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AVEPM 2013 Schwabe Symposium

"The whole is not only more than but very different than the sum of its parts"

– A Symposium Honoring the Professional Legacy of Dr. Yrjo Grohn –

Dr. Grohn has enriched the veterinary epidemiology arena with cutting-edge research demonstrated by a large number of publications, many of which are frequently cited. He is widely known for his pioneering work on mixed models and dynamic programming. A recent publication in one of the Nature journals signifies the importance and international recognition of his research. To support his research, Dr. Grohn has received continuous USDA funding, while at the same time holding a major NIH grant in the area of Public Health. Dr. Grohn has been a highly regarded educator in a series of workshops on modern epidemiological methods that have been taught throughout the world. Recently, he was bestowed the honor of presenting the Gareth Davis Lecture at the foremost European veterinary epidemiology society. Through numerous publications, presentations and courses over his career of more than 20 years in veterinary epidemiology and preventive medicine, Dr. Grohn’s research and teaching have advanced veterinary epidemiology. Dr. Grohn has served on over 30 PhD committees and supervised numerous postdoctoral research fellows.
Program – Calvin W. Schwabe Symposium Symposium, Sunday, December 8, 2013
Chicago Marriott Hotel, Downtown Magnificent Mile, Chicago, Illinois
"The whole is not only more than but very different than the sum of its parts"

11:30 am           Light buffet lunch for attendees


12:30 pm          Introductory Remarks - Annette O’Connor


12:35 pm          Setting up the table - Yrjo Grohn

12:45 pm          Starting from the benchPrevention and control of foodborne and zoonotic diseases.
                         Martin Wiedmann, Professor of Food Science, Cornell University
1:20 pm            From the bench to modeling At the interface between empirical and theoretical approaches in epidemiology of infectious diseases.
                         Renata Ivanek, Assistant Professor of Epidemiology, Texas A&M
1:50 pm            In modeling – Where are we and where are we going? 
                        Cristina Lanzas, Assistant Professor of Epidemiology, University of Tennessee

2:20 pm            Break and Refreshments

2:55 pm            Back to the real world – Connecting models with data.
                         Ynte Hein Schukken, Professor of Epidemiology and Herd Health, Cornell University
3:30 pm            Does it pay? - From biological models to economic optimization.
                         Anders Ringgaard Kristensen, Professor, University of Copenhagen


Keynote address:
4:05 pm            Progression to multi-scale models and the application to food system intervention strategies.
                         Yrjo T. Grohn, Professor of Epidemiology, College of Veterinary Medicine, Cornell University
4:50 pm          Closing comments

6:00 pm          CRWAD Researchers Reception and Poster Session I Viewing

The Calvin W. Schwabe Award is presented annually by the AVEPM. Previous recipients include Drs. Calvin W. Schwabe, Robert K. Anderson, James H. Steele, S. Wayne Martin, Clive C. Gay, David W. Hird, Hollis N. Erb, Preben W. Willeberg, Dale Hancock and Ian Dohoo. The Schwabe Award honors lifetime achievement in veterinary epidemiology and preventive medicine.
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