The purpose of this site was, over a period of 5 months, to provide a service to  Retail Investors and provide research information on a par with what an institutional investor or stock research analyst might have. And also to put it all in one simple to navigate location. It was primarily created to counter the daily blizzard of long and short propaganda that makes the Yahoo Message Board all but useless as a serious research resource. 

This website, however, has nothing to do with, no contact,  and no relationship, commercial or otherwise, with the AVANIR company itself.

I put together here most of the useful links you might need, medium and long term charts that update automatically, some short term intraday trading commentary, a rolling news flow RSS feed and some interesting videos about PBA.

This website is funded purely from ad revenue pennies and the occasional kind donation. If you think it's useful please make a donation to the cause.  Thanks.