Refrigerated prep tables. Electrolux side by side refrigerator.

Refrigerated Prep Tables

refrigerated prep tables
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refrigerated prep tables - Cooltech Refrigeration
Cooltech Refrigeration 60-inch 1-1/2 Doors Refrigerated Sandwich Salad Prep Table 60" CMPH-60BM
Cooltech Refrigeration 60-inch 1-1/2 Doors Refrigerated Sandwich Salad Prep Table 60" CMPH-60BM
Cooltech CMPH-60BM: 60-Inch Bain Marie Sandwich/Salad Prep Table. **60''X32''X45'', 350lb, side motor. **Stainless steel front, top and interior. **1-1/2 self-closing hinged doors. **Full-door opening can fit full-sized (18"W x26"D) sheet pans. **Temperature control ranges from 32'F to 38'F. **Tecumseh powered compressor, R-134A or MP39 Refrigerant, 1/3HP 115v/60/1, Amps 7.5. **Side evaporator uses low speed fan to keep humidity, and to eliminate the need for a drainage connection. **8" Plastic Cutting board. Durable and easy to clean. **Unit set on 6" casters for easy cleaning and mobility. **One year manufacturer's warranty on parts and compressor. **Manufactured in Brooklyn, NY. **Available in 36'', 48'', 60'', 72'', 84'', 96'' and other customized sizes. **Please contact us at or (718)788-3323 for shipping quote. **Free pickup from our Brooklyn, NY location.

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* 1 cup dried apricots * 1 cup dried pitted prunes * 1 cup apple juice * 1 loaf good-quality commercially made presliced whole wheat bread * 1 large onion, diced * 1 to 2 stalks leafy celery, diced (leaves included) * 1 1/2 teaspoons to 1 tablespoon dried leaf (not ground) sage * 1/4 cup butter, melted * Vegetable stock (see tip, below) as needed * Tamari or shoyu soy sauce to taste * A small amount of dried leaf basil and oregano to taste (optional) * Salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste * Cooking spray (optional) * 1 medium-large pumpkin, preferably one of the buff-colored pumpkins, prepared as follows: Preparation Pumpkin prep: Cut off and reserve a lid, as you would preparatory to carving a jack-o'-lantern. Scoop out all of the seeds and fibers. Put an inch or two of water in a large pot. Place the pumpkin, cut side down, in the water, cap wedged in near it. Bring to a boil over high heat. Cover tightly and team for 10 to 15 minutes to precook slightly. Remove the pot from the heat and let cool. When cool, remove from the pot. Since the pumpkin will be eaten with the stuffing, I like to season the inside with salt, pepper, a little tamari, Pickapeppa, and brown sugar, rubbing this into the exposed interior flesh after steaming. 1. Place the apricots and prunes in a small, heatproof bowl. Place the apple juice in a small saucepan over high heat and bring to a boil. Immediately pour the juice over the dried fruit. Let stand for at least 2 hours, but overnight or a day or two in advance is fine. Drain the dried fruit, reserving both the fruit and the soaking liquid. Coarsely chop the fruit and set aside. 2. Preheat the oven to 375°F, then turn down to 200°F. 3. Set a wire rack on a baking sheet and place a single layer of bread slices on the rack. Place in the preheated oven and bake, slowly, turning once, until the bread is hard, crunchy, and dry all the way through, but not browned. This is a fairly slow process — it might take 45 to 60 minutes, but set the timer at 20-minute intervals to remind you to check. You with either need to do 2 sheets' worth of bread (in which case, reverse their positions in the oven halfway through), or repeat the toasting process again until all bread is prepared. Remove the dry bread from the oven and let cool. 4. Coarsely crumble the bread into a large bowl. Add the onion and leafy celery and toss to combine. Measure the sage (starting with the smaller amount) into your hands and rub the leaves back and forth in your palms until they crumble (this releases the volatile essential oils). Add the sage to the bread mixture. Pour the melted butter over the mixture and toss well to combine. Add the soaked dried fruit and toss again. The dressing should still be dry. Begin adding the liquid, a combination of vegetable stock and the reserved fruit soaking liquid. Use more stock than juice, and use just enough to moisten the dressing without making it soggy. Keep tossing, adding stock as needed. Add tamari, starting with about 1 tablespoon. Taste for salt and add it and plenty of pepper to taste. More sage, maybe? This is also the point at which you can add a little dried basil and oregano, too, if you like. The stuffing can be prepared up to this point and stored, covered and refrigerated, overnight. 5. On the day you plan to stuff the pumpkin, preheat the oven to 375°F. 6. If not using nonstick, spray a baking dish large enough to accommodate the pumpkin with cooking spray. 7. Stuff the dressing into the cavity of the prepared pumpkin, topping with the pumpkin's cap. Place the stuffed pumpkin in the prepared baking dish. Place in the preheated oven and bake until the pumpkin is slightly brown and looks a bit collapsed in on itself, or, as Ned says, like a plump European duchess, about 40 minutes. Serve whole, at the table.
carrot cake with cream cheese frosting.
carrot cake with cream cheese frosting.
???? it means happy birthday in mandarin, according to google. =) i ended up piping it with chocolate onto parchment paper about 10 times before putting it on the cake!! Carrot Sponge Cake yield: 2 layers, 10 x 2 inches prep time: about 45 minutes before it goes into the oven bakes for 50 minutes i n g r e d i e n t s . . . 8 eggs 1.5 c vegetable oil 14 oz granulated sugar 1 t salt 1 lbs 12 oz bread flour 3 T ground cinnamon 1.5 t baking soda .5 t baking powder 2 lb peeled carrots, shredded or grated finely 5 ounces walnut, chopped d i r e c t i o n s . . . 1.Line the bottom of cake pans with parchement paper. 2.Whip the eggs at high speed to a light and frosty consistency. Reduce the mixer speed to medium and gradually add the oil. Turn the mixer speed to low and mix in the sugar and salt. 3. Stir together the flour, cinnamon, baking soda, and baking powder. Add to the egg mixture. Fold in the carrots and walnuts, evenly distributing them in the batter. 4. Divide the batter between the prepared pans. Should be around 48 oz of batter for each cake. 5. Bake at 375° for about 50 minutes or until the cakes spring back when pressed lightly in the center. 6.Cool completely before frosting. Cream Cheese Frosting yield: 2.5 lbs, 1oz i n g r e d i e n t s . . . 1 lb cream cheese, at room temperature 1 lb butter, at room temperature 1 t vanilla extract .5 lb powdered sugar, sifted d i r e c t i o n s . . . 1.Soften the cream cheese. Use the paddle attachment of your electric mixer to keep from beating in any air while adding the butter. Gradually, blend until the mixture is smooth. 2.Add the vanilla and powdered sugar. Mix until smooth and spreadable, but do not overmix. 3.Be sure to refrigerate the cakes before frosting them so they don’t melt the frosting. optional... Marzipan Carrots yield: 24 carrot decorations i n g r e d i e n t s . . . 5 oz marzipan (page 51) red, yellow & green food coloring d i r e c t i o n s . . . 1.Color 1 oz marzipan green; cover and reserve. Use red and yellow food coloring to tint the remainder orange and divide the orange marzipan into 2 equal pieces. Roll each one into 9” rope. Place the ropes next to each other. 2.Roll the green marzipan into a rope the same length as the orange ropes and place it next to them. Cut through all 3 ropes together, cutting each one into 12 equal pieces. Cut each of the green pieces in half. You should now have 24 orange pieces and 24 smaller green pieces, 1 orange and 1 green for each carrot. Keep the pieces covered with plastic to prevent them from drying out. 3.Roll the orange pieces into round balls between your palms. Roll the balls into cone shapes, about 1 inch long, by rolling them back and forth against the table. 4.Starting at the wide end, turn them slowly and make random marks, crosswise, all around. Make a small round hole in the wide end of each carrot. 5.Once at a time, roll each of the small green pieces into a ?“ string, tapered on both ends. Insert one end of the green stem into the hole in each carrot. Cut and fan the other end of each one to resemble a carrot top.

refrigerated prep tables
refrigerated prep tables
Victory Refrigeration Value Line VUR-5-24BT "Value" Series 60" Two Door "Mega Top" Refrigerated Sandwich Prep Table - 24 Pan
Meets and exceeds new NSF standards Food pans are recessed into the cold storage compartment to promote colder temperature A new air distribution moves cold air gently over the top of food pans forming a barrier of cold air above the pans Front breathing design for zero clearance placement 10'' wide full length cutting board included Interior thermometer consistently monitors temperature Self-closing doors prohibit doors from staying open inadvertently Easy to replace one-piece magnetic gasket One piece flush molded work flow handle and door hardware have lifetime guarantee Mega top design provides maximum work surface and condiment storage capacity 4'' deep 1/6 size food pans (24) included Heavy duty, epoxy coated steel shelves (2 per door section) accept heavy loads and are easy to clean Field reversible door hinging Energy saving, high density, polyurethane foam insulation promotes cold retention Anti-corrosion coated evaporator coil assures lasting performance Condensation is automatically evaporated (No Need for Drains) Balanced energy efficient refrigeration system Cord and plug attached 6'' heavy duty swivel casters standard Removable stainless steel telescoping lid for easy cleaning Stainless steel exterior and interior floor 115V, 8.8Amp, 1/3Hp 60''W x 34''D x 46''H Exclusive Victory Factory limited warranty - One year parts and labor warranty. Five years on compressor parts.