The Association for Veterinary Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine


AVEPM 2016 Schwabe Symposium

"Building Public-Private Partnerships to Deliver One Health" 

Honoring the lifetime professional achievements of Dr. Will Hueston


Dr. Hueston will be honored at The Schwabe Symposium hosted by AVEPM on Sunday the 4th  of December, 2016 at the Chicago Marriott Hotel, Downtown Magnificent Mile, Chicago, Illinois.


The program will provide a unique opportunity for current and future researchers to hear the insights of leading experts in One Health and successful models of public-private partnerships to delive one health outcomes.

Dr. Hueston’s work focused on capacity-building, public policy and risk communication with particular emphasis on global food systems. He was instrumental in expanding public health graduate education for veterinarians at UMN through a combined DVM-MPH program, an executive MPH program for working health professionals and a post-graduate residency program in veterinary public health and preventive medicine. He also has a long history of designing and delivering capacity-building programs for early and mid-career government, industry and academic professionals in collaboration with universities, government agencies, intergovernmental organizations and the private sector. His work has spanned North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

Dr. Hueston began his veterinary career in dairy practice and has since worked in the public, private and academic sectors including a 6 month detail to the United Kingdom in 1991 in support of the BSE epidemiology investigations. His government experience solidified a life-long interest in public policy-making and a passionate commitment to equip veterinarians and other science-trained professionals with the skills necessary to work effectively in the policy arena where science, politics and beliefs often collide.

Schwabe Symposium Time: 1-5 PM

All attendees of CRWAD are welcome and encouraged to attend this session.


1:00     Introductory Remarks

1:10     Will Hueston    “Informing Public Policy in the Age of Social Media and Pseudoscience”

1:40     Brian Evans “Animal Health Research: Critical to Informed Decision Making and Policy Development In the Public Interest.”

2:10     Break

2:25     Jennifer Wishnie “Beyond Academia: Why Scientific Engagement is Essential to Successful Animal-Human Health Policy.” 

3:00        Workshop:  enhancing the influence of research workers in animal disease

             (Coffee and tea service served during Workshop)

Key questions: 

1.            What are the barriers research workers experience in trying to influence policy with science?

2.            What lessons have we learned about science and leadership related to policy?

3.            What are best practices for influencing policy through science and leadership?

4.            How best can we enhance the policy influence skills of current research workers?

5.            How best can we enhance the policy influence skills of current graduate students?

6.            How do we attract future research workers with greater interest in science and leadership to influence policy?

3:45       Executive report outs from small groups

4:00       Feedback from speakers/panel discussion

4:30       Concluding comments: Will Hueston

4:50       Closing comments – Julie Funk

The Calvin W. Schwabe Award is presented annually by the AVEPM. Previous recipients include Drs. Calvin W. Schwabe, Robert K. Anderson, James H. Steele, S. Wayne Martin, Clive C. Gay, David W. Hird, Hollis N. Erb, Preben W. Willeberg, Dale Hancock, Ian Dohoo, and Yrjö Gröhn. The Schwabe Award honors lifetime achievement in veterinary epidemiology and preventive medicine.

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