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Click here to download a PowerPoint Presentation explaining the major types of communication disorders and the role of the SLP in treating them in the school system.

Click here to download a PowerPoint Presentation with details about careers in Speech-Language Pathology, such as work settings, hours, educational requirements, and more!
There is a wealth of information available on the web about various types of communication impairments, help for families,
therapy materials for therapists, education & career information for students, and more. Scroll down to browse a list of these helpful websites.

 ASHA's Scope of Practice - American Speech Language Hearing Association Scope of Practice for SLPs  - Employment Settings  - Speech and Language Disorders - Occupational Outlook Handbook description of SLPs - Occupational Outlook Handbook description of Audiologists 
ACADEMIC REQUIREMENTS, NATIONAL CERTIFICATION, LICENSING  - Successful Strategies for Entry into Grad School  - ASHA's Guide to Graduate Programs  - National Exam (Praxis) Content - ASHA Member/Certification - Benefits of ASHA Membership - license and certification info for IL
 U.S. News and World Report SLP grad program rankings
 U.S. News and Wold Report AuD grad program rankings
ACCENT REDUCTION - Accent Modification in SLP  - American Accent Training - Interesting Pronunciation/Intonation Resource  - Pronunciation/Listening Lessons - Trouble Sounds - Speech Accent Archive - Worldwide Samples with Phonetic Transcription  - ESL Learning Center - English is Tough Stuff - A Poem About the Complexities of Pronunciation
ADULT NEUROGENIC DISORDERS  - National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke  - Academy of Neurologic Communication Disorders and Sciences - Practice Guidelines 
ALTERNATIVE COMMUNICATION MODALITIES - (AAC)  - Barkley AAC Center - Wide Range of Information - Picture Exchange Communication System  - Growing up with AAC - ASL Access - Helping the Public Find ASL Videos/Media - International Society for AAC (ISAAC) - United States Society of AAC (USSAAC) - AAC Glossary - North Carolina AT Program, Resources, Links, PowerPoints, etc. - Infinite Potential Through Assistive Technology (diverse array of AT/AAC resources)
AMERICAN SIGN LANGUAGE -  American Sign Language - Over 7,200 Manual Signs with Video - ASL Fingerspelling - Clear Video Clips of a Human Hand - ASL dictionary

AMYOTROPHIC LATERAL SCLEROSIS (ALS)  - ALS (Lou Gehrigs Disease)  - ALS - A S/L challenges  - Speaking with ALS  - Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Association
 Ear Color Diagram  - Medical Anatomy  - Atlas of the Brain - Neurological Information  - Discover the Larynx - Wonderfully Detailed - respiration animation - medical dictionary - animated articulation - speech anatomy - animated swallowing - Models, pictures, diagrams, etc.

APHASIA  - Stroke (CVA)  - Aphasia 
 Family Adjustment to Aphasia - Aphasia  - National Aphasia Association  - Aphasia Hope Foundation 

APRAXIA OF SPEECH  - Childhood Apraxia of Speech  - Childhood Apraxia of Speech Association  - Dyspraxia Foundation - Supporting Patients and Families

ARTICULATION  - Articulator placement animation - English, Spanish, German  - Lisping - Complete Overview  - A Collection of Approaches to the "R" Sound  - Artic Tx Ideas - Games, Activities  - Tongue Twisters Collection  - Say It Right - Free Artic Materials - Online speech & language games by Elaine V. Ramsay, SLP - Online speech & language games by Tracy Boyd, SLP - Online speech & language games by Pamela Bordas, SLP - Articulation web resources, minimal pairs, & activities
ATTENTION DEFICIT DISORDER  - Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)  - Children & Adults w/ ADHD  - Attention Deficit Disorder Association - For Adults with ADHD

CEREBRAL PALSY  - United Cerebral Palsy (UCP) 
CHILD DEVELOPMENT  - Complete Resource for the First Years of Life - Parents, Professionals  - Charts, Language, Play, Cognitive, Emotional  - PBS Parenting Guide  - National Association for Child Development  

CHILDREN'S READING SITES  - Several Literacy Lessons - English, Spanish, German, or French  - Get Ready to Read - Promoting Early Literacy Skills (Spanish available)  - Children’s Digital Library with Games (Spanish available)  - Interactive Reading Tool - Computer Activities and Games  - Book Adventure - A Motivational Reading Program - online reading materials by stage and other cartegories 
CLEFT LIP AND PALATE  - Wide Smiles - Comprehensive Cleft Lip and Palate Resource  - Resonance Disorders and Velopharyngeal Incompetence (VPI)  - Non-Instrumental Assessment of Velopharyngeal Function  - Speech Therapy for Hypernasality - VPI tutorial  - American Cleft Palate-Craniofacial Association
COGNITIVE IMPAIRMENTS  - About Memory - Comprehensive Collection  - Cognitive Treatment Program - Tons of Activities
DEMENTIA  - Dementia  - Alzheimers Association
DOWN SYNDROME  - National Association for Down Syndrome  - National Down Syndrome Society 
EMPLOYMENT  - Resume Development, Job Interviews  - SLP /AuD Interview Questions  - SLP Assistants - FAQs
FLUENCY - ASHA's Special Interest, Division 4 - Stuttering – Free Fluency Assessments/Therapy materials - famous people who stutter - Stuttering Overview - Preventing Childhood Stuttering - The National Association of Young People Who Stutter - National Stuttering Association - Stuttering Foundation of America - stuttering ‘jeopardy’ game

FREE TOOLS/INFORMATION - chronological age calculator - IPA keyboard - Brown's stages, etc. - verbs and commands, the chicken acts out the verbs you type to him - has IPA pronunciations of words, definitions, thesaurus, etc. - National Institute of Health, informative - National Institute on Deafness and other Communication Disorders - find an ASHA professional (SLP or audiologist) - SLP related comics - List of SLP web resources and activities - Online version of a stopwatch - SLP web resources - Virtual version of a Time Timer (red disappears as time goes away) - Ranked list of web resources for educators - Educators exchange resources by uploading/downloading ppt, wkshts, etc. - reference for rhyming words and other similar words - search for letters in word initial, medial, or final by using * in place of other letters - pre-made boardmaker activities for download, such as games, books, AAC device templates, etc.
HEARING, AURAL REHAB - Otoscopy Tutorial and Eardrum Images  - Tympanometry - An Advanced Description  - Audiograms - Understanding Your Hearing Test  - Cochlear Implants - Informative, Easy to Understand  - National Coalition on Auditory Processing Disorders
 HUNTINGTONS DISEASE  - Huntingtons Disease  - Myspace Group - HDSA Greater New York Region  - Huntingtons Disease Society of America
LANGUAGE ACQUISITION - S/L Development activities - Lateblooming/language?
LARYNGECTOMEE  - Laryngeal Cancer  - International Association of Laryngectomees  - Patient Network - Dedicated to Laryngectomee Rehabilitation 
 Language-Based Learning Disabilities  - Learning Disabilities Online - Very Comprehensive  - Separating Learning Differences from Disabilities  - Learning Disabilities Worldwide - Increasing LD Awareness and Understanding  - A Parents Guide to Helping Kids with Learning Difficulties - African American Children w/ Learning Disabilities  - National Center for Learning Disabilities  - Learning Disabilities Association of America  
LITERACY, READING  - Language and Literacy Development - Literacy - How SLPs Can Help - Information for Reading Instruction Across the Lifespan - Reading Comprehension and Language Arts Teaching Strategies - Reading Is Fundamental - Very Comprehensive  - The Reading Treehouse - Literacy Information, Materials  - International Dyslexia Association - Elementary Test Prep 
MATHEMATICS - Math Basics, Difficulties, Teaching Methods
MULTICULTURAL POPULATIONS  - Teaching Diverse Learners - Supporting ESL Students  - ESL Educational Reading Tool - Bilingual Information, Activities 
 Reading is Fundamental - Bilingual Activities for Latino Children - National Association for Bilingual Education
 Multiple Sclerosis - An SLPs Role  - National Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Society
PERVASIVE DEVELOPMENTAL DISORDERS  - BBBAutism - Support Network for Parents (over 2000 links)  - Higher Functioning PDD - Family Information, Support  - The Gray Center for Social Learning - Promoting Mutual Understanding  - Treatment and Education of Autistic and Related Communication Handicapped Children  - Michelle G. Winner’s Center for Social Thinking  - Instructional Techniques for Children with Autism - Parents, Professionals  - Autism Society of America  - Autism Research Institute  - Myspace Group - Individuals with Autism and Aspergers  - Rett Syndrome Fact Sheet  - International Rett Syndrome Association
PHONETICS, PHONOLOGY  - International Phonetic Alphabet  - Learning IPA Symbols - Chart and Quiz  - More Detailed IPA with Diacritics  - Interactive Charts of the IPA  - IPA Typewriter Keyboard  - Phonological Processes - Phonemic/Phonological Awareness - Phonograms
PRAGMATICS  - Pragmatics - Socially Speaking - emotions flashcards
PRINTABLE MATERIALS, ONLINE ACTIVITIES, AND SOFTWARE  - Speaking of Speech - Collection of Public School SLP Ideas, Materials  - Interactive SLP Activities - Treatment, Home Practice - PBS Kids - Educational Games, Activities - Educational Downloads & Printables for Special Needs Children - Parents, SLPs  - Clipart, Activities, Info- Parents, SLPs  - Discovery Channel - Teaching Resources, Personalized Materials - Student Dictionary, Daily Buzzword, Interactive Word Games - Wacky Webtales - Create Stories Using Parts of Speech (similar to Madlibs) -  Hundreds of Word Lists - Design Your own Printables - Word Families, Rhyming Words - Over 5,000 Printables - Teachers, SLPs - Clipart Library - Thousands of Donated Images for Educational Use - Craft Ideas and Colorsheets - Spanish to English picture dictionary - many free pdf games - customizable games, handouts, etc. - kids crafts, books and more - Dolce site words with voice output - Talking online books - a searchable database of pics (at times accessible when other image searches are not) - a Free site that lets you make customizable quizes - Downloadable Stuttering Tx and Dx materials - Autumn Griffin's Speech Website - explanation of sibilants and treatment for them - reading passages - emotion flaschards - online preschool activities and phonemic awareness - online reading materials by stage, and other categories - kids crafts, and more - customizable online games, quizzes, word puzzles, etc. - paper dolls for little kids -Sesame Street music - Microsoft clipart drawings, photos, sounds, animation – build vocabulary while donating rice to help feed the hungry - resources for kids, games, crafts, etc. - Printable stories/activities with picture support - District 75's free printable adapted books w/ pic supports! - Educational PowerPoints for Kids in multiple grades - Free customizable word puzzles - Free worksheets, flashcards, and teaching resources for key stage 1 - Factsheets, worksheets, quizzes, and games to improve English & Math. - Online speech & language games by Elaine V. Ramsay, SLP - Online speech & language games by Tracy Boyd, SLP - Online speech & language games by Pamela Bordas, SLP - Free customizable online flashcards, quizzes, and other resources  

 assessment instruments  - ASHA Convention '05 - Various Presenter Handouts  - Assorted Informational Handouts -Parents, Teachers - Free Practice Praxis Exam Online 
PUBLIC SCHOOLS, EDUCATION  - National Academic Standards, State Benchmarks  - Special Education Law and Advocacy - Comprehensive Resource  - Parent Advocacy Coalition for Educational Rights  -Parent Educational Advocacy Training Center  - Equipping Families to Maximize Learning  - National Association for the Education of Young Children 
 ASHA Annual Salary Report, SLP - 2005 - Speech Language Pathologists' salaries
 ASHA Hourly Salary Report, SLP - 2005 - Speech Language Pathologists' hourly salaries
 ASHA Annual Salary Report, AuD - 2004 - Audiologists' salaries  - Public Schools -Illinois
 Public Schools - Ohio  - Ohio Public School Salaries  - Public Schools - New Hampshire 
SPEECH-LANGUAGE-HEARING ORGANIZATIONS  - American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA)  - National Student Speech Language Hearing Association (NSSLHA)  - National Black Association for Speech-Language and Hearing (NBASLH)
 Audiology and Speech-Language pathology associations outside of the United States

SWALLOWING, DYSPHAGIA, & FEEDING  -Dysphagia Resource Center - Internet Links - Comprehensive Collection - Patients or Professionals - Feeding 
TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY  - Traumatic Brain Injury  - Brain Injury Association of America  

VOICE DISORDERS  - Spasmodic Dysphonia - Complete Information  - National Spasmodic Dysphonia Association, Inc.  - Gastric Reflux and Voice Disorders  - Vocal Nodules and Polyps 

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iverse Networking in Speech and Hearing Science *site by Autumn Griffin