Pelvic floor pain syndrome. Tufted floor cushions. Get on the floor dance

Pelvic Floor Pain Syndrome

pelvic floor pain syndrome
    pelvic floor
  • The pelvic floor or pelvic diaphragm is composed of muscle fibers of the levator ani, the coccygeus, and associated connective tissue which span the area underneath the pelvis.
  • The supportive network of muscles that extends from the pubic bone to the tailbone with openings for the urethra and anus as well as the vagina in women.
  • The muscular base of the abdomen, attached to the pelvis
  • The floor of the abdominal cavity. It pertains to those structures that form the natural bottom of the pelvic and intra-abdominal cavities.
  • A group of symptoms that consistently occur together or a condition characterized by a set of associated symptoms
  • In medicine and psychology, a syndrome is the association of several clinically recognizable features, signs (observed by a physician), symptoms (reported by the patient), phenomena or characteristics that often occur together, so that the presence of one feature alerts the physician to the
  • A characteristic combination of opinions, emotions, or behavior
  • a complex of concurrent things; "every word has a syndrome of meanings"
  • a pattern of symptoms indicative of some disease
  • Cause mental or physical pain to
  • a symptom of some physical hurt or disorder; "the patient developed severe pain and distension"
  • trouble: cause bodily suffering to and make sick or indisposed
  • (of a part of the body) Hurt
  • cause emotional anguish or make miserable; "It pains me to see my children not being taught well in school"
pelvic floor pain syndrome - The Complete
The Complete Guide to Asperger's Syndrome
The Complete Guide to Asperger's Syndrome
"The Complete Guide to Asperger's Syndrome" is the definitive handbook for anyone affected by Asperger's syndrome (AS). It brings together a wealth of information on all aspects of the syndrome for children through to adults.Drawing on case studies and personal accounts from Attwood's extensive clinical experience, and from his correspondence with individuals with AS, this book is both authoritative and extremely accessible. The chapters examine: causes and indications of the syndrome; the diagnosis and its effect on the individual; theory of mind; the perception of emotions in self and others; social interaction, including friendships; long-term relationships; teasing, bullying and mental health issues; the effect of AS on language and cognitive abilities, sensory sensitivity, movement and co-ordination skills; and, career development.There is also an invaluable frequently asked questions chapter and a section listing useful resources for anyone wishing to find further information on a particular aspect of AS, as well as literature and educational tools.Essential reading for families and individuals affected by AS as well as teachers, professionals and employers coming in contact with people with AS, this book should be on the bookshelf of anyone who needs to know or is interested in this complex condition.

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Gemini Syndrome
Gemini Syndrome
Gemini Syndrome @ The Roxy Hollywood, CA March 14, 2011 All Photos © Disfigurine Photography
Pelvic floor
Pelvic floor
This is on the toilet walls of the maternity ward at Freemasons Hospital in Melbourne.

pelvic floor pain syndrome
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