Plugin AVC_Names for AutoCAD and BricsCAD
The plugin adds to the properties of all objects in the drawing the NAME property, like blocks. Also a new section 
Metric will be added to the properties of solids.

Immediately after installing this plugin, you will see that in the properties of any object in the drawing has a new line: Name. Previously names were only blocks. And blocks names very uncomfortable to edit. Now the Name has a polylines, solids, tables and everything. And edit the name directly in the property panel. And you can edit many objects at once. The Name is just a string with any text.

What do I need it?

Originally the plugin was created for convenience of work with other plugins “Lay”, “Sawing Table” (SAW) and "Smart Leader" where there is a need for naming details. But you can adapt the Names for any purpose. For example, you can specify the same name several objects and then quickly select them in the usual command _QSelect. Now you have a place to store any information about any AutoCAD objects.

In addition the plugin can:

  • Adds to the properties of all objects more text strings: Information and Kind. Just in case. 
  • Adds to the properties of solids two Yes/No-type properties: Sweep and Mirror. These properties use the plugins Layout (LAY) and Sawing Table (SAW), but you may use them for you own purposes. 
  • Add to the properties of solids new property Texture. You can set it to No or Along or Across. It usable for detail with pictured like wood fibers.
  • Add to the properties of solids new section Metric with all size of solid. It is very convenient to find same size solids. Moreover, the size does not depend on how the solid deployed in space. These properties will zero while we not use commands LAY, SAW, Numbering or SolSize.
  • New properties (exclude metric) are copied along with the object even if you copy to another file.
  • For convenience entering a long text you can open separate panels (palettes) for the property Name, Kind and Information.
  • Palette "A>V>C>" allows you to conveniently edit the names and descriptions of blocks.
The plugin is so simple in operation that does not require any commands and configuration. If you irritate the new properties in the properties panel, then just remove the plugin using the Windows control panel. 

If you develop your own plugins or the LISP programming, then you can read all the data displayed plug-in NAMES. They are stored in xData (extended object data) of solid, table or other objects.
Property names adapt to Russian, Italian and German AutoCAD localization.
According to your request I can optimize the program for the standards of your company. Offer your price. 

At the moment, properties are not displayed in the standard BricsСAD panel. To view and edit, use the AvcPalette panel.

Download the plugin in the AVC_Names_nnnn_nn.7z archive
You can download and use the program for free, but from time to time the activation window will appear. If you donate at least $5, you can disable this window.

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The plugin is so simple in operation that does not require any commands and configuration. If you irritate the new properties in the properties panel, then just remove the plugin. With plugin you get optional commands:
AvcPalette Open/Close special properties palette.
NamePalette - Open/Close palette for input objects names.
KindPalette - Open/Close palette for input objects kinds.
InfoPalette - Open/Close palette for input information about objects.
SolSize – measure solid like LAY rules. Write solid metric. Check solid for valid.
AVCUpdate - Update all solid metrics (for measured solids). Solids inside block and external reference will update too.


Install the plugin and start AutoCAD. Draw any object and open the properties panel (CTRL+1). If the plugin work, then you will see properties in a new section A>V>C> with new properties Name, Kind and Information inside. You can enter these properties for each object individually or select many objects and write the name all at once. 
In the Name, Kind, and Info properties, it is not recommended to write text that is longer than 256 characters. they will be truncated by the Audit command.
In the properties of solids, you will see 3 additional properties: Sweep, Mirror and Texture and new section Metric.
You will also find all of these new properties in the Quick Select command window (QSelect). This will help you to select all items with the same name in the big drawing. Or, for example, all sweeps. Therefore, the plugin can be useful, even if you don't use my other plugins.
In BricsCad, first run the AvcPalette command. Only in this properties panel you can see and edit the names of objects and metrics of solids. The QSelect command also does not work with these properties in BricsCAD. Use the SelectSame plugin instead.

A>V>C> Palette

The panel (Palette) is specially designed to work with the properties of objects that this plugin has added. 
In addition, the panel allows you to conveniently edit the names and descriptions of blocks. 
 If you select many objects at once, then the A>V>C> panel does not work like the usual properties panel. For each type of object, a separate tab opens. And objects, which are not editable at all, are ignored. There are tabs available:
  • Named - for lines and curves. Allows you to only edit the name and description.
  • Solid - for solids, which have not been measured in any A>V>C> command. Allows editing additional solid properties: Mirror, Scan and Texture
  • Metric - for solids with metric.
  • Block - for blocks. Allows you to conveniently edit the names and descriptions of blocks.
  • Assembly - for future applications.
  • Material - for future applications.
  • Smart leader - Displays the leader style and template
The header shows the object ID or the number of selected objects. The identifier is the same as what you can see in the field code, it's output by the commands SolSize and Smart Leader

Text Palettes

Properties Editor (Palette) in AutoCAD is not adapted to enter long texts. You will see only the first words and will not be able to edit multi-line text, etc. For the convenience of entering long names and descriptions I made 3 separate panels (palettes) with built-in multi-line text editor: NAME palette, TYPE palette and INFO palette. Panels can be docked to the edges of the AutoCAD window, but I recommend using a second monitor for them. Info editor is different in that it is not blocked new-line and tab. Open and close the palettes to the appropriate commands. Palettes will show data as soon as you select something in the drawing. The changes are saved when the selection is canceled (Esc, the beginning of a new command, switching documents).

SolSize command

Measurement of solid, regardless of position in space. Dimensions of the box into which the solid can get. The algorithm is used inside Lay, Saw, Smart Leader. But here the size is simply displayed in the console. As a result of measurement, the dimensions will be written in xData solid and will be visible in the properties panel in the Metrics section.


Measurement of twisted solid is similar to SolSize. One of the dimensions of the solid is measured along the length of its curved edge.

Known Issues

  • It my only plugin not work in AutoCAD® 2012. I just don't have time to programming special for 2012.
  • The length of texts in the properties can be thousands of characters and this will normally be preserved. But if you call the Audit command, it will cut the length of the texts to 256 characters.
  • The properties window in AutoCAD is not suitable for typing long texts. You can’t insert end-of-line or tab symbol. You can’t see the whole long text. Please use text palette for editing. CTRL+C and CTRL+V work fine.
  • AutoCAD® 2015-2019 in the process of entering long text in the properties panel displays only 1 the last character, and the rest of text disappears. Once you move the cursor backward – all text appears. It's not a glitch in my plugin. You can see the same glitches when editing dimension text or any other text properties. So the property panel works. And I won't be able to fix it.
  • Text Palette (Name, Kind, Info), like all other AutoCAD palette, are not able to recover its size, if you dock a few palettes one by the other to the left or right edge of the window. Each switch on the start page and back the bottom palette will reduce its height. This is AutoCAD glitch, not my program.
  • Text Palette (Name, Kind, Info) cannot be compressed to the height of one or two lines. AutoCAD somehow limits the minimum size of the free (not docked) panels.



    Disabled self-locking after a week.


    AutoCAD 2020 compatibility
    New Activation method


  • Object ID in header of A>V>C> Palette
  • New page of A>V>C> Palette: Smart Leader
  • new substitution %id%


  • Fixed error: A>V>C> panel sometimes reset value of the Kind property to all objects
  • Fixed error: BricsCAD drop edited names in A>V>C> panel


  • Partially compatible with BricsCAD.
  • Added panel and command AVCPalette
  • Added ability to quickly edit block names
  • Added properties to the metric of solid: Area, Perimeter, Faces.


  • Compatible with AutoCAD 2019


  • Added German localization
  • Fixed The properties were not visible in the 32-bit OS
  • Fixed Error message when loading the plugin


  • Compatible with AutoCAD 2018
  • New values for Technology property
  • The accuracy of estimating the asymmetry of soled is lowered
  • New activation window.
  • New version numeration


  • Text palettes and commands for them


  • Add demo mode
  • Add SolSize and AVCUpdate command


  • Metric section for solid


  • Add KIND property


  • Support AutoCAD 2017
  • Support Texture solid property
  • Optimized localization