Other Joes & Their Garages

This page features photos and videos of other Average Joe's garages - mostly for cars, but also for motorcycles, sports fans, and recreation.   


I found these on the web - email me YOURS at AverageJoesGarage@gmail.com


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        St. Louis Cardinals Garage Sports Bar (YouTube video)  - One of the best examples I've seen of a true shrine to a favorite sports team.  This guy truly loves his garage space and so do his friends.  You could spend hours looking at the collectible items and appreciating the thought put into this eclectic space.  UPDATE - THIS VIDEO WAS REMOVED BY THE OWNER... TOO BAD, IT'S AWESOME!


       Dan's Garage Bar (YouTube video) - A nice example of simple changes that can be made to create a useful mancave... a really nice bar, an old fridge, a table for poker, and cool stuff on the wall.  (Don't forget to watch Dan's Garage Bar 2).  You can do this too!


      American Muscle Car Garage (StreetFire.net video) - This guy appears to be a true Average Joe with a simple and modest single car garage.. .but what a great car parked inside (1969 AMC Rambler) and a nice space where he indicates he hangs out and has a few beers.


       SLK32 - A Mercedes enthusiast who created a great looking garage by copying Griot's Garage but with creative less expensive products:  inexpensive black & white floor tiles, fluorescent strip lights, Craftsman tool chests, simple white cabinets, some decorations, and... looks great!

      Corvette Jim - A collector of vintage Corvettes and an awesome multi-bay garage to house them (perhaps a step above the typical Average Joe).






      Great Garage Contest Winners - From September 2006 Family Handyman Magazine 


      Functional Play Room - HGTV did a reasonable remodel of a typical cluttered garage into a tile space for teenagers to play air hockey, watch tv, and hang out.


      GloPo Speed Shop - A great space modification:  a small workshop area and another small but awesome "lounge" area with sofa, tv, fridge and great karma!





      1958 & 1967 Cadillacs - A two-car garage "done up right" (including a side bay with a table and decorations) for these two beauties!



      Motorcycle Garage - (and lounge!) For those of you who like two wheels more than four... and still want a space to hang out and admire your stuff and ponder the world!

      Garage Makeover - Before and after pictures of a slightly higher-end, but still "average joe" garage makeover:  garage floor mat, painted walls, fluorescent lights with cold weather ballasts, 30,000 BTU heater.  (Oh, and a nice car too!)


      Portland Dream Garage - This guy put a bit more than "Average Joe" money into this very average garage, but it looks great and is worth a look.  (It was also featured on Better Homes & Gardens TV and you can see it here.  Search for "ultimate garage" and you'll be able to watch it.)  Similar results can be achieved with more modest investment!

      Football Projector - This guy just cleared it out, bought a projector on eBay, and watches big screen sports with his buddies!