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Stately Crystal Table Lamp

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Stately Crystal Table Lamp

ITEM#: 11557666

Cast a warm glow in your home with this elegant table lamp from Stately. This attractive fixture features a slender crystal base supporting a classically understated cream fabric shade for a high-end, tasteful look. The clean, neutral design of this beautiful piece enhances your space, whatever your decorative preferences. With a functional three-way switch, you can easily adjust this lamp to meet your needs for flexible, versatile lighting. Enjoy a bright light while you work at your desk, or a subdued setting on your side table or nightstand as you relax in comfort or prepare for sleep.
  • Neutral cream-colored shade complements a range of decors
  • Crystal base creates an elegant, high-end look
  • Three-way switch for flexible use
  • Base measures 5.35"DIA x 1'H
  • Requires one 100-watt light bulb (not included)
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