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AW X-Traction Series Release 9 Dodge Fever

Auto World 

X-Traction Release #9 

Dodge Fever

                It’s the Summer of 2011 and it’s HOT! Every state in the union seems to be roasting and Auto World has added to the heat with the release of the Dodge Fever collection! This makes the ninth release of the X-Traction series. Auto World has served up a series of Dodge muscle, both classic and current and tricked out with some of their best paint we’ve seen. The designs cover some classic and modern drag strip flying colors, as well as, some slick factory/street recreations. These new works are riding on the Auto World X-Traction Ultra-G chassis. This updated pancake design has plenty of power and has that extra traction magnet to give it just a bit more hang in the curves. So let’s take a closer peek at these new wonders...

First up are the ‘69 Dodge Chargers. Let’s start with the street version, a sweet white on black R/T with lots of clean crisp details. 

The “Charger logo on the “C” pillar, the Gas cap on the upper rear quarter, even the R/T logo between the tail lights are right on the money, 

along with the classic Scat-Pack/Rapid Transit era tail striping!

The drag version of the 69 is a “dandy” of a paint job with finely detailed tampos capturing the late 60’s drag scene! Can you hear that Hemi rumble?

The 1969 Dodge Charger Daytona has a patriotic theme that looks at home on any American dragstrip. It even has a “Support Out Troops” banner in the rear glass. 

How cool is that? A Saturday afternoon, the American Flag, hot dogs and tire smoke, can it get any better!?

Another eye-catching paint job is on the 2nd Dodge Charger Daytona. In white red and blue with a blackout treatment on the nose.

This strip terror looks like it came from the pro-stock championships in 1969!

The first of the 1970 Challengers has a “gypsy” theme which looks right at home on the convertible version. That white top adds some flair.

The 2nd ‘70 Challenger convertible is decked out in R/T street dress in a take-no-prisoners red and white paint scheme.

The first of the ‘71 Dodge Challengers comes in a red and white layout with R/T type stripping and showing everyone it means HEMI serious business!

The other ‘71 Challenger is the strip version reminiscent of the “Rod Shop” racer of the 70’s. It looks like it’s ready to take the line, just sitting there.

There are two Challenger Concepts in this release as well, and both drag oriented! First up is Jeg Coughlin’s familiar bright yellow and black stripped paint job 

all decked out on the newer Challenger. No missing this color combo, even when it’s up to speed.

In another familiar color combo, the second Challenger Concept carries a proud red, white and blue design. 

And yes that’s a very slick metallic blue that the camera can do no justice to. It is bright and has that perfect sparkle!

This release also has the Dodge Viper Competition Coupes dressed up in some nice colors and tuned to the style of the street racing scene. 

First up is a nice asymmetrical red and black design that nicely shows off the lines of the Viper.

Next in the nest of fast snakes is this ultra bright yellow and black Viper. Nature gives dangerous animals bright colors to warn off others. 

This is no exception as this Viper looks and runs fast!

Auto World has done a lot with this series release. We have the chance to add some older Johnny Lightning/Round 2 bodies back into our collection with the ‘70 and ‘71 Challengers. And the nostalgic paint on those and other cars in this release, tie in well with Auto World’s new specialty in the drag racing genre. Even though this release did not include any new tooling, the complicated paint schemes and choices of design more than makes up for that! It is definitely a new standard for details in paint and makes this release unique in the tribe!