Equipment and Machinery

Avatar: the Last Airbender presents a wide variety of unique weapons, items, vehicles, and other equipment and machinery.  Often, these new devices are based on the bending arts so prevalent in the setting; either deriving their functioning from a bender's ability to manipulate portions of the device or created in order to exploit the weaknesses of another bending discipline.  This page presents a list of items, weapons, armor, and vehicles that are shown in the Avatar universe.

In addition to listing the unique items available in the Avater: the Last Airbender universe, this page presents a system for enhancing items in a non-magical world.  The system presented here expands the normal Masterwork system and establishes a number of "Craftsmanship Bonuses" that can be added to a weapon, suit of armor, shield, or item.

Finally, the Masterwork system presented here establishes substantially lower enhancement costs than the traditional d20 magic item system.  Additionally, the world established in Avatar: the Last Airbender appears far less wealth-dependant than standard D&D worlds.  Therefore, the following wealth-by-level amounts are recommended for use in an Avatar d20 game.