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Frameless Diamond Wall Mirror

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Frameless Diamond Wall Mirror

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Adorn the wall of your bathroom, dressing room or entryway with theelegant look of this frameless diamond-style wall mirror. Gaze atyour reflection in the luxurious metal face, surrounded by adouble-angle beveled-glass border that offers intriguing style.Complement your contemporary decor with the mirror's 12-sided ovalshape, which bounces light back into the room to help create theillusion of a larger space.

Install the mirror easily using the included mountinghardware. Crafted from two levels of sturdy glass and metal, thismirror endures for years to come, no matter what room you hang itin.

  • Diamond-style wall mirror provides an elegant touch to bathrooms, entryways or bedrooms
  • Crafted of two levels of 3/16" thick glass and metal for durability and class
  • Double-angle bevel edge highlights the precision manufactured glass border that surrounds the metal mirror surface
  • Geometric oval shape with 12 sides of various lengths creates a stylish, contemporary look
  • Measures 31"H x 23.5"W x 0.5" thick
  • Mounting hardware included for easy installation

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