About Me

I am a very proud mother of Texas homeschoolers! I began my research on homeschooling last year. I was surprised at how much information is out there, however it was all very overwhelming. I searched far and wide for a basic site that could aid in my children's home education, but to my dismay I couldn't find many that didn't have a hefty price tag or a crazy load of pop ups! It was also very hard to track down important information on how to get started or what my children needed to learn.  So I thought to my self one late night as I was preparing my youngest ones weekly lesson plan, why don't I create a website for families like ours to come to for a little boost when you didn't quite have time to put together a lesson, you need a fresh idea, or just want to connect with another homeschool family! So that's exactly what I did! Welcome to our page and welcome to Autumn Star Academy! Happy Learning!

  I will try my hardest to provide as much helpful information as I can! Have fun browsing my page and if you have any questions please visit the contact page!