Average Carpet Prices

average carpet prices
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  • A floor or stair covering made from thick woven fabric, typically shaped to fit a particular room
  • rug: floor covering consisting of a piece of thick heavy fabric (usually with nap or pile)
  • A large rug, typically an oriental one
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average carpet prices - Official Price
Official Price Guide to Oriental Rugs, 2nd edition (The Official Price Guide)
Official Price Guide to Oriental Rugs, 2nd edition (The Official Price Guide)
"No other book packs all the need-to-know basics of oriental rugs into such an economical package. Its an indispensable resource and the best buy of all rug books."
--Mark Hopkins, President
New Boston Rug Society
For the connoisseur or the once-in-a-lifetime buyer, this unique sourcebook is your personal adviser to the lush world of oriental rugs. From the 1500s to the present day, in countries from North Africa to China, Turkey to the former Soviet Union, The Official Price Guide to Oriental Rugs covers it all--including a fascinating historical overview to this exciting area of collecting.
* COMPREHENSIVE. This invaluable guide covers every class of the most collectible oriental rugs of the world, from classical carpets and tribal weavings to rustic rugs and flat weaves.
* PROFESSIONAL ADVICE. Vital information on how to clean and care for your oriental rug (including spot and stain removal) is included, as well as helpful hints on safe storage and various ways to display your collection.
* WRITTEN BY AN EXPERT. Joyce Ware is a distinguished member of the New York and Connecticut rug societies. She has written for Rug News, Oriental Rug Review, and Fiberarts magazine.
* SPECIAL SECTION. An essential resource featuring names of major auction houses and membership societies, including dealer recommendations and carpet restorers and conservators.
* GLOSSARY. An important dictionary to all the key terms and phrases for the rug collector, from Beating Up to Yarn Ply and Twist.
* FULLY ILLUSTRATED. Packed throughout with photographs for easy identification, including a lavish eight-page color insert.
"The beginning rug collector could not do better than to get and read this book. It contains much good information, some timeless, some of current immediacy, all of it valuable. I believe everyone, newcomer and connoisseur alike, will learn from it."
--Dr. John Sommer, President
San Francisco Bay Area Rug Society

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Making of the carpets
Making of the carpets
This small manufactory in Dzhuli has 5 carpet machines. Now workers are using only two of them. Four workers per one machine. One carpet takes two months. Average price for one carpet - 4.000 USD

average carpet prices
average carpet prices
Hamilton 1-Inch Nylon Halter with Adjustable Chin, Brown - Average Size (800-1100 lbs.)
The Hamilton Halter is a picture of strength and beauty that has been widely accepted by horse owners throughout America. Each halter is made of over 16 feet of 100% nylon web, double sewn and triple-thick. Its 100% nylon thread is sewn in a diamond tack design to give the halter form and rigidity for a superior fit. It is dramatically stronger than stitching in a single line or with a conventional bar tack. Five solid brass eyelets attached in burn holes give the halter a double wall of protection against eyelet fray. The three double-welded rings, two custom stress point squares and one double bar head buckle are designed to sit much flatter on the horse's head and eliminate any contact irritation. The 1D Halters and Arabian Halters come with a solid brass tip which makes buckling easier than ever before. It also gives the distinctive look that makes it a Hamilton Halter. Hamilton-The Cadillac of halters.

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