of tail feathers for 11 species; 1-5 pages of text on each bird gives details descriptions of plumages of the various subspecies, races, ages, and gender; additional information provided for distribution, wing formula, measurements, and molt;



Identification Guide to European Non-Passerines

by Baker, Kevin

1993,  332pp,  ISBN: 0903793180



Identification Guide to European Passerines

by Svensson, Lars

1975,  184pp,  ISBN: 9172600551

softcover, 2nd ed.; covers 180 species and 35 subspecies; provides detailed descriptions and measurements of each bird; contains over 225 very good b&w line drawings that show very fine details of beaks, claws, primaries, retrices, etc. to identify fledged birds in the hand; descriptions given for various ages, genders, and seasonal plumages; material is geared towards the ardent



Identifying Birds by Behaviour

by Couzens, Dominic

2005,  256pp,  ISBN: 0007199236



LBJs Made Easier

Little Brown Jobs Made Easier

by Newman, Ken, David Johnson, Derek Solomon, and Alex Masterson

1998,  136pp,  ISBN: 1868127508

softcover; 15 color plates of 180 of the more difficult species to identify in southern Africa; 16 species with b&w line drawings to show identification detail; 25 b&w sketches of habitat, nests, or flight patterns; brief text focuses on habitat, behavior, calls, and some description; southern Africa range map for each bird



Look-Alike Birds

How to Tell Them Apart

by Newman, Kenneth and Derek Solomon

1994,  97pp,  ISBN: 186812519X

softcover, 206 species, rough black and white drawings



Roberts Geographic Variation of Southern African Birds

by Chittenden, Hugh; David Allan, and Ingrid Weiersbye

2012,  284pp,  ISBN: 9781920602000



South African LBJs Made Simple

by Newman, Doug and Gordon King

2011,  136pp,  ISBN: 9781770077997





America's 100 Most Wanted Birds

Finding the rarest regularly occurring birds in the Lower 48 states

by Mlodinaw, Steven G. and Michael O'Brien

1996,  496pp,  ISBN: 1560444924



Attu: Birding on the Edge

A Quarter Century of Birding the Western Reaches of North America

by Osgood, Charles

2003,  214pp,  ISBN: 1878788310



Rare and Elusive Birds of North America

by Burt, William

2001,  208pp,  ISBN: 0789306387



Rare Birds of California

by Hamilton, Robert A., Michael  A. Patten, and Richard A. Erickson

2008,  600pp,  ISBN: 9780979058509












Rare Birds of North America

by Howell, Steve N.G.; Ian Lewington, and Will Russell

2014,  428pp,  ISBN: 9780691117966

hardcover; a thick reference book with multiple high-quality illustrations for each of 262 "ultra" rare vagrants in the US and Canada; text for each bird covers normal distribution ranges, historical sightings and trends in North America, detailed field identification to include similar species as well as age and sex, and, notes on habitat and behavior



Rare Birds of the West Coast

by Roberson, Don

1980,  496pp,  ISBN: 0960535209




Aves Raras de Espana

Un catalogo de las especies de presentacion ocasional

by de Juana , Eduardo

2006,  480pp,  ISBN: 9788496553255











Birds New to Britain and Ireland

Original accounts from the monthly journal British Birds

by Sharrock, J.T.R. and P.J. Grant

1982,  280pp,  ISBN: 085661033X

hardcover; book compiles and reprints original accounts published in British Birds for 83 species to have their first discovery in Britain and Ireland occur between 1947 and 1982; 2-4 pages per bird provides background, description, location, and further discussion on the bird's presence; range map shows the bird's typical distribution; additional notes have been added for subsequence sightings of the species; small b&w illustration is given with each account; 81 b&w photos show 32 of the original first-time sightings



Birds New to Britain: 1980-2004

by Pitches, Adrian and Tim Cleeves

2005,  344pp,  ISBN: 0713670223












Extremely Rare Birds in the Western Palearctic

by Haas, Marcel

2012,  244pp,  ISBN: 9788496553835












Field Guide to the Rare Birds of Britain and Europe, A

by Lewington, Ian, Per Alstrom and Peter Colston

1992,  448pp,  ISBN: 0002199173



Oiseaux Rares en France, Les

by Dubois Philippe J., and Pierre Yesou

1992,  352pp,  ISBN: 2877490335












Photographic Handbook of the Rare Birds of Britain and Europe

by Mitchell, Dominic and Steve Yound

1999,  191pp,  ISBN: 1859740537



Popular Handbook of Rarer British Birds, The

by Hollom, P.A.D.

1960,  133pp,  ISBN: Unknown



Rare Birds Day by Day

by Dudley, Steve, Tim Benton, Peter Fraser and John Ryan

1996,  392pp,  ISBN: 0856611026

hardcover; based on 20,000 records between 1958-1994 of 282 vagrant species observed in Britain and Ireland; records are arranged not by taxonomy but by chronological day-by-day order; each day of the year gives a list of rare birds observed in their respective years and locations; analogous to a daily diary organized over 38 years; 28 good line drawings scattered throughout the book



Rare Birds in Britain and Ireland

A Photographic Record

by Cottridge, David and Keith Vinicombe

1996,  192pp,  ISBN: 0002199769



Rare Birds in Britain and Ireland

by Dymond, J.N., P.A. Fraser, and S.J.M. Gantlett

1989,  366pp,  ISBN: 0856610534

hardcover; based on 45,000 records between 1958-1985, 300+ vagrant species are reviewed; each account includes a b&w line drawing and 1-2 paragraphs detailed trends, dates, and locations of sightings; most species accompanied with a monthly frequency chart and map showing distribution by number of



Rare Birds in Britain and Ireland

by Sharrock, J.T.R. and E.M. Sharrock

1976,  336pp,  ISBN: 0856610143

hardcover; provides an account for each of 221 rare and vagrant species based on over 8,000 records from primarily 1958-1972; material for each bird provides counts of how many were seen, during which months, reviews their frequency or regularity, and where they've been seen; 3 histograms show frequency on a monthly basis, for each year in the springs, and each year in the autumn for most species; maps show the location and relative abundance of each bird for spring and autumn; a single b&w line drawing is given for each bird



Rare Birds of the British Isles

A Personal Survey of over 300 Unusual Visitors

by Saunders, David

1991,  223pp,  ISBN: 1852602872



Rare Birds of the Netherlands

with complete list of all species

by van den Berg, Arnoud B. and Cecilia A.W. Bosman

2001,  397pp,  ISBN: 0713664126











Rare Birds Where and When: Volume 1 Sandgrouse to New World Orioles

An Analysis of Status and Distribution in Britain and Ireland

by Slack, Russell

2009,  500pp,  ISBN: 9780956282309











Scarce Migrant Birds in Britain and Ireland

by Sharrock, J.T.R.

1974,  191pp,  ISBN: 9780856610080












Ultimate Site Guide to Scarcer British Birds, The

by Evans, Lee G.R.

2009,  326pp,  ISBN: 9781898110491




Ageing North American Landbirds by Molt Limits and Plumage Criteria

A Photographic Companion to the Identification Guide to North American Birds, Part 1

by Froehlich, Dan

2003,  49pp,  ISBN: Unknown



Art of Bird Identification, The

by Dunne, Pete and David Gothard

2012, 144pp, ISBN: 9780811731966












Biosystematics of Sibling Species of Flycatchers in the Empidonax

hammondii-oberholseri-wrightii Complex

by Johnson, Ned K.

1963,  237pp,  ISBN: Unknown



Bird Feathers: A Guide to North American Species

by Scott, S. David

2010,  368pp,  ISBN: 0811736180












Bird-Bander's Guide to Determination of Age and Sex of Selected Species

by Wood, Merrill

1969,  181pp,  ISBN: Unknown



Birding Essentials

All the Tools, Techniques, and Tips You Need to Begin and Become a Better Birder

by Alderfer, Jonathan and Jon L. Dunn

2007,  224pp,  ISBN: 9781426201356



Body Weights of 686 Species of North American Birds

by Dunning, John B., Jr.

1984,  38pp,  ISBN: Unknown



Flight-feather Molt Patterns and Age in North American Owls

by Pyle, Peter

1997,  32pp,  ISBN: 1878788361

spiral bound, 32 pages, 13 b&w drawings, 2 b&w photos



Manual del Observador de Aves

by Narosky, Tito and Andres Bosso

1995,  256pp,  ISBN: 9789502406459












Molt in North American Birds

by Howell, Steve N.G.

2010,  267pp,  ISBN: 9780547152356

hardcover; 275 high quality color photographs of various species from all 79 regularly occurring families in the US and Canada; a review of each family describes the types of molts along with the age and seasonal cycles; a brief taxonomic overview is also provided on each family; an introduction of 70 pages gives a thorough discussion of what defines "molt" and the related feather patterns



Speciation and Geographic Variation in Black-tailed Gnatcatchers

Ornithological Monographs No. 42

by Atwood, Jonathan L.

1988,  74pp,  ISBN: 0943610532




Bird Identification

A Reference Guide

by Adolfsson, Kristian and Stefan Cherrug

1995, 379pp, ISBN: 9186572245











Bird Identification and Fieldcraft

A Birdwatcher's Guide

by Ward, Mark

2008,  128pp,  ISBN: 1843308878



Birdwatcher's Yearbook 2011, The

by Buckingham Press

2010,  336pp,  ISBN: 9780955033995



Feathers: Identification for Bird Conservation

by Cieslak, Marian and Bolesław Dul

2009,  320pp,  ISBN: 9788392441014












Moult and Ageing of European Passerines

by Jenni, Lukas and Raffael Winkler

1994,  225pp,  ISBN: 012384150X




100 Birds to See before You Die

The ultimate wish list for birders everywhere

by Chandler, David and Dominic Couzens

2009,  224pp,  ISBN: 1592239587

softcover, 200 color photos of 100 species, one page of general natural history and a range map for each bird



Extreme Birds

The World's Most Extraordinary and Bizarre Birds

by Couzens, Dominic

2008,  287pp,  ISBN: 1554074231

hardcover; interesting sampling of 135 species that represent the most "extreme" of a particular feature (e.g., eating, sleeping, flying, diving, singing, etc.); each bird is shown with a large, full page color photograph plus a page of text with 3-4 paragraphs; material covers typical natural history aspects of the bird's life plus interesting notes about what makes the bird the most "extreme"



Fifty Places to Go Birding Before You Die

Birding Experts Share The World's Greatest Destinations

by Santella, Chris

2007,  222pp,  ISBN: 1584796294

hardcover, 50 worldwide locations with half from the USA and 15 in the Old World, 44 good color photos; overview and anecdotes of the locations along with logistic tips



Remarkable Birds

100 of the World's Most Notable Birds

by Moss, Steven

2008,  208pp,  ISBN: 9780061626647

hardcover; 100 birds from all continents are each shown with a good full page color photograph; a single page narrates a variety of general information about the bird's behavior, appearance, history, song, migration, distribution, rarity, or other interesting tidbits that make the bird "notable" in the author's eye; no range map



Top 100 Birding Sites of the World

by Couzens, Dominic

2009,  320pp,  ISBN: 0520259327