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Avaiki Nius Agency sounds similar to Avaiki Nui, an umbrella group dedicated to global accountability and transparency.

Nius simply means news in Wantok. Avaiki is of course a name claimed by all Polynesian nations, from Savai'i in the west to Hawaiki in the south. In this context, adding "Nui" denotes an overall presence - a body helping peoples of the Pacific represent themselves.

Some might question inclusion of a coined word, but the word "nius" reflects heritage dating back to the 1800s, when Maori sailed as far west as Papua New Guinea, spreading word of a new god, new leadership. The agency has been a one-man online operation since July 2004, when it established a number of blogsites. Plans for training counterparts are aimed at creating an all-indigenous agency by the end of 2010, over a timeframe of two years.