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AVEPM 2014 Schwabe Symposium

"Diseases, Dilemmas, Decisions: 

Epidemiological Tools to Find Answers for Difficult Disease Control Problems"

– A Symposium Honoring the Professional Legacy of Dr. Roger Morris –

During the more than 40 years of his career, Prof. Morris has established himself as one of the world’s leading veterinary epidemiologists with an outstanding global profile as a researcher, educator and policy adviser. He has had a major impact on the veterinary profession and society in general through his work on epidemiological surveillance, animal health economics, the use of information technology in epidemiological decision-making and his contribution to capacity building of veterinary services around the world.

Prof. Morris has been influential in the development of evidence-based policy and disease control in many countries as well as for international organizations including World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE), the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) and the World Bank.  He has had a significant role in having veterinary epidemiology recognized as a scientific discipline within veterinary science with direct impact on animal disease risk management. In doing so, he has made an enormous contribution towards the global community being able to more effectively deal with new and emerging disease threats associated with the continuing globalization of trade in animals and animal-derived products. His networking and contributions have helped change standards and legislation to incorporate evidence- and risk-based approaches. This has led to improved policies from which farmers and consumers continue to benefit in many countries. Between 1969 and the present, Dr Morris has been  involved internationally in advice and consultancy to governments, international organizations, research institutions and industry bodies on animal health and human implications of animal diseases.

Program – Calvin W. Schwabe Symposium Symposium, Sunday, December 7, 2014
Chicago Marriott Hotel, Downtown Magnificent Mile, Chicago, Illinois
"Diseases, Dilemmas, Decisions: Epidemiological Tools to Find Answers for Difficult Disease Control Problems"

Tentative agenda:

•             Use of spatial and temporal data for disease control in difficult situations – Dirk Pfeiffer (Royal Veterinary College, London UK)


•             Dealing with deficient and missing data  – Ian Dohoo (University of Prince Edward Island, Canada)


•             Disease surveillance in data-rich and data-sparse environments – TBA. 


•             Assessing disease incursion risk and response strategies in data-sparse environments  - Shiyong Wang (World Bank, Washington)


•             The dilemmas of a current emerging disease – porcine epidemic diarrhoea in North America – Peter Davies (University of Minnesota)


•             How epidemiological tools and insights can be used to produce decisions out of dilemmas for difficult disease control problems – Roger Morris

The Calvin W. Schwabe Award is presented annually by the AVEPM. Previous recipients include Drs. Calvin W. Schwabe, Robert K. Anderson, James H. Steele, S. Wayne Martin, Clive C. Gay, David W. Hird, Hollis N. Erb, Preben W. Willeberg, Dale Hancock, Ian Dohoo, and Yrjö Gröhn. The Schwabe Award honors lifetime achievement in veterinary epidemiology and preventive medicine.

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