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To activate Avg retail antivirus visit avg.com/retail and enter avg activation code. Download and install avg with license number after creating avg account.

Download avg retail from avg.com/retail

  1. Go to avg.com/retail

  2. Login to AVG Myaccount

  3. If you don’t have avg account create one by typing email & password.

  4. Select the avg version to download

  5. Enter avg activation code

  6. Click on download button

Install Avg with license number

  1. Open folder location where you save downloaded AVG.

  2. Click on AVG setup & choose “Run.”

  3. The antivirus installation will start automatically.

  4. Next, follow instruction asked by the AVG program on window’s screen.

Activate avg retail with 16 digit AVG activation code

  • In the start menu, search AVG and open AVG software.

  • Go to Menu and then open the setting of AVG

  • Now, click on SUBSCRIPTION.

  • Enter the avg license number

  • Click on the ACTIVATE button

Troubleshoot with avg retail

Sometimes user may face some errors while downloading, installation and activating avg retail antivirus from www.avg.com/retail then you can directly contact to avg support team to get help.