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Celebrating Great Garages Across America

This website (will eventually) feature photos of great garages owned by everyday people who use their garages for everyday interests - entertaining friends, smoking cigars, enjoying hobbies, working on cars, watching movies, supporting sports teams, or reliving college days.  Sure, other books and websites have photos of inredible garages - but most are expensive showrooms, not cool garages owned by "Average Joe's" like you and me.  And, thiis not a website of space plans or organizing systems; rather, this is a website of photographs of cool garages owned by regular folks - true garage enthusiasts.  This is a website for the “Average Joe!”


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Of the four homes we've owned, this is my favorite garage - an average two-car garage with a "bump out" in the back, 16' workbench, $20 cabinets, $20 stools, $10 fridge, $10 tv, and various knick-knacks from auctions and car shows.  Many a cigar, beer, ballgame and conversation with friends occured here!

To see my first "cave" (at a previous house),  more photos of this "cave," and my new house "work in progress," click here.

Other Joes


Photos and videos of other Average Joes and their garages.  


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