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$2.5 Bil T-Strips Available for 60 day Lease, Contact for more info.

We can provide the following Bank Financial Services

Non-US Transactions:

  • Bank Guarantee (BG) in Euros                                                                   Newly Issued from Non Commercial Euro Bank.
  • Fixed Term Deposit Note (FTDT) in Euros                                                   Issued from Non Commercial Euro Bank.
  • Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC) in Euros Click Here
  • Fresh Cut MTN's @ 20-30+1 Contact for more info.
                           MTN BUY/SELL OPPORTUNITY

FRESH CUT MTNS OFFERED - BUY 33+1 (or better) - SELL 58+1.
We are offering a BUY/SELL transaction for fresh cut MTNs.
Because this is a Buy/Sell transaction, the instrument will be on-sold typically within four hours.
The buying price is between 25+1 and 33+1 depending on the contract size.
The selling price is 58+1.
Contract size is USD$10 billion, $50 billion or $500 billion, with rolls and extensions.
The first tranche will be $500 million.
Tranche sizes may be increased up to $10 billion twice daily.

The procedures used by provider are absolute and canot be changed.

Investor's bank must be a top recognizeable bank. If Investor's bank is not a top world bank, he will have to move his funds into an acceptable top bank.


1. Investor submits:
a. Letter of Intent,
b. Client Profile Sheet,
c. Corporate Resolution,
d. Color Passport copy.

2. Provider accept initial documents and asks for proof of funds which must be a Tear Sheet (Bank Statement).

3. The contract with all contact information of the provider is sent to the Investor. If acceptable to the Investor, Investor signs the contract, returns it to the seller who countersigns it and activates it. The contract will include provisions for the payment of commissions to intermediaries.

4. The seller will do Due Diligence on the buyer. This will take one to four days.

For more informations, please 
Contact us with initial documents.

We use our providers own procedure which contains simple procedures which are fully compliant with accepted banking regulations. 

1.       Client send Notarized full coordinate letter of intent (LOI)

2.       Client information sheet (CIS) Check list

3.   Availability of (BCL) or (POF)

4.   Color Passport Copy

The only business we can do is if the buyer is willing to show funds with an upfront, POF, BCL, signed by 2 bank officers or a tearsheet, with Phone, fax and e-mail.
Bank Instruments at a price of: (will be indicated only after request) plus fees or with a Bank Pre-Advice option if required and paid for by the Buyer.
No price will be reflected on screen, but the agreed price shall be indicated under the private contract. When the private collateral sales / Purchase agreement is executed, the ‘’ instruments will then be delivered by hard copy by boned courier.
Any other “ Procedure offers ” are not acceptable.
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