Gate Valve Parts Diagram

gate valve parts diagram
    parts diagram
  • The most common futon parts are pictured in the diagrams below. Some manufacturers use additional pieces to add rigidity to their futon frames.
    gate valve
  • A valve that lets you completely stop, but not modulate, the flow within a pipe.
  • A gate valve, also known as a sluice valve, is a valve that opens by lifting a round or rectangular gate/wedge out of the path of the fluid.
  • (GATE VALVES) have a wheel type handle. Several turns of the handle are required to turn off a gate valve. Gate valves are most commonly used on main line pipes with high water pressure or high water flow.
  • A valve with a sliding part that controls the extent of the aperture
gate valve parts diagram - Timing Belt
Timing Belt Kit Honda Civic 1996 to 2000 1.6L
Timing Belt Kit Honda Civic 1996 to 2000 1.6L
Timing Belt Kit Honda Civic 1996-2000. Includes: * timing belt * water pump with gasket * timing belt tensioner * tensioner spring * valve cover gasket * four spark plug tube seals * five valve cover bolt grommets * three accessory drive belts * front camshaft seal * front crankshaft seal. Featuring products by Bando, Contitech, Mitsuboshi, GMB, Koyo, NTN, NSK, NPW, Paraut, Aisin. This kit will service Honda Civic's LX DX EX HX and CX, with (1.6L) 1590cc engines, year range of 1996-2000. This kit will not service 99 or 00 Civic SI models. Services years: 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000.

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OS&Y Gate Valves
OS&Y Gate Valves
You can tell if one of these valves is open or closed based on the position of center screw. In this picture, all 3 valves are open. As the valves are closed, the screw goes down. OS&Y means Outside Screw & Yoke.
Gate Valve
Gate Valve
Valve has now been stood up to its vertical position and awaiting for a call from lawyers and insurance to go ahead and pick it.

gate valve parts diagram
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