Favorite Links

Avatar d20 Project Information

Avatar: the Last Airbender Information 

  • Avatar on Nick.com - The show's official website.  This site contains basic information about the nations and bending disciplines, as well as videos, games, trivia, and a message board.
  • Avatar Spirit - A fan website.  This website contains information about the world portrayed in Avatar: the Last Airbender, a discussion forum, fan art and fiction, screenshots and episode transcripts, news, and other resources.
  •  Avatar on Wikipedia - A good source of general information about the show and the Avatar world.  Also includes a list of episodes.

d20 System and Gaming Information

  • The d20 System Reference - The basic rules of the d20 fantasy system available under the Open Game License.
  • Giant in the Playground - A gaming website that contains a series of articles about the d20 system, a discussion forum, and two webcomics, The Order of the Stick and Erfworld.  This site hosts the development discussions for this Avatar d20 setting.
  • Wizards of the Coast - The official website for Wizards of the Coast, the primary publisher of the d20 rules system.
Other Avatar: the Last Airbender RPG Settings
  • Zerian's Avatar d20 System - Another attempt at creating an Avatar d20 system.  This system uses Chi Powers to represent bending abilities, with the use of Chi Powers limited by the number of Chi Points a bender has available.  The system also includes a few new feats, new skill usages, organization statistics, and a few creature stat blocks.
  • Avatar: The Last d20 Supplement - A high-fantasy revision of the Avatar d20 system presented here with a greater emphasis on merging with non-Avatar d20 3.5 content.
  • Avatar d20 for D&D 4th Edition