Teaching Schedule/Class Descriptions

"Autumn, you will appreciate this! Remember my nemesis pose, headstand? The one that I felt like I was never going to "get"? You taught me a better way for me personally to get into the pose and now instead of it being the one that I tried to avoid at all costs, I find it's now the one I want to turn to the most because it seems to have an amazing effect on me- calming me down and clearing my head. I even joke to my husband that I need some time upside down so I can de-stress. (He doesn't really get it but he goes with it!) " -Jennifer Browning

5:30-6:30 PM
Vinyasa Flow
Livingston, MT

5:00-6:00 PM
Vinyasa Flow
Livingston Health Care ($5 community drop in, $2 drop in LHC employees)
Livingston, MT

12:00-1:00 PM 
Lunch Break Vinyasa Flow
Print For Less (PFL employees only)
Livingston, MT
(on hold until Spring)

12:00-1:00 PM
Lunch Hour Flow
Livingston, MT

Friday (3rd Friday of every month)
6:00-7:00 PM
Happy Hour Vinyasa Flow
High Trash Boutique (donation based community class)
Livingston, MT

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Vinyasa Flow
This class will explore the union between breath, body and mind as we burn through blocked, stagnant energy. "Vinyasa" is defined as "flow," which refers to the connection of breath with movement.  Vinyasa class incorporates  dynamic movement from one posture to the next using the rhythm of each inhale and exhale. Classes begin with sun or moon salutes to warm the body, then continue with standing posture sequences to build strength and balance, followed by inversions, seated postures, backbends and surrender postures. Advanced postures may be practiced in this class.  The muscles will warm quickly,  helping to prevent injury and produce a detoxifying sweat. A towel and a bottle of water are recommeded. With encouragement from heat (in the mid to high 70s), music, and your own spontaneous wisdom, get ready to sweat, detox and create SPACE in your body and in your life!
Yin Yoga
This practice focuses on supporting the body in EACH
posture for at least 5 minutes in order to move deeply into the
connective tissue and fascia.  The effects of this calming,
restorative practice are profound and an excellent balance for our
more typical Yang Hatha Practice. Emphasis is placed on the body's
chakras, meridians, and complete musculature release.
Partner Yoga
In partner practice, partners rely on each other’s support to keep the body and mind aligned, balanced and focused in a posture. In feeling physically supported, we experience the yoga postures differently while building on trust, strength and patience in our relationships.  Click our Acrounion link under the menu bar for more on partner play.