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Patch Berber Carpet

patch berber carpet
    berber carpet
  • Berber carpets are a style of carpet containing big and small tufts. They use a loop pile construction type, and usually contain small flecks of dark color on lighter shades of background colors.
  • The term Berber is applied to carpet that has theoff-white heathered look of clocks used by the Berber tribes of North Africa.Berber carpets use flecked yarns most often in loop styles. The size of the loops vary from large nubby ones to small, fauxiscal styles.
  • A style of carpet based on a North African traditional carpet. This style is distinguished by its off-white color and the tightly looped yarn that creates a patterns of thousands of small woven circles.
  • Place a patch over (a good eye) in order to encourage a lazy eye to work
  • Mend or strengthen (fabric or an item of clothing) by putting a piece of material over a hole or weak point in it
  • to join or unite the pieces of; "patch the skirt"
  • spot: a small contrasting part of something; "a bald spot"; "a leopard's spots"; "a patch of clouds"; "patches of thin ice"; "a fleck of red"
  • provide with a patch; also used metaphorically; "The field was patched with snow"
  • Correct, enhance, or modify (a routine or program) by inserting a patch
patch berber carpet - Berber Carpets
Berber Carpets of Morocco. The Symbols. Origin and Meaning
Berber Carpets of Morocco. The Symbols. Origin and Meaning
The top artistic quality of Berber carpets has already been a source of inspiration to artists such as Paul Klee and Le Corbusier. This book reveals a new slant on the origins of Berber carpets and on the sources and meanings of its motifs. Genuine Berber carpets are not the successors of well known Oriental carpets dating from the Islamic era but similarities in knotting techniques and certain motifs point to common roots harking back to the Neolithic period in Asia Minor. Because textiles wear out over time and a sequence of carpets across millennia no longer exists to prove the point, it is here that an author, for the very first time, presents the results of some in-depth, comparative research initiatives. He links the motifs of Berber carpets to rock art symbols and artefacts created by the first human civilizations, demonstrating that Berber carpets employ the same rules when using symbols and shapes and that there is a stunning similarity of correlation even with the characteristics evident during the Upper Palaeolithic period in Europe or the Neolithic Orient with the Mediterranean basin. The Berber carpet can therefore be considered as a definitive, genuine testimony of this archaic world. The book will speak volumes to anyone who is captivated by the origins of art and for whom the deciphering of symbolic language leads to a deeper knowledge and understanding of true meaning.

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Berber carpet making
Berber carpet making
Morocco At Dades Gorge, we went to a demonstration of Berber carpet making. The asking price was quite expensive. Of course, they do expect us to bargain. Since I hate bargaining, I didn't get anything.
Phoenix Carpet Repair Before Repair
Phoenix Carpet Repair Before Repair
Phoenix Berber Carpet Patch - Before Repair

patch berber carpet
patch berber carpet
Peel and Stick Blue Berber Carpet Tiles 12"x12" Set of 10
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