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What Is The Best Sump Pump To Buy

what is the best sump pump to buy
    sump pump
  • a suction pump for removing liquid from a sump
  • A sump pump is a pump used to remove water that has accumulated in a water collecting sump pit, commonly found in the basement of homes.
  • (Sump Pumps) Sump pumps are responsible for pumping excess ground water from the basement to the outside of the home. For those of you that have ever experience water back up in your basement, you know all about how much cleaning is involved and how much damage can be caused.
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what is the best sump pump to buy - Zoeller BN53
Zoeller BN53 Mighty Mate Sump Pump W/ 15 Ft. Cord & Variable Level Pump Switch 115V 1/3 HP
Zoeller BN53 Mighty Mate Sump Pump W/ 15 Ft. Cord & Variable Level Pump Switch 115V 1/3 HP
Zoeller 53-0029 Mighty Mate Sump Pump W/ 15 Ft. Cord & Variable Level Pump Switch 115V 1/3 HPWhen you have residential or commercial wastewater issues, you can count on Zoeller Pumps to deliver the very best solutions-our commitment to top quality offers you years of service and durabilityZoeller 53-0029 Mighty Mate Sump Pump W/ 15 Ft. Cord & Variable Level Pump Switch 115V 1/3 HP Features:; Non-Clogging vortex impeller. 15 ft pump cord and 15 ft. variable level float switch. ; UL Listed 3-wire cord plug.; Corrosion resistant powder coated epoxy finish.; No sheet metal parts to rust or corrode. Stainless steel screws, switch arm, guard and handle.; No screens to clog.; Watertight neoprene ring between motor and pump housing. ; Motor 115V- 60 Hz, 1550 RPM, oil-filled, hermetically sealed, automatic reset thermal overload protected.; Upper and lower sleeve bearings running in bath of oil.; Entire unit pressure tested after assembly. Carbon and ceramic shaft seal.; Maximum temperature for effluent or dewatering - 130;F (54;C).; Passes 1/2" inch spherical solids.; 1 1/2" NPT Discharge.; Major width - 10 3/32". Height - 10 1/16".; Cast iron switch case, motor & pump housing. ; Engineered thermoplastic base.; Engineered, glass-filled, plastic impeller with metal insert.; Stainless steel guard & handle.; Bearing - lower & upper oil fed cast iron.; Supplied with 1 1/2" x 2" adapter*Single piggyback switch included. M53 Model does not include the piggyback switch.

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What is the Scale of a Human
What is the Scale of a Human
Portrait of Mayor Gijs van Hall and Corbusier interpolated by the phrase "What is the scale of a Human?" in dutch on an abandoned slab housing project in Bijlmermeer. Bijlmer was designed by the department of City Development according to the strict tenets of CIAM. Constructed throughout the 60's in striking resemblance to Le Corbusier's Radiant City plan, by the time the massive towers were constructed, high modernism was already under vitriolic scrutiny by the architectural community. Intended to alleviate Amsterdam's housing shortage, middle class never moved to the housing project in the wake of burgeoning suburbanization and a plummeting population in the center city. Bijlmer became the dumping ground for unwanted immigrant communities and the city's excessive drug problems. Only until recently, has the massive housing project been redeveloped into more mixed income housing with a diversity of uses and styles. Many of the block slabs have been leveled due to poor construction and maintenance but the remaining towers have been renovated into exceptional apartments. This piece was created on one of the last remaining vacant houses.
What Is He Thinking?
What Is He Thinking?
This image was taken towards the end of the day at the Duxford Air Museum in the cafe. I had spent the last few days trying to seduce him... but he did succomb to my intentions. So after having hardly any sleep in the last few days... I wonder what message is conveyed from his expression.... Poor poppet..... sorry!

what is the best sump pump to buy
what is the best sump pump to buy
Little Giant 6-CIA, 1/3 HP, 45 GPM - Automatic Submersible Sump Pump, 10' power cord (506168)
"BIG JOHN" SUBMERSIBLE SUMP PUMP For residential and light commercial use, the 1/3 HP automatic submersible sump pump provides efficient and reliable service. Pump has a 1 1/2" discharge with an 18' maximum head. Cast iron motor housing is oil-filled for lifetime lubrication and excellent heat dissipation. Polycarbonate cover and polypropylene volute-base. 3/10 Hp, 115 Volt, 10' Power Cord Screened inlet Epoxy coated cast iron motor housing for corrosion and rust resistance Oil filled motor housing for lifetime lubrication and rapid heat dissipation Stainless steel screws, bolts, and handle Mechanical seals (stainless steel spring, nitrile parts, carbon and ceramic faces) Automatic operation with pressure switch operates pump when water level is between 7" and 10". Pump shuts off when water level falls to between 1" and 4". (Pressure switch is non-adjustable) Thermal overload protection Specifications : Horsepower - 1/3 Flow - 2750 GPH @ 5' of Head Cord Length - 10' Shut Off - 18' Voltage - 115 Hertz - 50/60 Amps - 9 Watts - 720 Weight - 17.5 lbs. Height - 6" Width - 8.5" Length - 9.5"