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AutoSysBot is a small utility that automates all the major tasks of Windows XP, making the task of the user very simple from the complicted command interface. AutoSysBot is a synonym for Automatic System Robot. New functiond are being added as the tools are developed. So far AutoSysBot incorporates some of the fantastic tools that our team of dedicated members have created. The most popular of the tools are the Signature tool that so far no utility has been providing.

We have been focused on to providing you with many importanr tools that keep your system up-to-date and also clean and fast. The Auto Maintenance Utility provided with our freeware cleans up your system and also assigns the antivirus and spyware checkers to do there job without any interference from the user. The most important task of maintaining a system is a regular basis Disk CleanUp and Defragmentation; Which most of us ignore due to the time consumption of the processes.

With our AutoSysBot the maintenance is taken care of automatically and can be run un-attended for longer periods even during night times.


AutoSysBot tool utility consists of the following tools and features :

  • Signature Maker
  • Maintenance Bot {Automatic & Manual}
  • Safe Erase
  • Super Hider
  • Automatic BackUP
  • ProcessTerminator
  • Host Handler¬†
  • Tweaks Manager [Being Updated]

Individual Applications

For the purpose and the demand of the user's who do not want to install the complete version we are also giving away individual stand-alone utilities of AutoSysBot. These stand-alone utilities are being given away as a test-drive of what our complete software is capable of.

AutoSysBot is built on yet another freeware Gui Builder called Gui4Cli. It utilizes the GUI4CLI interpretor for running the application. However the standalones do not require GUI4CLI interpretor. We are in the verge of creating the direct executable for the entire software.