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This page features links to information and resources related to garages


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    None of these websites are paid, and this list does not suggest endorsement.  In fact, I have purposely note listed garage organizing companies at all.  There are many, and if you want to find one simply do an internet search, or start at the National Association of Professional Organizers, which also has a search engine.

Articles & Videos


Vroom Rooms: Giving Your Garage An Overhaul (BusinessWeek.com) More homeowners see the potential of this often-cluttered space 


 Garages Motor To New Heights (USA Today)  The garage as a new focus of homeownership


5 Home Trends We Never Saw Coming  (CNNMoney.com) Upscale garages


The Organized Sleek Garage (HGTV.com) Homeowners have more options than ever before for garage-friendly storage and workshop solutions


Take Back The Garage (DIYNetwork.com) [Website with articles, show archives and ideas for garage design and layout, organization, and products]


The Garage Channel (DIYNetwork.com) [Videos on garage modifications, including floor tiles, slatwalls, organization, etc.]




Discussion Forums & Interesting Websites



The Garage Journal - A "place to talk shop and tools" - especially on the discussion forum that is free to join.


 Sears Virtual Garage Decorator - Select a garage type, then organizing products and tools and place them in the space so you can visualize the garage (and buy stuff from Sears, of course!)


Autopia - This is mostly an auto detailing and auto enthusiast site; however, they have a pretty good discussion board with one of the forums relating to garages.



Stuff to Buy

Car Guy Garage - Holy Cow!  If they don't carry it, you don't need it!  [They carry tools, cabinets, heaters, organization solutions, flooring, and even a motorized beer cooler you can ride!]


John Bull Garage - This is St. Louis-based brand of products "developed by car guys for car guys... [to] add a little fun to your automative experience."  They offer car detailing equipment, organization supplies, and some fun gadgets and knick-knacks.  Sold at Sears, Lowes, etc.


The Busted Knuckle Garage - A fun website selling garage collectibles, personalized items, clothing, etc.


Griot's Garage - A standard bearer of garage products, mainly for detailing, maintaining cars and outfitting garage spaces.

Gladiator Garageworks - A Whirlpool Corporation brand offering a complete garage organization system (including appliances) - cool diamond plate design.


Ulti MATE Storage - A line of garage cabinets and other products - available also at Sears.