Safe Erase - a tool for safely removing files from your disk and making them  non-recoverable, by using a data recovery tool. Windows generally deletes files by simply marking the storage area of that file as writable. Th eactual file resides there unless the sector is overwritten. Many of the secure shredders make files non-recoverable by overwritting the sector many times. 

       Safe Erase uses a very simple logic to make the files non-recoverable by simply first overwriting the file with random data, randomly renaming the file and then deleting it making it impossible for the recovery tools to retrieve the exact data. Even if it retrieves some files it will contain random numbers and not the actual data.

Screenshot :

 Status: Freeware


  • Stand-alone [No installation]
  • Employs simple logic making it faster than any shredders
  • Four modes of speeds [No shredders provides]
  • Tested with more than 25,000 files making recovery of the files impossible.

Size 235 KB

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