Welcome to the Aviation Ground School of Charlotte

The Aviation Ground School of Charlotte was founded to provide quality, in-depth ground instruction to students seeking an individualized approach to their ground school training.  We provide our students with one-on-one instruction to ensure they are receiving the knowledge they need not only to pass their written and oral exams but to be safe and knowledgeable pilots.  It is our goal to instill a thirst for knowledge that will last throughout their flying career, whether they fly for pleasure or go on to pursue a career in aviation. 

Since our primary focus is ground instruction, we work along with the student's Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) to ensure they have the knowledge needed to be prepared for the next lesson so they can concentrate on their flight lesson and make the most of their learning experience while in the air.  It has long been known that the cockpit is not an ideal classroom when it comes to explaining concepts and theory that are better learned in a more relaxed and quiet setting. 

Whether you are just beginning your training or you have been training for a while, our training is designed to meet you where you are.  We can also provide single topic sessions to assist with a concept that needs some further attention.  Contact us today to discuss how we can help you attain your training goals.

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