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Is a source for professionals to receive Commercial Loans, Investment Opportunities and International funding on large commercial projects. 

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Committed to customer satisfaction, stability and long term profits in the             markets we serve.

Are you in need of financing, but don't know how to go about securing a loan? Contact us for help. Financing shouldn't be a mystery. The more you know about our available options, the more you'll be able to utilize them to your advantage. AVC Financial Group is a company able to provide capital to fund a variety of existing and proposed project needs and desires.

AVC Financial Group provides a number of financial assistance programs including bridge/mezzanine loans, commercial loans, company loans, construction loans, hard money loans, start up business loans. Our loan programs are designed to provide expeditious service on loan transfers to clients who have successfully completed their loan applications and have a thorough understanding of our policies and procedures.

We would love to fund your projects at hand and offer business and commercial loans to you, your firm/partners and clients. A loan process can be completed within a space of two weeks or sooner provided terms of the loan contract is agreed upon .

Why not fill out our
Executive Summary Form and return by fax/email, in order that we may review your Loan proposals.
Large Project Funding Program
 We mainly deal with the top Banks only with minimum loan of $10 Million.We can fund all types of projects from major tourism developments, major infrastructure, Hotels, Refineries, Mines, Wind, Energy, Hospitals, etc.
Please note that we do not charge any Fees upfront. Once we receive your completed  Executive Summary Form we can process your application quickly. Our minimum loan amount is from $10 million and we can offer huge amounts, over $25 Billion and more if required.  

Some of our 'Star Options' include leveraged programmes which can deliver a high return for the amount presented by the project owner. Many of these methods offer no repayment of principle and either low interest or even none whatsoever.


Clearly these options are based upon the quality of the project and applicable skills of the project owner. Please return the Executive Summary (attached) and we can provide appropriate information to match your project requirements.


We can offer huge loans as low as 4.0% rate and other good conditions like, deferred repayments for 2-3 years to suitable clients.  This type of financing is available worldwide with just a few exceptions.


Outlined are the various services that we provide, namely:


We are a USA based commercial finance consulting firm specializing in commercial finance transactions of US$10 million and above. The firm accepts smaller transactions on a case-by-case basis.


We are one of the few groups offering these structures and an industry leader in innovative alternative finance structures.


Maintain relationships with a long list of real estate investment trusts, hedge funds, and a variety of private money pools enabling the company to consistently provide the latest in innovative finance structures and techniques.


Facilitate financing involving standby letters of credit, bank guarantees, medium term notes, bills of exchange, "take or pay" contracts, and various other financial instruments at rates far below market for projects $100M and above.


Some of our other exclusive finance products include 100%+ sale leasebacks for "cash out" and "build to suit" transactions, acquisition/development /construction financing up to 90% loan-to-cost, and debt/equity financing that is seamlessly integrated to cover 100% of a project's total cost.


Through our underwiters, we have a continuous track record of successful funded transactions. We are willing to disclose funded transactions on a case-by-case with the prior written consent of the client.


We do not charge Upfront Loan Fees. Typically: If there is capital required to facilitate the process, they will be "costs," not upfront loan fees. We don't charge money to look at a deal.


Topics Covered Include:
1. Debt/Equity Finance Structure.

2. Sale-Lease-Back Structure.

3. Advanced Contract Funding and Collateralized Instrument Based Funding.

4. Private Money.

5. Hard Assets Financing.

6. International Structured Project Finance.


If you would like to receive a non-binding 'Outline Quotation' we should be delighted to assist totally without obligation. Once the Executive Summary Form  is returned, an outlined quotation will be sent within 72 hours.  

Procedures: Send the completed Executive Summary and Project Data Information Sheet. If the project has merit, we will ask for a complete business plan and all associated documents noted above to be e-mailed. 
If there is a desire to proceed after the initial review,  the borrower will be asked to sign an exclusive 90 day agreement with the lending group. The borrower will then be put in direct contact with the lending agent reviewing your projects business plan. With this method, we can arrange for bank underwriters to get to your project site in approximately one week.  A current business plan and feasibility study by a top national accounting firm will greatly enhance your chances for approval; and reduce other due diligence fees. Notwithstanding any delays for appraisals, re-writes, or due diligence; loans are generally closed within 14 - 60 days. Expect a lending team to visit your site very early in the process.
Costs: All costs will initially be absorbed by the lending group. On closing, all points, due diligence and other bank charges will be deducted from the closing. Borrower will be direct with the lending group and all such charges shall be agreed to in advance and included in the contract with the borrower. A 3% -5% Broker Fee will be covered in the early stages of the funding process and will be deducted from proceeds at closing.

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