The Apocrypha

Authorised (King James) Version

The 1769 Authorised Version Apocrypha (also known as the Deuterocanonical books), with the inclusion of the missing fragment of 2 Esdras 7.[36-105] from the Revised Version (1894, not published until 1896) as well as adding verse numbers to the Prayer of Manasses. I scanned this version directly from the print edition rather use a text version from the Internet, which is riddled with copyist's errors. My edition is designed to match as closely as possible to the various print editions. You can browse the 14 books of the Apocrypha on this site or you can download the entire text of the Apocrypha in HTML, PDF, MS Word and Text formats.

Please copy the texts freely as it is in the public domain except in the United Kingdom, where it is copyrighted in perpetuity under a special Letters Patent. It is hoped that this corrected version of the Apocrypha is used on the major Bible search engines of the Internet

Vincent La Marca, Editor