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Frameless Molten Wall Mirror

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Frameless Molten Wall Mirror

ITEM#: 11578142

This frameless molten wall mirror combines two layers of 3/16-inchglass and metal to produce a sturdy, durable mirror that brings amodern look to your bathroom, bedroom or living room. The doublecoated silver backing holds up well in humid environments, and thefloat glass construction minimizes unsightly distortions in thereflective surface.

  • Mirror mirror on the wall this is the most modern and unique of them all
  • This frameless wall mirror has a mylar backed glass border with beveled inside polished outside
  • Crafted from 2 layers of thick, strong 3/16 glass and metal
  • Mounting Hardware included, Comes ready to hang
  • Dimensions: 31.5 inches high x 23.5 inches wide x 0.5 inches deep
  • Double coated silver backing with seamed edges
  • Great for Bathrooms, Living Room or Bedroom
  • Hangs vertically
  • Comes ready to hang
  • Mounting Hardware included
  • Materials: Glass, Metal

When buying mirrors especially for bathrooms, it is important tolook for mirrors that are backed with silver. As steam from showersfill the room it combines with the metal in the mirror and themirror will begin to rust. Double coated silver mirrors (as thisone is) have the most tolerance to humidity and will lastsignificantly longer. On a side note they also produce a warmerreflection than Aluminum.This mirrors is also made using highquality float glass. Have you ever seen a mirror where thereflection is just not right. It may be a bit blurry in thedistance or warp you image, these mirrors are usually made usingsheet glass. Float glass mirrors have a much cleaner finish whichyield much less distortion. Seriously It appears like most people are wanting to find Frameless Molten Wall Mirror. Certainly there are a lot of demands for it. And there may be lots of other web sites that are also trying to sell Frameless Molten Wall Mirror at several deals. So, you might like to investigate the particular prices from the link suggested on this blog and compare with other internet sites you may have viewed simply because I'm somewhat sure that it may be less costly when compared with some other places. About the functions it gives, you can examine and determine if this product meets your prerequisite and funds or not. Be sure to go forwards and study more about Frameless Molten Wall Mirror.