Fatbirder's Top 1000 Birding Websites


There are two primary purposes of this website...
One:  Avian Review displays over 4,200 bird books to help you discover what books are available to add to your own library.  These books will be new and old; familiar and obscure; common and hard-to-find. Titles are arranged into different geographic regions, countries, family groups, and species. (select your area of interest from the column at the far left)
Two:  Avian Review provides a brief summary of many of these books and shows sample pages to help you decide if what is inside the book is of interest to you before you go out and buy it.
A secondary goal of this website is to show the various covers and editions for those people who consider themselves to be collectors of bird books; and, to help clarify any confusion where the same book is published behind different covers or even under different titles.
 * Read more about the real James Bond - the author of the above book - and his relationship with the fictional character; and, a summary of this book's history.