Iconic Character Builds

This page presents Avatar d20 builds for several of the show's iconic characters.  These builds are by no means official or even necessarily comprehensive, but rather attempts to show how the system represents the characters of the show.

  • Aang (ECL ?) - The Avatar and the last airbender
  • Azula - Fire Nation princess and firebending prodigy
  • Iroh - Dispossessed Fire Nation prince, master firebender, and legendary general
  • Jet (ECL 13) - Orphaned and bitter freedom fighter and guerilla leader
  • Katara - A member of the Southern Water Tribe and a master waterbender
  • Mai (ECL 20) - Fire Nation noble and master of thrown weapons 
  • Piandao (ECL 20) - Fire Nation swordsmith and master swordsman
  • Sokka - A member of the Southern Water Tribe, a warrior and a swordsman, and a skillful (if unorthodox) tactician
  • Toph Bei Fong - Daughter of a wealthy Earth Kingdom noble family and a master earthbender
  • Ty Lee (ECL 20) - Fire Nation acrobat and unarmed combatant
  • Zuko - Fire Nation prince and heir to the throne, powerful firebender, and skilled swordsman