Environmentally Advanced, Long-Lasting Coating Solutions

Welcome to Aveo Solutions, pioneers in providing hi-tech coatings for a variety of applications. Aveo Solutions is the exclusive distributor and applicator for 

GLOBAL Encasement, Inc., based in California, USA, 
is a world-leader in providing Green, Environmentally advanced coatings that offer permanent solutions to a wide variety of challenges. Some of the unique features of the coatings are :

ü  Warranty up to 20 years

ü  Award-winning Innovative Green Coatings

ü  Fire-, chemical-, impact-, and abuse-resistance

ü  Easy and quick application

The Magic of Encasement

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Major applications :

         Ø  Corrosion Protection for steel tanks, pipe-lines and structures

Ø  Exterior weather-proofing of buildings and bungalows

Ø  Coating for prevention of flaking and discolouration of interiors

Ø  Cleaning and restoration of statues, monuments and historically important buildings

Ø  Containment of asbestos, lead, nuclear waste and other hazardous material



Developed after intensive research, GLOBAL Encasement, Inc. proudly presents PremeClean™, a highly effective, water-soluble, bio-degradable and versatile cleaner. PremeClean™ is currently undergoing trials by the Archaeological Survey of India, to arrest deterioration of the Taj Mahal in Agra.