Auto Tie Down Straps

    tie down
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  • (Tie downs) Tie down straps (also called tie downs) are fasteners used to hold down cargo or equipment during transport. Tie down straps are essentially webbing that is outfitted with tie down hardware.
  • (strap) tie with a strap
  • A strip of leather, cloth, or other flexible material, often with a buckle, used to fasten, secure, or carry something or to hold on to something
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auto tie down straps
auto tie down straps - 4 Axle
4 Axle Straps Car Carrier Tie Down Straps with Ratchets Tow Straps
4 Axle Straps Car Carrier Tie Down Straps with Ratchets Tow Straps
Lot of (4) 2" x 8' Auto Tiedown Wide Handle Ratchet Straps twisted flat snap hooks on both ends. . Included is fully adjustable D ring w/locking tensioner and Nylon sleeve for extra long life. . Wide Handle Ratchet with a breaking strength of 10,000 LBS.. Fully adjustable D ring with locking strap adjuster built in. Place the D ring wherever for an axle strap or adjustable tiedown that fits your application.. Twisted Flat Snap Hooks comes standard with zinc plating to resist corrosion and rust.. Polyester webbing with a 10,000 lb. breaking strength that is treated for UV and abrasion resistance. Complete Assembly has 1,600 LBS. Working Load Limit. Do Not Exceed Working Load Limit for any tiedown. Superior axle straps are great for car trailers with floor anchors or for commercial wrecker applications and more.. Strap Colors May Vary.

NU CAR Mercedes 6-59
NU CAR Mercedes 6-59
Three of these were built by LOHR US. They were similar to trucks used in Europe with screw drive decks and strap tie downs. These trucks were used to shuttle Mercedes cars from the Port (Balto) to Belkamp, MD where thry were processed. They were sold off in the 1990's. Built in 1986.
An original 4 cylinder in an old Ford model "A". Loved the tie down straps.
auto tie down straps
CargoBuckle F18810 Ladder Rack Tie-Down System, Round Mount
Never search again for tie-downs or stretch cords to do the job. The Ladder Rack Tie-Down System from CargoBuckle includes the CargoBuckle Retractable Ratcheting Tie-Down, the ladder rack adapter and mounting hardware. Ladder rack users can permanently mount the CargoBuckle Ladder Rack Tie-down System to their truck racks. Valuable equipment is held securely with 7 feet of professional quality web and a strong double J-hook. The strap automatically retracts out of your way when not in use. No ladder rack tie-down is faster or more convenient to use. CargoBuckle Brand Tie-Down Systems offer high quality, innovative solutions for securing and towing gear in the powersports, automotive, hardware, material handling and assisted living markets. From innovative retractable tie-down systems to custom strap assemblies, CargoBuckle products provide the utmost in durability and convenience.