Uninsured? High Deductible? - Save Money Today At Your Pharmacy

Save Money on Your Prescription

If you do not have prescription drug coverage, uninsured or have a high pharmacy deductible, use our savings card to lower your medication cost.  

Ave Maria Pharmacy Services has provided discount prescription savings cards since 1997 via charities, senior groups, hospitals and St. Vincent De Paul stores.  Medi-Share and other Christian Care program members welcome.

How did we decide on the name of our service?  After visiting the Marian grotto at Notre Dame University 20 years ago.

Table Top and Counter Display

Would you like to make these Rx cards available to your parish members, clinic patients, book store or St. Vincent De Paul retail customers?  You can purchase 100 Rx cards to including a table top display for only $15.00.  Questions? -  contactwhs@aol.com.


We have more than 40,000 pharmacies in our network including Walgreens, Rite Aid, Target, Meijer and many more.  Our discount card can be used at smaller stores as well.  

Savings will vary versus regular retail price.   Our prescription card is for uninsured, seniors, young families, small business with no pharmacy coverage or high deductibles.

30% to 40% percent lower prices versus regular retail is common.  You can compare prices at pharmacies in your area via our link.  You can also email a prescription card to a friend or family member.

Recent Savings in 2019

Oxy-Acetaminophen - $18.44 versus $40.00 
Azelastine - $55.95 versus $68.49
Kepra - $208.13 versus $502.99

Find a Catholic Physician - Click this link to find a physician in your area.

Read our story at the Catholic Sentinel.  We have been providing discount pharmacy card services since 1997.



“I just wanted to thank you for this gift.  My husband takes medication to prevent atrial fibrillation, as well as hypothyroidism.  The cost of the medication per month was approximately $117.  With your pharmacy card, it is a mere $35.  Thank you so very much and may God continue to bless you in all of your good works…...” - Iowa


"To the Angels of the North...Thank you so very much for the help sent to get my prescription.  Lately I have gone through trying times in many areas of my life.  Your kindness shined through the dark like sunshine from heaven.  I will keep you in my prayers as well as the St. Vincent De Paul Health Clinic." - Louisiana​​​